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Around Cortona
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Around Cortona

We hired a car to drive from our hotel, Il Falconiere to Cortona.  It was always a black Mercedes Benz van usually our favorite driver Micky. The cost is about $40 round trip for the 10 minute drive.  On the way to Cortona we asked Micky to stop off at the sunflower fields in the distance and he happily obliged. He was even nice enough to take a photo or two of us as a family. The sunflower fields are just a short 2-3 minute diversion from the main route up the hill to Cortona.

Our son in the sunflower fields 

Family shot in the sunflower fields

Once winding up the narrow roads to the hilltop city of Cortona you will be at a sort of town square area with lots of action.  This area gives you amazing views down all around the Tuscan countryside and you can see as far as Lake Trasimeno! As you walk down the small main road into the heart of the city you can’t help but enjoy the authenticity of the city.  It oozes classic Italy.  

Views from Cortona town square

The streets of Cortona

Sun shining down the streets

Very old feeling city that is surrounded by an exterior wall for protection in old times. So many quaint coffee shops and eateries.   We had some great food in Cortona which I will review in the next segment of this trip report.

Town square monument

Night time views of Tuscany from Cortona

Cortona streets

There are lots of art shops and my wife and I picked up a small painting of the Tuscan landscape at one of them.  It was packaged amazingly secure and if fit in our carryon fine.


Church in the center of Cortona

There are two very nice looking churches in Cortona. One in the heart of the city and one outside the city “walls”.

Another church just on the outset of Cortona walls perched on the hill

Views of the vineyards and olive trees from Cortona

The amazing thing is that the city gives you such great views from every angle!  A very romantic city.  Easy to just walk around and stop off for an amazing bottle of wine or discover a great Italian restaurant.

Tuscan sunset views from Cortona

We visited the city of Cortona on all three days from our hotel.  It was well worth the $40 roundtrip!




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