Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle Review

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle
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Fairmont Olympic Seattle

We arrived to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel to a busy scene.  Quite a few people arriving for checkins or waiting for rides to leave the property.  We were properly greeted by the bellman after pulling up in our Chevy Tahoe. Our driver and bellman grabbed our bags.

Fairmont Seattle
Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance sign

Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance

Once inside there is a ground level seating area but the actually lobby and checkin desk are upstairs one level. We took the escalator up (there are elevators too of course) and the lobby was teaming with activity of people meeting up or checking or talking with the concierge’s.  After a about a five minute wait we were welcomed to the checkin desk.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance placard

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Ground level lobby seating

Second floor checkin desk and floral arrangement in lobby

Farimont Olympic Seattle Grand lobby

The young woman checking us in was courteous and professional. After only a few moments we were on our way to our room, only the front desk agent forgot to put our room number on the key and we forgot what room she told us we were in verbally.  I stoped back to the desk where she apologized and wrote down the room number, 356 which is a Signature Executive Suite. Continue reading