Review: Iberia Business Class Chicago (ORD) to Madrid (MAD) A340-600

Iberia Business Class Chicago (ORD) to Madrid (MAD) A340-600
Westin Palace Madrid
Around Madrid
Dining in Madrid
Hotel Arts Barcelona (A Ritz-Carlton hotel)
Enoteca Paco Perez (Two- Michelin Star Restaurant)
Around Barcelona
Park Hyatt Mallorca
Around Mallorca
Rafa Nadal Academy and museum
Dining in Mallorca
Iberia Business Class Lounge Madrid (International terminal satellite lounge)
Iberia Business Class Madrid (MAD) to Chicago (ORD) A340-600


Iberia Business Class Chicago (ORD) to Madrid (MAD) A340-600

Our Iberia plane parked at the gate

We arrived to Chicago O’hare airport much later than anticipated due to our bus running late.  By the time we arrived at the checkin counter there was absolutely nobody in line at all!  That was amazing. We walked right up and were checked in. I asked is everybody else already checked in, where is everyone?  She said yup most everyone is checked in. So we were one of the last people checked in for this flight.

We were allowed access to an American Airlines lounge but honestly I am not sure which one and frankly we didn’t have time to access it as we needed to head right to our gate.
Once at our gate the first groups were all lined up and ready to board. I wanted to be one of the first to board but there were already 10+ business class passengers lined up ahead of me however I saw the line for family with small children and hopped in there, so we were the first business class passengers to board. We were boarding Iberia’s June 17th flight IB6274 departing at 4:25pm.

Iberia A340-600 business class

I had been having some slight anxiety to board this flight for the first time in a while due to not flying in almost 6 months and just being a nervous flyer in general. This was the first flight in five years I decided to bring a few Xanax with but as soon as boarded the plane I was excited and my any nervousness vanished. I am always excited to board a new premium cabin that I have never flown on. Funny how much boarding a nice international business class cabin can change your outlook instead of being packed into a coach cabin like a sardine.

Iberia A340-600 business class

The cabin was pleasant with neutral grey colors and a dash of Iberia red on the seats with the amenity kits and blankets/pillows. I appreciated the overhead bins above the center seats as well so we had plenty storage for our carryon’s and our son’s stroller.

Iberia 340-600 business class

The business class cabin offers four-across seating. One seat on the window which alternates closer to the window or isle. Then two middle seats which also alternated between the close together “love-seats” or the separated isle seats. Then another window seat on the other side. I was quick to book a “love-seat” for our reservation so that our son was directly next to us.  These type of seats are perfect for families traveling with small children so that you can assist them or keep an eye on them.

Iberia A340-600 business class

We were seated in row 7 which is two from the last row.

Iberia A340-600 business class

Wife and son in Iberia business class

We were traveling on Fathers day so my wife was tasked with taking care of the little guy for most of the flight 🙂  So my flight was a bit more relaxed and enjoyable than hers. I had a window seat in the same row which meant I didn’t get to sit directly next to the window which I kind of like due to I don’t like to feel pinned against the fuselage. Although I give up some privacy by sitting in that seat I feel a bit more comfortable personally. When we sit in coach I almost always take the isle seat.

Iberia business class A340-600 isle seat

Iberia business class A340-600 window/isle seat

Iberia business class middle seats

Iberia A340-600 business class cabin

Iberia A340-600 business class window seat

I thought the seats were fairly spacious however I didn’t like the reading materials placed on the seat as there is not many places to dispose of them unless you just place them next to the seat.

Iberia A340-600 business class seat

Iberia business class blanket and pillow

The fold out table in my seat was a bit reminiscent of British Airways business class.

Iberia business class

Iberia business class amenity kit

Waiting at our seats was an amenity kit branded with “Iberia Business” on it.  The contents were fairly nice with L’Occitane lotion, lip balm, and refreshing cloth amongst other more standard items.

Iberia business class amenity kit contents

Shortly after sitting down I noticed headphones in a storage bin at my seat.  They were noise cancelling and Iberia branded headphones which were fine and perfectly comfortable to me.

Iberia business class headphones

On the seat you find the fairly standard seat controls near the left arm rest and the pull out detachable IFE remote control.

Iberia business class seat controls and IFE remote control

Iberia A340-600 business class lighting and storage cubby

The cabin crew came threw the cabin to offer a selection of either water or orange juice and I selected the orange juice.

Iberia business class amenity kit and orange juice welcome beverage

At my seat were a power plug (EU edition), port for the headphones and USB outlet so we could keep all of our devices charged if need be.

Iberia A340-600 business class power sockets and usb charger

I paged thru the In Flight Entertainment that Iberia offers and found plenty of newish and interesting movies that I have not seen so I was excited to finally watch “Battle of the Sexes” with Emma Stone and Steve Carell on this flight.

