Lufthansa First Class Munich to Chicago

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Lufthansa First Class Munich to Chicago

Lufthansa First Class Munich to Chicago (Airbus A340-600)

Super excited to finally try Lufthansa First Class we boarded through door 1L and were met by the friendly flight attendants and shown right to our seats (1D and 1G) in the first row of the plane. I initially tried to book the 2nd row when I booked our tickets but I admitted our son was over 25 pounds on the call so the phone rep wouldn’t give me row two which contains the bassinet seat. Funnily enough when we boarded the purser asked us if we wanted to sit in row two! At that point though we just thanked her and declined her polite offer.

Lufthansa First Class
Lufthansa First Class cabin

It turned out the entire First Class cabin was full thus all six seats would be occupied. All the window seats were occupied by male travelers and behind us in row two were what appeared to be a middle-aged mother and her 20-something daughter..

Lufthansa First Class
Lufthansa First Class cabin

I thought the cabin was quite elegant overall at first glance. I do think the seating fabric could use a slight refresh but otherwise the cabin is very nice.

Lufthansa First Class cabin

The roses at every seat is a nice touch.

Lufthansa First Class seat

The seat is plenty wide though Cathay Pacific and Singapore have much wider First Class seats but unless your 400 pounds it shouldn’t matter much.

Lufthansa First Class seating

After getting settled in we were quickly offered a glass of champagne and macadamia nuts.

Pre departure Grand Siecle champagne and macadamia nuts on Lufthansa First Class

The flight attendants were very attentive and making sure we had everything we needed. I think partly because we were traveling with a baby they wanted to keep an extra eye out for us which was appreciated. They did come around and give our son a little grab bag of toys to help keep him occupied.

Family first time in Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa toy ducky in between our macadamia nuts

Amenity kits were handed out shortly after pre-departure beverages.  The men’s kit was Braun Buffel branded which I had personally never heard of prior but do like when airlines use local companies for their amenity kits. It would have been nice to have it be leather since that is what the brand is most known for. Overall the amenity kit was “meh”.

Mens amenity kit on Lufthansa First Class

Contents of mens amenity kit on Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class mens amenity kit

My wife received a Jill Sander designed amenity kit bag with the exact same contents.

Women’s Lufthansa First Class amenity kit by Jill Sander

Jill Sander amenity kit designed exclusively for Lufthansa First Class

Jill Sander amenity kit 

The seating area had plenty of storage and everything was pretty convenient and common sense.  The IFE remote was tucked into the arm rest in a little compartment.

Remote control in the arm rest

Arm rest with button controls

More seating storage on Lufthansa First Class

There was another larger compartment in which the noise cancelling headphones were stored.

Lufthansa First Class headphones tucked away

The seat had plenty of recline options for various modes of relaxation.

Seat controls on Lufthansa First Class

Once airborne we took a look at the menu and the flight crew came around to take our orders.  Both women serving the First Class cabin were very nice and attentive. They actually refilled my champagne glass three times before we took off!

Lufthansa First Class menu

Warm towels in Lufthansa First Class

Warm, moist towels were distributed to first class passengers to wipe down our hands. Then shortly after a nice amuse bouche was presented.

Amuse bouche on Lufthansa First Class

I decided to stay with the champagne through the meal service.

One of several glasses of Grand Siecle champagne served on Lufthansa First Class

Next up was the Lufthansa caviar service.  A very nice serving of caviar with the normal accompaniments. However I don’t believe they offered a mother of pearl spoon.

Caviar service on Lufthansa First Class

Caviar on Lufthansa First Class

First Class is even on the butter in Lufthansa First Class

I was offered all three of the appetizers if I wanted, so of course being the glutton I am I gladly accepted.

All three of the appetizer’s on Lufthansa First Class

Beef tartare on Lufthansa First Class

Tomato bread salad on Lufthansa First Class

Mosaic of halibut and salmon with ponzu, wasabi, and ginger appetizer on Lufthansa F

Overall the food was quite good honestly.

Enjoying the meal service on Lufthansa First Class

For our main entree’s, my wife went with the pasta option which she enjoyed.

