Around New Orleans

Ritz Carlton New Orleans
Around New Orleans


Around New Orleans

Since we were staying right on the edge of the French Quarter I was able to spend plenty of time exploring the area as my wife had morning meetings.

Burbon Street was under some MAJOR construction during our visit.  The entire street was shut down and blocked off.  Only the sidewalks were available and they were kind of tight when the people traffic picked up.

Im mad at myself for not trying a hand grenade while in New Orleans…. I stuck with the hurricanes.

One afternoon we decided to stop and grab some oysters at Acme Oyster House.  There was a line of about 2-3 people ahead of us.  I had no idea this was a popular place we just decided to pop in.  After less than 5 minute wait we were able to grab a seat a the bar.  We were able to watch them shuck the oysters while we waited for our food.

For the first time in my life I had raw oysers…..meh.  The chargrilled ones however were great!  Nice and buttery and garlicky.   Comedian D.L. Hughes also came in and got a corner table while we were there.


We stopped in Leah’s and got some tasty pralines to take home.

One morning I walked down to Stanley for breakfast while my wife was in a morning meeting.

Amazingly good breakfast!

The best grits I have ever tasted!!! WOW!

A bit pricey at $30 for one person for breakfast however.

One evening we partook in a Marid Gras themed parade through Canal Street.

There was a full on band and we marched all the way too……

Pat O’Briens for dinner and drinks.

One day we had the chance to participate in a bayou airboat tour.

My wife and I got to sit next to the boat driver.  We saw one or two smallish croc’s by throwing in a marshmallow to coax them out.

Our boat captain had a baby croc with him in the boat in a cooler.  He let us pass it around and hold if we wanted. Our boat captain was very informative and shared a lot of information about the wildlife habitat and the area.

Overall we had a great time in NOLA.  It was nice to visit for a few days and get a small taste but we may not be back for a while.


Ritz-Carlton New Orleans Review

Ritz Carlton New Orleans
Around New Orleans


I was able to accompany my wife on a work/pleasure trip to New Orleans.  This was our first trip without or toddler son so we were excited to have an “adult” trip but knew we would miss our little guy too.

We were booked for three nights at the lovely Ritz-Carlton New Orleans.  The hotel is conveniently located right on Canal Street in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans.

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

We arrived on a shuttle bus with numerous others and we only had one carryon bag each so we were not in need of a doorman or further assistance.  Our group entered in to the ground level lobby of the hotel.

Ground floor entry

From there we took and elevator up to the third floor where the more traditional reception desk and lobby are found.

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans reception desk

The hotel was fairly elegant and aseptically pleasing like many others in the Ritz-Carlton brand.  The fall themed floral arrangement in the lobby was a nice touch.

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans floral arrangement

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans lobby

We were checked in right away as they were fully staffed at the reception desk.  Check in was friendly and professional. We confirmed our Marriott rewards number was indeed on the reservation and we were given two room keys. Continue reading

Introduction: New Orleans 2017 First Trip Without Baby

Introduction: First Trip Without Baby
Ritz Carlton New Orleans
Around New Orleans



One of my wife’s annual work trip happens every fall and I am able to accompany her.  This year New Orleans was the destination! I have not been to New Orleans since I was a child and my wife had never been.  Plus this would be our first trip without bring our young son with us.  Our son was going to stay with grandma for three whole nights (thanks grandma)!  We were excited yet sad to take the trip because were looking forward to an adults only trip but we love bringing him along to share in the adventures.

We flew down to New Orleans on Southwest with a quick connection in St.Louis. We then stayed three nights at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans.

We plenty of time to sight see and take excursions!

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