Rafa Nadal Academy and Museum

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Iberia Business Class Madrid (MAD) to Chicago (ORD) A340-600

Rafa Nadal Academy and Museum

Rafa Nadal Museum

One of the cool things to do while in Mallorca is visit the Rafa Nadal Museum!  This was actually a must do for me being a big tennis fan and huge Rafa fan!

Once inside you get to see a ton of Rafa Nadal memorabilia.

Rafa’s flag bearer outfit for the Olympics

Entrance to the Rafa Nadal Museum

What surprised me was there was so much more than just tennis entertainment.  There were other things like full F1 race car simulators, bike simulators, actual full on VR head set games. My wife an I tried that for the first time and it was wild!! Felt really realistic!

F1 simulators

Tennis VR setup

Crazy virtual reality simulator

Some famous racquets 

Barcelona tropy and shirt

La Decimal French Open trophy

Rafa’s famous Babloat sticks

My wife trying VR biking

Many of Rafa’s game worn tennis outfits from big matches

My son and Rafa statue

It was very cool once in the trophy room to see all the Grand Slam trophies up close!  Rafa has 17 Grand Slams now (as of 2018).

Grand Slam trophy case

US Open and Wimbledon trophies

2008 Wimbledon trophy (greatest match of all time)

More grand slam trophies

2018 French Open trophy

Olympic Gold Medals (2008 singles, 2016 doubles)

Davis cup outfit

Davis Cup

Many Monte Carlo trophies

Many Rome trophies

Madrid trophies

Cincy trophy

Barcelona titles

After checking out the Nadal Museum and experience I had the opportunity to hit for an hour with one of the pro’s.  I scheduled this with our hotel concierge at the Park Hyatt. I have to admit it was quite expensive at $100/hr and they gave me a cheap racquet to hit with (as I didn’t want to bring my own)! After the tour you are pretty much brought to the restaurant and gift shop area of the venue.

Rafa Nadal Academy dining room

I thought the dining are was nice for a tennis academy and anyone can come in and eat.
They had a large outdoor eating area too but it was quite hot during our visit so the patrons were all inside eating during our stay.  There was a buffet and a la carte options.

Rafa Nadal Academy outside dining area

There are several outdoor hard courts and in another section of the academy there are several clay courts.  I played on the hard court.  Front and center there is the “show court” number 1.  This is where Rafa practices if he’s there and where the “bigger”matches are held as there is plenty of seating for spectators.

Main show court at the Nadal Academy

Main show court at the Nadal Academy

I was a bit surprised but impressed the academy has soccer/football fields and basketball courts too!   There was also a nice outdoor pool that I could see in the distance.

some soccer (football) fields

Basketball courts

I got to hit on court three with coach Sebastian.  Sebastian was new only in his first week on the job.  He was from the UK and just finished up his studies and college tennis career at the University of Georgia.  He was an overall great guy and really helped me with my game and gave me pointers.

We did a bit of drilling, working on forehand and backhands. Coming in on short balls and putting away balls at the net.  He said I should be coming in on good shots to end the rally’s.

Towards the end we did a lot of volley and net work which helped quite a bit.

By the end of the hour I was exhausted!  Not only was it very warm, I hit a lot of balls and did a lot of moving but it was a great workout and a lot of fun!  This was a very memorable outing for me and we all had a great time visiting!  I would love to come back and visit again sometime!


-Points Pinnacle


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