Dining in Florence

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Dining in Florence

Osteria Il Gatto e la Volpe (The Cat and the Fox)

On our first evening my wife and I walked to The Cat and the Fox for dinner. A colleague at work gave her two spots for us to visit.  This was low-key and easy to get to and get in.  We went early as we typically do with our son in tow.


There were only a few other tables taken and we got a nice window seat to catch the street scene.

Partial menu

After checking out the menu we both went with a really nice Chianti.  Probably our best Chianti wine of the trip.


Our son wasn’t able to eat much of the food here due to his mouth sores from the hand foot and mouth virus. He did have some bread and some crackers that we brought along.

Our son wants some of “mama’s juice”  🙂

The reason to eat here is the very delicious and flavorful, homemade balsamic.  We had some very generous dips with our bread and really enjoyed it.  We regretted not trying to buy a bottle to take home.

Bread with some awesome balsamic

I had a very nice spaghetti with mozzarella and tomatoes and bacon bits.

Bacon mozzarella spaghetti

My wife had a lovely truffle spaghetti.

Truffle mushroom spaghetti

The noodles were very dense and tasted great.  Nothing like I have had back in the USA. A very good reasonable first dinner of our trip.


La Bussola

On another evening our hotel concierge recommended La Bussola for a good place to eat that was nearby.

La Bussola entrance

We got lucky as our son fell asleep on the quick walk over from our hotel.  This was our latest dinner as we arrived near 8pm (his bedtime).

My wife and I had a nice, peaceful meal 🙂

We didn’t have a reservation but they had a nice table up front for us. We enjoyed some pizza and pasta.  The mozzarella in Italy was very fresh and tasted great. We live in Wisconsin and have some great cheesemakers here but the mozzarella in Italy was superb.

Margarita pizza

My wife is truffle fan and a gnocchi fan so the truffle gnocchi was an easy choice for her.

Truffle gnocchi

For some odd reason in Florence we drank almost exclusively Chianti wine and we had some Chianti with our meals at La Bussola.

Time to dig in

After a nice dinner we enjoyed some expresso.


Finally we shared a tiramisu sampler of four different kinds! Amazing!

Tiramisu at La Bussola



We stopped here as part of our gastronomic tour and enjoyed it so we stopped back for lunch the next day.  Procacci is basically a higher end wine bar but boy does it get busy.  There are only a few tables and most people take their wine and meal standing up.

We went with a nice variety of finger sandwiches to start.  We had some of these the day before and they were just as good on our visit.

We also had some of the very refreshing prosecco wine which was great to beat the Florentine heat.

We decided to hang out a while and get some more wine and then ordered a meat and cheese platter with a variety of super flavorful and fresh meats and cheeses.

Meat and cheese platter

We would both recommend this venue as a nice place to try some wines and have a light bite to eat.


Mamma Gina

Mamma Gina’s was right down the street from our hotel (Hotel Lungarno) and every time we walked past it late at night it was really busy.  So on our last night in Florence we decided to just give it a go!

Mamma Gina exterior

As normal, when we arrived it was pretty empty with just one other table as we got there just after dinner service commenced.

Mamma Gina interior

Once inside it reminded me of an old school mob type joint.

Our server was GREAT!  What are the odds that our server could nail a Wisconsin accent and that’s because he actually lived in Central Wisconsin for several years as he moved there to marry his first wife. He made great recommendations for dinner and loved playing with our son.

Mamma Gina menu

The menu had lots of options!

Mamma Gina menu

We went with a half bottle of two different kinds of Chianti to drink.

A nice Chianti 

We had a nice starter with some fresh bruschetta!

Appetizer at Mamma Gina

A wonderful mushroom noodle spaghetti

My wife’s wild boar pasta


We would absolutely recommend Mamma Gina’s as it’s a really authentic feeling Italian restuarant.


These are most of the places we ate while in Florence (not including all the Gelato stops we had).  There are so many options in Florence to have a wonderful meal.  We did not have a bad meal at all in Italy in general!



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