Iberia A340-600 business class IFE screen

Before take-off menu’s were also distributed. So I decided to take a look at the selection as seen in the photo’s below:

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class menu

Iberia business class wine menu

Iberia business class cocktail menu

We had a fairly quick taxi to our runway where we passed by a KLM 747.

KLM 747 on the runway on taxi way

Our take off and climb out was smooth and we were on our way for our scheduled 8 hour flight to Madrid.

Views of Chicago on climb out

Once at 10,000 feet the flight crew sprung to action to offer passengers a moist, hot towelette to clean our hands.

Iberia business class hot towel

My order was taken and I selected the veal for my main entree.  My wife suggested we all select something different and let our son choose the one he preferred most and mom and I would eat whats left but he didn’t like any of the options and didn’t even want to try them.  We were told that we could pre-book a children’s meal up to 48 hours before the flight on Iberia’s website next time if we wanted. Luckily he did like the bread so had a roll or two and then had some of the snacks we brought along for him.

The starter consisted of some nice Iberia ham with mozzarella and tomato. I had some red wine (Artero Reserva 2013) with my meal as well.

Iberia business class starter- Iberia ham and mozzarella and tomato with roll and cheese

My wife and son with there starter in Iberia business class

Iberia business class starter

While I really enjoyed the starter I thought the veal main entree was just “meh”. I ate it all but it was nothing extraordinary. I did have a bit of my wife’s pasta which was OK.

Iberia business class main entree the veal with potatoes

Finally since my son didnt want anything I had his meal. The shrimp were good but the scallops were like rubber.

Iberia business class main entree- grilled shrimp and scallops

To finish up the meal service I had a really nice glass of the sweet wine to go with my apple cake. They somehow forgot to serve me my desert but I was able to get one quickly by flagging them down during the end of the meal service.  The flight attendant serving my row apologized and wasn’t sure how they missed me. The dessert was perfect with the wine.

Iberia business class dessert- apple crumble cake

Finally they passed out some chocolates and a free wifi code with a meager 4mb limit. Basically enough to check a few email and send a text or two before it ran out.

Iberia business class dessert wine and chocolates

After meal service we were heading out over the New Foundland tip of Canada and had nearly 6 hours left to Madrid. I made my seat down into a bed to fully relax and watch some TV.  The bed/seat was comfy and the blanket and pillow were perfect. I was not to hot or cold at all.

Iberia business class flight map/air show

I then watched “Battle of the Sexes” which was a nice movie. I then started to watch “Black Panther”  ( I think I’m the only one in the world that hasn’t seen it?) but I couldn’t get into it and then my son started to get really rambunctious!  He has always been such a good traveler but this time I think he was over tired because he didn’t get his normal nap. He was bouncing all over his seat, slapping the IFE screen and just wouldn’t be quiet. My wife was quite frustrated so I took him to the bathroom and changed his diaper and had a talk with him.  Once back to his seat he still was quite “defiant” so I took him back in the bathroom to have another talk with him.  My wife had one final talk with him and he finally went to sleep.  We felt bad as probably an hour after the lights were out he was disturbing our nearby neighbors but finally he did go down for nearly four hours. Lets just say when my wife and I woke up we were not well rested!

My wife and son after they turned the lights back on

About an hour before landing the crew turned on the cabin lights and started the final meal service which was a breakfast service consisting on some breads, fruits, and yogurt.

Iberia business class breakfast- bread, croissant, fruit and yogurt

As we approached the Iberian Peninsula the sun started to rise.

Sunrise before landing in Madrid

We landed on time and in general I enjoyed our Iberia business class flight. My wife thought the flight attendants serving her isle could have been a bit more friendly.  Service was Ok. The cabin crew smiled and did there job fine in my eyes.  My wife admitted to me after this trip that she compares all her flights to our flight two years ago on Etihad Apartments which isn’t really fair. I would have no problem flying Iberia in the future and the fact that they release three business class award seats on some flights and fly direct to Chicago is great for us!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

Cash prices for our exact flights were $3582.56 per person through ITA Matrix (roundtrip).

Cash price using ITA Matrix tool

The day I actually booked the website was showing cash prices of $6292.10 (for just one way)! Yikes!

Cash price on

We booked our flights using Iberia Avios points.  What I really liked about redeeming Iberia Avios points were that there were quite a few flights with three open business class seats available for awards.

Our booking confirmation receipt from Iberia

So our total out of pocket for this one-way booking was $97.48 and 50,000 Avios points per person.  We booked our return flights back to Chicago separately and will go over those details in the last installment of the report.

I will mention that Iberia’s website can be quite a bit glitchy which results in some frustration actually getting your ticket booked with no errors. After a few attempts I was finally able to get ours ticketed.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions! Iberia recently ran a huge Avios promotion in June so hopefully this can help those of you with a bunch of new Avios points what to expect if you book their international business class.

-Points Pinnacle


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