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Alitalia Lounge Rome (FCO)
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Alitalia Lounge Rome (FCO)

After checking in we found our way over to the Alitalia lounge.  It appears it’s used for all Etihad owned (or part owned) airlines.  However we were flying home via Lufthansa first class so I am not 100% sure who all gets access.

Alitalia Lounge entrance

There was a brief wait as two other guests were ahead of us but after just a moment or two we presented our boarding passes and were welcomed in.

Alitalia Lounge reception desk

The lounge was fairly spacious and when we first arrived there were plenty of available seating. All of the chairs feature comfortable Italian leather.

Alitalia Lounge seating

Alitalia Lounge seating

There was a small buffet of breads and sweats to choose from in the middle of the lounge.

Alitalia Lounge
Alitalia Lounge food

Directly behind that buffet was a bar which featured Lavazza coffee and the barista made a damn good cappuccino!  They also had several bottles of alcohol behind the bar.

Alitalia LoungeAlitalia Lounge food and bar area

Not far from the bar was another small area with some hot breakfast items like scrambled eggs and such.

Alitalia Lounge hot food

My wife, baby and I found a nice back corner area with plenty of seating.

Alitalia Lounge seating

I decided to walk around and just check out the rest of the lounge.  There was of course a bathroom which I thought looked nice. The bathrooms are individual rooms which is nice.

Alitalia Lounge bathroom

Alitalia Lounge bathroom

There is another area on the far end of the lounge, away from the food and drinks that has some work desks set up and they had charging stations for your electronics.

Alitalia Lounge workspace

There was another large seating area near the work desks on the opposite side of the lounge.

Alitalia Lounge additional seating

The lounge also featured shower rooms but the doors were locked and I didn’t want to bother them to open it just for a photo.

Alitalia Lounge shower rooms

Alitalia Lounge coffee bar

My wife and I enjoyed some amazing coffee and biscotti while in the lounge waiting for our flight connecting flight to Munich.

Delicious cappacinco

Overall this is a decent lounge to waste some time in.  After a while the lounge started to fill up a bit and I would say some of the white/cream colored leather chairs were in need of a cleaning or retirement. Otherwise we recommend you grab some nice Lavazza coffee and enjoy the lounge.



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