Lufthansa Business Class Rome to Munich

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Lufthansa Business Class Rome to Munich
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Lufthansa Business Class Rome to Munich

We had a quick hop from Rome to Munich on Lufthansa regional business class.  Typical intra-European business class is economy seating with the middle seat blocked.  Since there were three of us we let the baby sit in the middle seat once we were at cruising altitude. For take off and landing he was on my wife’s lap with the lap seatbelt attachment on.

The business class cabin was about half empty. The crew was very nice and friendly!  They gave our son a little grab bag of toys and a little yellow blanky to hold (although he didn’t use it.).

The bag had little cardboard cutouts of airplanes which he loved playing with.

As usual our son was so well behaved on the plane and loves to cuddle on mom’s lap.

The food was kinda “meh”.  The soup was ok, as was the cheese but the rest was not great. I didn’t have much as I knew I would be eating in the First Class Lounge in Munich and on our first class flight home to Chicago.

A quick uneventful flight to Munich with friendly service.




2 thoughts on “Lufthansa Business Class Rome to Munich

  1. Yes, very typical of intra Europe business class

    Looking forward to your F review. I just flew F, was disappointed and unimpressed. 747-8, seat 1A. At the door, “1A, your seat is over there” he pointed. From then on I had to ask for everything. No offer to take my jacket. Seat 1A has no storage, so I had to ask. Apparently some bigwigs in F who got constant attention and constant refills. Food was pretty horrible as well. Oso bucco with risotto nearly inedible. When I commented to Purser, I was told “others liked it” No offer of dessert, FA ready to clear tablecloth until I asked about dessert. “Oh, you want dessert?”

    2 FAs for eight seats, not good service. Worse, this was a PAID ticket, not some upgrade or miles weenie. I’d scratch LH F from any must do list…..don’t.

    • @MB, wow! Quite the lackluster experience especially for paid F. Sorry it was so bad. Our flight was much different and I should have my report up by this weekend. I think they gave us a little extra attention since we had our baby with us. Thanks for reading & commenting.

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