Mid Year App-O-Rama updates!

Hello everyone!

(UPDATED: June 29th 2015 with additional approvals)

Well we are just about officially into the summer season and the middle of the year.  I haven’t done any app-o-rama updates at all this year so I wanted to share what offers we have obtained and how the miles and points are coming together thus far this year.  This year we haven’t applied for a ton of new cards but there were a few cards/offers I love and couldn’t pass up!

  • 45,000 Ultimate Rewards points via Chase Sapphire Preferred card (me)
  • 45,000 Ultimate Rewards points via Chase Sapphire Preferred card (wife)
  • 55,000 United miles via Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card (me)
  • 25,000 Starwood points via American Express Starwood Business card (me)
  • 25,000 Starwood points via American Express Starwood Business card (wife)
  • 50,000 Miles and More miles via Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card (me)
  • 70,000 Marriott Rewards points via Chase Marriott Rewards card (wife)

A grand total of 315,000 miles and points obtained.

UPDATE:  On July 26th we applied for some additional cards while some offers were elevated:

  • 50,000 Delta Skymiles via Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card (me)
  • 50,000 Delta Skymiles via Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card (wife)
  • 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles via Bank of America Alaska Airlines card (me)
  • 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles via Bank of America Alaska Airlines card (wife)
  • 50,000 ThankYou points via Citi ThankYou Premier card (me)
  • 50,000 ThankYou points via Citi ThankYou Premier card (wife)

A new grand total of 565,000 miles and points obtained

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Fall 2014 App-o-Rama!!! Another 4 cards in the bag!

Fall 2014 App-o-Rama

In mid to late September after over four months of no card applications I decided it was time to grab some more miles!  What did I apply for this time???

  • Barclays US Airways MasterCard: I originally got this card in October of 2012 and cancelled it a year later when the annual fee became due. I applied again just recently and was instantly approved.  This card will supply me with another 40,000 US Airways miles bringing my total to just over 100,000 miles with them.  Those miles will combine nicely at some point in the first half of next year when US Airways and American Airlines combine their frequent flyer programs. The card gives 40,000 miles after first purchase and has an $89 annual fee which is NOT waived in the first year. Thus I paid $89 for 40,000 miles which is a great deal! I have already made my one purchase for a cup of coffee and my miles will post in a week or two!! This card may be going away at some point next year in its current form when the US Airways is officially phased out in the merger. (Note: Barclays can be picky at times for card approvals so I always apply for their cards first)


  • Citi American Airlines Business card: I also had this card at some point in 2012 and cancelled a year later when the annual fee became due.  This card provides 50,000 American Airlines miles after spending $3000 within the first 3 months of card ownership. I have already knocked out the spending requirement using my Amex for Target card and will have my miles post when the statement closes soon! The annual fee is waived in the first year so I don’t need to worry about that anytime soon.


  • JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton Rewards card: This card had two great limited time offers it appears so I got in just in time. I needed to call on the phone to apply for these offers (they have expired as of the time of this post). The offer I applied for provided 70,000 Ritz-Carlton or Marriott points (they are one in the same) after spending $2000 within the first 3 months of card ownership. I have already met my spending requirement and just waiting for my statement to close. The offer had the $395 annual fee (yikes!) waived for the first year. Typically that fee is not waived. The other offer was 140,000 points for for the same spend in the same time requirement but the annual fee was NOT waived. I did not want to pay that annual fee upfront so I passed on that offer. Another nice feature of this card is that there is a $300 annual travel credit, meaning baggage fees, lounge entry fees, global entry fees, upgrade fees and more can be credited back to your card if you use the card to pay those fees!


  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines card:  I got this card in my last app-o-rama in May and I need to get 100,000 miles in my Alaska mileage plan account for a flight I am planning on taking.  With 25,000 miles already banked from my first card I went in for the same offer of 25,000 miles after CARD APPROVAL.  Thats right I don’t have to spend a dime and the miles posted to my Alaska account before the card arrived in the mail! This card has a $75 annual fee which is not waived but the offer has a $100 statement credit after spending $1000 in the first 3 months which is a piece of cake thus I will be netting a $25 gain and 25,000 miles!

A grand total of 185,000 more miles and points with an $89 outlay plus a few $3 fees for using my Amex for Target card.  Very nice to get instant approvals on all 4 cards!  What a fun hobby!   Let me know if you have any questions on any of these cards or my app-o-rama!  Thanks for reading.




Two more apps=Two more approvals and 150,000+ miles!


Citi American Airlines Executive card

In a few of my previous posts I detailed that we have applied for quite a few Citi AA Executive cards, and you can see details here and here.  Well with no new minimum spend goals to hit I decided to apply for another Citi AA Executive card! This will make it my 4th Citi AA Executive card since the end of January and each time prior I have collected 110,000 AA miles!!!  I did have to call in to get approved as I did the past three cards. The Citi rep simply moved some credit around from another Citi card and I was all set!  The card arrived two days later!  Plus my wife was approved for one and got the 110,000 miles as well a few months ago!

