US Open Kids Day


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US Open Kids Day

US Open Kids Day

We attended the 2018 Arthur Ashe kids day on the Saturday before the US Open kicked off. This is an annual event that is of course kid friendly, featuring lots of fun activities and concerts, oh and some tennis!

We actually took an Uber from Manhattan and they dropped us off very close to the entrance.  We walked in through some metal detectors and we were on the grounds in Flushing Meadows. There were tons of things to do and see once inside.  Once inside we passed the wall of past champions.

Wall of past champions

Then there were some staging areas to take some tennis related pictures so we couldn’t resist.

My son and I posing with a giant Wilson racquet

After some photos we took our son over to the courts so that he could go on and play a bit before going inside the main stadium to watch the tennis and concerts. There was a small line to enter the activity courts and once on the court our son was escorted on (no parents allowed on the courts).  From there an escort took him from station to station to try different tennis related activities. He seemed to really enjoy it!

Arthur Ashe Kids Day activities
My son be escorted onto the court
My son working through the stations
My son on court Arthur Ashe Kids Day


Time to get off the court and get back in line

We then stopped over to the concessions stands to get some water and a small snack.

The boys
US Open grounds
More concessions

After I got a drink inside we went to find our seats.  We arrived a bit early. I would recommend waiting a bit as there is no need to go in the stadium right away.  There are numerous on court interviews being done before any of the tennis action or music started.

It was really nice to sit in the third row of Arthur Ashe Stadium for only $50 a seat!

Me and my son inside Arthur Ashe Stadium
Family shot

Once the music started my son was really watching and clapping along!  There were a number of various music artists slated to perform. Most of the artists are young people that we have never heard of but the boy band was quite popular based on the screams.  I did know the group Echosmith from the song “cool kids” that gets stuck in your head when you hear it lol.

US Open Kids Day Arthur Ashe Stadium
On court interviews, Kim Petras
On court interview, In Real Life


Echosmith performance

Once all the concerts were over it was time to introduce the pro tennis players.  Now, for kids day they don’t actually play each other but partake in some competitive drills like hitting certain targets on court.  There was one amateur girl that got invited to play with the pros too.

The pros in attendance were Sloan Stevens and Angelique Kerber on the woman’s side and Novak Djokovic and my favorite Rafa Nadal on the men’s side.

Rafa Nadal joins Djokovic, Kerber and Stevens
The players posing with one lucky contest winner
The players during Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Then after the target practice drills were over a bunch of kids were invited on the court to play tennis and then Serena Williams came out to do an interview and participate with the kids.

Serena Williams
Signature cocktail at the US Open

Overall we had a great time at Kids Day and this is an extremely family friendly event!  It’s very hard for young kids to sit quiet and still during an actual live tennis match.  There is no way our son could sit through a three hour long match in silence so this is a nice way to get them into the action without having to be on their best behavior. Also note there is actual live tennis being played on numerous courts during kids day as it is the end of the qualifying tournament (the lesser known players invited to try to qualify to enter the US Open tournament).

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