Review: Iberia Business Class Madrid to Chicago A340-600

Iberia Business Class Chicago (ORD) to Madrid (MAD) A340-600
Westin Palace Madrid
Around Madrid
Dining in Madrid
Hotel Arts Barcelona (A Ritz-Carlton hotel)
Enoteca Paco Perez (Two- Michelin Star Restaurant)
Around Barcelona
Park Hyatt Mallorca
Around Mallorca
Rafa Nadal Academy and Museum
Dining in Mallorca
Iberia Business Class Lounge Madrid (International terminal satellite lounge)
Iberia Business Class Madrid (MAD) to Chicago (ORD) A340-600

Iberia Business Class Madrid (MAD) to Chicago (ORD) A340-600

Iberia A340-600

We were shipped out to a remote station to board via bus.  One passenger had some sort of medical emergency on the tarmac and was laying down getting medical attention.  Not quite sure what happened there but our plane was not at all delayed.

Closeup of the engine

We boarded through door 2L and made a familiar turn left into the business class cabin.

Boarding Iberia A340-600

I will not touch much on the hard product as I covered that in the first installment of this post. However I was still excited to fly the product again after having a pretty nice flight to Madrid.  I was also curious to see if there were any major differences flying out of Madrid.

Iberia A340-600 business class

Iberia business class

Iberia business class

Time to go home in Iberia business class

We were offered a nice glass of cava as pre departure beverage.

Pre-departure cava

Iberia business class IFE

The menu’s were already at our seats so I took a look right away.  Everything was passed out right away or already awaiting passengers at their seats.   We chose the same exact seats as the way to Madrid.  I thought about changing it up but this was a good layout and spot on the plane for us so row 7 it was.

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

The flight attendants were perfectly fine but not overly friendly. I did notice the exterior of the amenity kits were a slightly different shade of red on this flight but otherwise identical.

Flight info

Iberia air show

We got the free wifi code and it lasted all of 3 minutes as 4MB is just a teaser.

Free wifi code

I decided to lay off the booze the rest of the flight and just had a Fanta as they didn’t have Sprite or 7up.

Beverage and olives

Our son staying entertained during meal service

After an uneventful takeoff the flight attendants came around to take our orders. After a short wait our meals were served.  Honestly the meal was so unmemorable on trip I forgot if I had the chicken or the beef!  Our son tried a bit of each and didn’t care for it much.

The chicken entree on Iberia business class

The chicken entree on Iberia business class

Beef entree on Iberia business class

Beef entree on Iberia business class

Since my son wasn’t hungry I did get to eat his dessert which was either a berry sorbet or chocolate tart.

Both desserts on Iberia business class

Our son was much better behaved on this flight and we turned down our seats to a bed. I didn’t request the assistance of a flight attendant.  The beds are perfectly comfortable for us and for me being a bigger guy I found it fine.

Iberia business class
Iberia business class bed mode

Trying to get our son to bed

I watched a movie and dozed off for a bit.  The IFE selection is adequate and OK to pass the time.

Shortly before landing another lighter meal was served.  And one final time I had……

Warm towel

………….Iberian ham!!!  I don’t think I have had ham since this vacation-months later.

Pre landing meal- surprise! Iberian ham!

The meal was actually pretty good for what it was.

Iberian ham

A perfectly fine and comfortable flight. I would have no problem flying Iberia to Europe at all. In fact based on the award points required, it’s a good value in my mind.  By the end of our trip I had a nice collection of amenity kits!

Amenity kit collection after our flights


PointsPinnacle Breakdown

The total for this one way flight was 50,000 Avios points per person.  I booked my flight with my son since I had just enough Avios.  Then I booked my wife’s flight separately from her account. If you book this itinerary in the off season the flights only require 34,000 Avios (at the time of this post).  The total taxes and surcharges were $135.45 per person.  Again Iberia can be quite quirky when booking online and if you need phone assistance well good luck!


My son and my ticket price breakdown

The base fare for this leg was $1191.50 per person via ITA Matrix.

Here is the cash price of our flights

We saved quite a bit of money by redeeming our Avios points.  Remember you can transfer British Airways Avios to Iberia for cheaper redemptions.

Thanks for following along!

-Points Pinnacle


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