I just got the card last week and I am just over half way to meeting the $10,000 spending requirement!  In a future post I will detail how I was able to spend $10,000 so quick.  My goal is to meet the spend by the first statement closing date thus I have the option to cancel the card and receive $200 to boot! All together my spouse and I combined for five of these cards for a total of 550,000 AA miles!!  That is quite the haul!  Thinking perhaps a Maldives or Bora Bora trip maybe in the cards at some point! 🙂

Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card

I also had my wife apply for the Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card on the same day as my Citi AA card application.  I already have an active Barclays card and they can be very picky with approvals.  My wife has no active Barclays cards and slightly less credit inquiries than myself.   She was instantly approved which was great!!!  After I finish the spend on the Citi AA card I will tackle the the Barclays card spend requirement!  This card came with a limited time bonus of 50,000 Miles and More miles.  The first 20,000 miles are earned after first purchase and the next 30,000 miles are earned after spending $5000 within 90 days.  I am thinking we may use some of these miles towards a Lufthansa first class booking from Europe to USA.


Two cards:

  • Citi AA Executive card-100,000 American Airlines miles after $10,000 spent within the first three months.   Annual fee of $450.  Free Admirals Club access. If you I meet the spend requirement of $10,000 within your first billing statement and cancel the card Citi will actually pay me $200.
  • Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card– 50,000 Miles and More miles after spending $3000 within the first three months.  (The 50,000 mile offer expired yesterday 6/30/14)

150,000+ in our mileage banks for more amazing trips and travel!! I am thinking about taking a several month break applying for new cards after making the spend on these cards as it can get tedious making the spending requirements on some of these larger spending hurdles.




Another Spring 2014 App-o-rama! This time my turn.

Just over a month ago my wife successfully completed a four card app-o-rama going 4-4. Now that we are in May I am due for a proper app-o-rama!!  Now I mentioned prior that I have in fact applied for a Citi Executive card in late January and another one in mid February.  I hit the spends on those and received the 220,000 AA miles that come along with it.  This is my first multi-application day since early November 2013.

What did I apply for???

  • Citi American Airlines Executive card:  Yes!!! I applied for this card for the third time!!  I cannot believe the offer is still alive this long and that some people on Flyertalk are on their 4th cards plus!!  I submitted the application and did not get an instant decision just like the past two times I applied for the card.  I was asked to call to speak to a live Citi rep to get the application reviewed.  I called and spoke to a nice Citi employee and after exchanging pleasantries he put me on hold and advised he could approve me for $5000 or I could move credit from one of my other Citi cards if I wanted a larger limit.  I decided to take $10,000 of credit from my first AA Executive card to open this card.  He put me back on hold for 2-3 minutes and I was all set! The card should arrive any day now and another 110,000 miles will be mine!
  •  American Express Hilton Honors Surpass card: I always need more hotel points and Hilton points are fairly easy to grab and I need them for trips this year.  The offer I applied for expired on May 5th so this was the last day I could apply for it. The offer was for 75,000 Hilton points after spending $3000 in 90 days.  Now if you click on the offer it is only for 60,000 points. I applied just in time and did not get an instant approval but I got an email a few hours later letting me know my card was approved and is being rush mailed to me! After hitting my spending requirement I will have 84,000 Hilton points for this offer (you receive 3 Hilton points per normal dollar spent). That is enough points for just about any Hilton property in the world except for a small handful of them.
  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines card: My wife applied for this card last month so I want to stay mile-for-mile with her so when its time to redeem for a flight we have about the same number of miles.  This offer is slightly different as you get the 25,000 miles after $1000 spent but you get a $100 statement credit which negates the $75 annual fee and puts $25 in my pocket. I was instantly approved for this card after hitting the submit button! These miles will hopefully eventually be redeemed for an Emirates or Cathay First class flight some day.

All in all this was a successful round of credit card applications!  I am debating throwing in a Barclays US Airways card or the Lufthansa card that is now up to 50,000 miles but Barclays is so dang fickle with approving credit apps. One positive is that they always pull Transunion for me and I am certain the three applications I just did are Experian pulls so they won’t see these new applications.  My only credit card denial came last year when applying for a Barclays Arrival card which I ended up getting six months later. I am going to debate a few more days to see if I really want those cards though. I will be redeeming these points for Thousands of dollars worth of travel!!!  Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading!



Spring 2014 App-o-rama

I recently had the wife apply for a few credit cards as she hasn’t had a full on app-o-rama in a while.  She did however receive a Citi AAdvantage Executive card in Feb which was a no-brainer! She also got the Hilton Honors Reserve card eight days later. Now it was time to hit some goals for upcoming vacations and to pay some taxes.  Lets run through the selections, shall we?

