Dining in Cortona

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Dining in Cortona
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Dining in Cortona

On our way out Florence and checking out of the Hotel Lungarno the staff asked where we were heading next.  When we replied Cortona the check-out agent perked up and said that we must eat at La Bucaccia.

So upon arrival in Cortona it was the first place we made reservations for.  We were lucky to get a table, the staff at Il Falconiere was able to call and reserve one for us.

La Bucaccia menu

The restaurant is small, very charming and it is very well regarded.  We had a bit of trouble finding it as it’s sort of in a basement of a building.  We wondered around and eventually found it. There are signs in the town square pointing the general direction of La Bucaccia.

We were shown to a nice corner table, the entire place was full or just about full.  We had a friendly young waiter.  Not long after we had a bottle of wine and our appetizers. Everything here is made by hand and very authentic.  In fact they sometimes run out of popular dishes towards the end of the night so it was good we got in before 8pm.

La Bucaccia menu

Bucaccia menu

A lovely Syrah with dinner at La Bucaccia

There was a large table of young Americans in the middle of the dining room and in fact there was mostly all English being spoken in the dining room.  Through word of mouth, I think tourists know this is a great place to go to eat.

Bucaccia dining room

We had a nice bottle of Syrah wine and some meats to start dinner.

Raw meat carpaccio filet and and punta di anca main course at  La Bucaccia

We then had a cheese sampler which was really good.  The mozzarella was out of this world at La Bucaccia.

The most amazingly fresh cheese platter with outstanding mozzarella

I had the amazing pasta with wild boar sauce for dinner.

Pasta with wild boar sauce at La Bucaccia

My wife had the sensational tagliolini pasta with truffles.

Tagliolini pasta with truffles at La Bucaccia

Our son was energetic and so I decided to keep the bottle of wine on the floor away from him as he was playing with some toys at the table. The table was slightly small for the three of us but we made it work.

The main dining room shortly before it filled back up

We decided to try the tiramisu for dessert which was very good.

Tiramisu at La Bucaccia

When it was time to pay you just bring your bill out to the bar area and the manager checked us out.

Small bar and checkout area

They even have a small covered and quaint outdoor seating area which I thought was nice.

La Bucaccia exterior 

Overall a great place to eat while in Cortona. We are glad we had the chance to try it and would certainly return and recommend it.

Cafe Tuscher Cortona

Cafe Tuscher is right on the main strip in Cortona.  It is one of many cafe’s and restaurants along the corridor and it just happened to be the one we stopped at to have lunch one day while doing some shopping.

Saffron Gnocchi

We decided to grab a seat outside on the street to enjoy the nice weather and people watch. I had the Saffron Gnocchi, our son had the spaghetti and my wife was on a Caprese salad kick while in Italy so that’s what she had.  They started us with a bowl of complimentary bread.


Caprese salad

This was one of the few meals that we didn’t have a glass or bottle of wine!

Family meal time in Cortona

Service was friendly and the location was convenient.

Street seating

Overall  a nice cafe in the heart of Cortona.


Osteria Del Teatro

Our last night in Cortona we decided to eat at Osteria Del Teatro.  We actually just wandered around Cortona and slightly off the beaten path we saw the restaurant. My wife thought it looked cute so we decided to see if it was open and if we could get a table.  Well it was only like 5:30 pm and it didn’t open until 6 pm.

Osteria Del Teatro entrance

Osteria Del Teatro entrance

The owner eventually came in and opened the doors and we asked if we were able to get a table.  She checked and came back out and told us we could have a table outside right away.  The rest of the staff was coming in as we waited a few more minutes.

Osteria Del Teatro outdoor seating

Lots of flowers outside

Eventually we were seated outside in a perfect little table at the end of the patio so our son wouldn’t disturb others and there was plenty of room for him. They even brought out a toy for him to play with at the table.

Our table outside

Osteria Del Teatro menu

Osteria Del Teatro

We had a very nice and professional waiter who was happy to make some recommendations for us.

Osteria Del Teatro exteior

We again had the lovely Crano Cortona Syrah wine that we had had the night before at La Bucaccia.

More local Syrah wine for our meal

Our waiter then brought out some bread for us.

Wife and baby happy

Wife and baby pre dinner kiss

We had some very good zucchini blossoms to start.

Fabulous zucchini blossoms

Our son had some gnocchi, I had the filet steak with truffles and my wife had the fagottini pasta. The meal was quite good!

Our son’s gnocchi

Truffle filet steak at Osteria Del Teatro

Fagottini dish at Osteria Del Teatro

We of course had some dessert rounded out with a scrumptious cheese platter with accompanying variety of jams and fruit dips which were amazing.

Tiramisu at Osteria Del Teatro

Cheese and a variety of fruit dips/jams

This was a very charming restaurant and we all loved it.  A great setting on the patio with great food and wine.  We would recommend Osteria Del Teatro in a heartbeat.




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