Around Mallorca

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Hotel Arts Barcelona (A Ritz-Carlton hotel)
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Around Mallorca
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Dining in Mallorca
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Iberia Business Class Madrid (MAD) to Chicago (ORD) A340-600

Around Mallorca

Aside from checking out the Rafa Nadal Academy and visiting a few restaurants, the primary thing we did in Mallorca is beach hop!  We checked out a few of the nicer beaches on the northeastern part of Mallorca.  I have to say I am really a fan of the beaches for the most part and it makes me want to check out more European beach destinations!

The beaches had small waves which is important for our son as he doesn’t like big waves or choppy water.

Platja Son Serveta

The first beach on the list is Platja Son Serveta.  This is a more low key natural beach.  The sand is a bit more course and you generally need to bring your own beach towels and umbrella here. Our hotel put together some towels and umbrella for us and we set it up and relaxed on the beach and went in the water.  The water is really warm and nice. There is actually a really good restaurant here that I will review in the next installment, Bar Playa.



Cap Vermell Beach

One of my favorites!  Really clear and warm water.  This beach gets really crowded mid day.  We were still able to get a nice beach chair during mid day but it was more luck than anything.  I think a beach chair costs about $10-15 or so.  The beach has really nice soft sand that gets hot!  I think most beaches in Mallorca seemed to be topless and this one certainly had a fair number of topless sun bathers.  There is also a decent area to get some drinks too. Some vendors come by from time to time selling items and food. The watermelon salesman was really popular as he would slice up the watermelon right in front of you.  My wife and I took turns taking our son into the water here.

Cala Mesquida

Another fairly large and popular beach. Parking was hard to find here mid day. We had to park somewhat far away. Water was nice except for a dark spot of water near one side of the beach which people stayed away from. There are some nicer views from up above the beach and there are lots of steps getting to and from the beach. This beach is good if you want to maybe visit the surrounding area too as there are some souvenir shops and such too.


We stopped in Capdepra one night for dinner.  This is a larger town for the area but was still quite small and almost felt erie.  Parts of the city felt abandoned and completely empty.   Only until we got to the town square did we really see any groups of people.   There is a large castle here called Castle Capdepera which we walked up to but got there a bit too late after our dinner.  However from that area there are some nice views of the surrounding area.


In summary, we would highly encourage visitors of Mallorca to rent a car and get out and about and explore the island a bit and see what peaks your interest.  While we never got to far from our base at the Park Hyatt we were happy we got to get out and see a bit of the island! It is really a beautiful place to vacation!  If you love beaches and nice weather then Mallorca should be on your list!

-Points Pinnacle


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