  • Chase Freedom–  I already have the Chase Freedom card for myself so it was time for my wife to get in on the fun!  I was lucky enough to receive a 30,000 sign up bonus back in early 2012.  I love the 5% cash back on this card on the rotating categories, the 10,000 Ultimate Reward signup bonus (plus 2500 points when you add an authorized user and they make a purchase within 3 months) and 0% interest for the first 12 months.  We had a somewhat large tax bill this year and paying it off on the Freedom cards 0% interest was attractive.  This card is a keeper for life since there is no annual fee and it earns quite a decent amount of Ultimate Rewards!! My wife had to call in for approval to clear some security questions however after that she was approved a fairly generous limit.
  • SPG American Express– My wife had this card and cancelled it after one year when the annual fee was due in March 2013.  Thus it had been over 12 months since canceling and she was eligible for the card and signup bonus again! Right before the new May 1st cutoff which is supposedly limiting AMEX signup bonuses to once a lifetime! Starwood points are probably my all-time favorite points to have.  We already received the 10,000 points for her first purchase and will work on the $5000 spend over the next few months (we have 6 months to clear the spend hurdle)! This was an instant approval.
  • BOA Virgin Atlantic– (MMS link)- We are building up some Hilton points for a stay at the Conrad Koh Samui so this is one of many cards that fits the bill. This card comes with 20,000 points on first purchase and another 25,000 points after spending $2500 within 3 months.  Plus another 5,000 points by adding 2 authorized users.  A grand total of 50,000 points which can be transferred to Hilton with a 50% bonus so a total of 75,000 Hilton points.  This was an instant approval.
  • BOA Alaska Airlines– I threw this one in at the end after debating between this and a Barclays card but the Barclay Lufthansa card that I was waiting for still has that weak bonus offer so I skipped Barclays.  It maybe somewhat risky throwing in two BOA cards but my wife doesn’t have a ton of inquiries. We went for this one because the points are given on approval and I didn’t have to worry about a spend requirement. This was not instant approval and in fact has taken two weeks to receive the actual card! This is a highly churnable card which we will apply for again to build up our Alaska miles for a potential Emirates First Class redemption!

From a purely number of points perspective this isn’t a mind-blowing impressive app-o-rama.

12,500 Ultimate Rewards (which will be transferred to United or Hyatt)
25,000 SPG points (will be used for hotel stays or transferred to AA)
75,000 Hilton Points (will be used for a room at Conrad Koh Samui)
25,000 Alaska miles (will hopefully be used for an Emirates First Class award)

However this is decent example of hitting some goals for travel and cards that we have not yet had. When you add this to the two Citi cards she was approved for in February (100,000 AA miles and 190,000 Hilton points) it becomes a great staggered app-o-rama!

What cards have you guys been applying for???



November App-o-rama recap!


Earlier in the month I applied for some new credit cards.  I had not applied for a credit card or had my credit pulled for exactly 6 months when I was denied (for the first time ever) by the Barclays (man they can be stingy) crew.  I will typically apply for 3 cards every 3-4 months on the same day or so depending on the scenario. This time I applied for 5 cards which was my most aggressive round of applications!

Here are my results in chronological order:

Barclays Arrival: I made sure to apply for this card first as this was the card I wanted the most. After completing the app it went into pending and needed further review!!  I hate that! Anyhow I checked my application status right away and to my surprise it was already showing approved!! I thought I would have to call and probably get rejected like they are known for however I got the approval after being patient for 6 months.

US Bank Club Carlson (Business): I already have the personal version of this card and it has come in handy time and time again! We made great use of these points for 6 nights in Ireland. Anyhow after the application submission I was granted an instant approval! Off to a nice start!!!

Chase Hyatt: This is a card I have wanted for a while but there are so many other great Chase cards in my opinion that it kept getting pushed to the back-burner. Finally I pulled up the app, hit the button, and got the pending! I called the reconsideration line which is saved in my iPhone contacts! After speaking with a super friendly employee he was able to  move some credit from my Southwest card to get the Hyatt approved.  Batting1.000 so far!

BOA Virgin America: I want this card to transfer to hilton as I am planning a Koh Samui trip for 2014 and the Conrad is on my radar! After the quick app entry I got another instant approval! At this point I was content and was able to hit all my goals with these cards however I figured lets go for one more. So……

Chase United Explorer(Business): Just like my Hyatt application I received pending status. I let it go for a week and found a letter in the mail notifying me of my decline after careful review. I figured to give them a call once again.  Again after a more lengthy discussion this time with a rep I was approved by moving credit around.

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

Five for Five! Here are the miles/points I will receive after clearing the spending hurdles.

-Barclays 40,000 after $1000 spend within 3 months.

-US Bank 85,000 Club Carlson points after $2500 spend within 3 months.

-Chase Hyatt two(2) free nights at any Hyatt in the world which is equal to 44,000 Hyatt points today or 60,000 points after Jan 7 2014 (rates increasing).

-BOA Virgin America 20,000 miles after first purchase and another 25,000 after spending $2500 within 3 months. So 45,000 total which I will try to convert to 90k Hilton Honors points.

Chase United 50,000 miles for $2000 spend with 3 months/90 days.

I can probably redeem these points for over $5000 worth of travel conservativley! Love traveling and love collecting miles and points!

Thanks for reading!