My wife’s spaghettini with Chantrelle mushrooms carbonara style on Lufthansa First Class

I went with the veal flank which was not bad at all. Very flavorful.

Braised veal shank on Lufthansa First Class

My braised veal shank entree on Lufthansa First Class

To cap off our meal service an assorted cheese plate was presented and then I chose the lovely lemon tart with berries.

Assorted cheese plate with grapes on Lufthansa First Class

Having dessert on Lufthansa First Class

Lemon tart dessert on Lufthansa First Class

When meal service was over we were nearing Iceland.
The airshow showing our flight progress from Munich to Chicago

Shortly after meal service I decided to change into our First Class PJ’s provided by VanLaack (not pictured)  which is another German brand clothier. They are grey in color and the pants are  thin but the top is much thicker cotton.  The colors don’t quite match which I thought was strange but no big deal.

When I came out of the bathroom after changing my seat had been transformed into a bed so I could get some sleep for part of the flight.

After dinner my seat was turned down into bed-mode in Lufthansa First Class

The bed was very comfy and soft.  It was plenty long enough for my 6’2″ inch frame.

Bed mode on Lufthansa First Class

Our son laying on the bed in Lufthansa First Class

The bed was also plenty comfy for my wife and son to snuggle in together. Notice the privacy partition raised which provided decent privacy.

Mom and baby relaxing in Lufthansa First Class with privacy barrier raised up

Our son watching a TV in Lufthansa First Class

After a little TV watching and a nap our flight attendant came around to offer us more food from the menu. I was so very full however and just asked for some ice cream and fruit.

Vanilla ice cream with mixed berries and a plate of assorted fruit in Lufthansa First Class

The ice cream was a bit over-melted but it tasted great with the fruit.

Ice cream with mixed berries on Lufthansa First Class

Overall this was a wonderful flight experience. We landed on time in Chicago.  From the lovely First Class Lounge in Munich to the very nice service and generally good food.  There are not many ways to travel in first class trans Atlantic.  Only British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa offer a first class cabin. If I lived in Europe, Lufthansa would be my preferred airline.

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

Good thing I had been slowly building our stash or Lufthansa Miles & More miles over the years!  Come to find out a cash booking for our flight would have been over $7000 per person!  It took a few 50,000 mile sign up bonuses from Barclays Lufthansa credit card and we were good! I booked our tickets online for 85,000 miles and $320 each.

I initially wanted to book our flight transiting through Frankfurt so we could spend some time in the Lufthansa First Class Terminal as I have never been but there was no availability through Frankfurt for the day we needed thus I took the Munich connection which was perfectly fine and we were happy to experience the Munich First Class Lounge.

Cash price for one ticket on our itinerary was $6892.74 Euro’s! (Over $7000)

I then had to separately call Miles & More to book my son’s lap infant seat which was around $500 but I can’t locate the email for that booking.

Our price for one ticket was 85,000 Lufthansa Miles & More miles and $320.39

There are cheaper ways to book Lufthansa First Class with miles via United or Air Canada’s Areoplan miles but if you want to book your vacation in advance (more than 14 days from your flight) then Lufthansa Miles & More miles are the only way to conveniently book your Lufthansa flight in advance.  I was not willing to try to book something last minute with my wife and baby traveling with me. I like everything planned out way ahead of time.

A fitting end to our amazing trip to Italy!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for reading.



1 thought on “Lufthansa First Class Munich to Chicago

  1. Well, at least someone enjoyed LH F…..not me

    2 weeks ago, LH flight in F IAD-FRA, seat 1A. At the door, “1A, your seat is over there” he pointed, no escort. From then on I had to ask for everything. No offer to take my jacket. Seat 1A has no storage, so I had to ask. Apparently some VIPs in F who got constant attention and constant refills. Food was pretty horrible as well. Oso bucco with risotto nearly inedible, really looked like cow poo. When I commented to Purser, I was told “others liked it” No offer of dessert, FA clearing tablecloth until I asked about dessert. “Oh, you want dessert?” 2 FAs for eight seats, not good service.

    Worse, this was a PAID ticket, not some upgrade or miles weenie. I’d scratch LH F from any must do list…..don’t.

    Pretty much done with LH.

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