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Hotel Lungarno

My family was dropped off by our driver right in front of our Florence accommodation, Hotel Lungarno.  We were greeted by the friendly doorman opening the door for us.  He help grab our luggage and escorted us inside. On the walk in he briefly told us about the property and went over some of the high points.  He advised our bags would arrive to our room shortly and left us in the arrivals lounge area to check in with a nice check in agent.

Hotel Lungarno entrance at night

Hotel Lungarno entrance

Our first impressions were very positive as you walk in you get some nice glimpses of the Arno river, the lifeblood of Florence.   Along the entrance way are some nice bikes for guests to use at their leisure.

Hotel Lungarno bikes

Once in the check-in area we were asked to sit over on the comfortable couch and offered us a beverage but we politely declined.   They made copies of our passports and had fun interacting with our son. The front desk agent explained our room would be ready in just a few moments so we had a brief chat while waiting for housekeeping to confirm it would be ready.

Hotel Lungarno arrival/departure lounge

The arrival/departure room is very nice and has nice Arno River views.

Hotel Lungarno “front desk”

Hotel Lungarno arrival/departure lounge

We were upgraded from a Prestige Double River View room to Studio Suite River View Room 432 and given two room keys which is perfect.  We were also given a map of Florence and given a brief orientation of where the hotel is in comparison to some of the landmarks and tourist attractions. The agent let us know that if we needed any assistance or needed help booking anything to let them know and they would happily assist.

Hotel Lungarno entrance hall

The location of the hotel could not be any better!!! Right in the heart of Florence! A half block away from the Pointe Vecchio bridge and right on the Arno.  Florence is a very walkable city and we were able to get everywhere we wanted to go from Hotel Lungarno but just a quick walk usually.  Nothing was more than 30 minutes away generally.

Hotel Lungarno bar area

Hotel Lungarno interior seating

Hotel Lungarno interior seating

Hotel Lungarno cocktail lounge seating

Hotel Lungarno entrance hall

We walked outside and to the main building over to the elevators.  Once inside you can’t help but notice the amazing amounts of artwork the property has on display. The hotel has a legendary art collection of over 400 pieces of art that should be appreciated by guests.

The hotel has only 68 rooms and therefore feels very intimate and inviting. They property recently completed a lengthy renovation. Prior to the rennovation the hotel had 78 rooms.  Now 40 rooms have Arno River views!  I would say the renovation was a smashing success by interior designer Michele Bonan.

Hotel Lungarno Concierge desk

Hotel LungarnoHotel Lungarno cocktail seating area

Pablo Picasso artwork on display at Hotel Lungarno


Once on the elevator the friendly Hotel Lungarno checkin agent pressed “4” for us and told us he would meet us on the 4th floor.  The elevator was just big enough for me, my wife and baby in stroller.  He instead sprinted up four flights of stairs and was only a few seconds behind us departing the elevator.

Hotel Lungarno elevators

Elevator interior of Hotel Lungarno

Art inside the elevators of Hotel Lungarno

Staircase of Hotel Lungarno

Hallway corridor leading to guestrooms inside Hotel Lungarno

We were escorted to our front door where he wished us a pleasant stay and confirmed our bags would be up shortly.

Our guest room door at Hotel Lungarno

Upon entrance to our room we were impressed!

Front entrance of our room at Hotel Lungarno

Hotel Lungarno floor plan (4th floor)

Our Studio Suite River View Room was elegant, classy and spacious at the same time.  My wife was a fan of the room colors, our baby was a fan of the huge bed and we all were a fan of the Arno River views!!!

Hotel Lungarno
Hotel Lungarno Studio Suite River View Room

The room consisted of a separate sitting room just off the bedroom but not separated by a door.  The room had two very large wall mounted TV’s. One in the bedroom and one in the sitting room.

Hotel Lungarno bedroom

Hotel Lungarno

The bathroom was large enough especially by European standards. It had double sinks a shower/tub combo and separate toilet and bidet area. It was very elegant with nice marble/stone and towel heater.

Hotel Lungarno bathroom

Hotel Lungarno bath/shower

The shower had good water pressure and temperature.  I will never understand Europe and the half glass shower doors but this is typical in Europe and not much water escaped the shower area during our stay. It was nice to have a tub for the baby if he needs a bath but on this trip we gave him showers with the hand held shower head.

Hotel Lungarno bath/shower

The Salvatore Ferragamo bath amenities are fitting considering he owns the building.  They are very nice products to use and we were happy to have them. They complimented our Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit from our Alitalia flight.

Salvatore Farragamo bath amenities at Hotel Lungarno

Hotel Lungarno bath tub

Hotel Lungarno double vanity

Hotel Lungarno bath amenities

Hotel Lungarno water closet

Not pictured but I thought it was neat that the toilet paper was tucked into a small door in the wall of the bathroom across from the toilet.

A Lavazza coffee maker was on hand if we ever got the urge for a cup of coffee but the cappuccino’s served downstairs were so good we dare not use the in-room machine!
Hotel Lungarno coffee maker

I peeked in the mini bar but didn’t consume any products.

Hotel Lungarno mini bar

On the desk in the sitting room was a bottle of red wine from Castiglion Del Bosco, Rosewood’s Tuscany property. I initially thought this was complimentary but there was a reasonable charge for the bottle.

Hotel Lungarno tableware and wine

The sitting room consisted of a navy blue couch with white trim a circular table and said desk and chair with wall mounted TV.

Hotel Lungarno 

In the bedroom area our babies crib was already set up. My wife thought the bed linens were adorable and concluded they were Loretta Caponi brand (not confirmed).

Hotel Lungarno complimentary crib

Hotel Lungarno Studio Suite River Room

The bedroom has another 50+ inch wall mounted TV with a king bed and matching night stands and lamps.

Hotel Lungarno bed

One of the night stands had a iPad Mini with general information about the hotel and weather. We didn’t end up putting it to use during our stay but it was appreciated if need be.

Hotel Lungarno room iPad mini

Turndown service consisted of slippers on the bed and generally three bottles of water usually two still and one sparkling.

Hotel Lungarno bed turndown

Hotel Lungarno complimentary slippers

The highlight of the room was the views out of the window and door.  I would not say the room had a balcony, not even a Juliet balcony but it did have a door that opened up to gorgeous Arno river views and some metal bars for safety.  Hotel Lungarno has  some rooms with large enough balconies to house some chairs and tables. What a treat that would be but this was probably best for us while traveling with our 1 yr old.

Glorious Ponte Vecchio bridge view from our room at Hotel Lungarno

If we looked to the right we had amazing views of the Ponte Vecchio. Florence’s oldest and most famous bridge.

Lovely Arno River views from our room at Hotel Lungarno

We could see several large fish in the river sometimes in the mornings.

View from our room at Hotel Lungarno

We after a while our luggage was finally brought up and we thought it might be smart to take a cat nap then go explore the city.  Well, not long into our nap we got a ring at the door from two Hotel Lungarno staff that were delivering a welcome gift of sparkling wine, fruit and macaroons!  Hard to get mad about being woken up for that. We are suckers for this type of treatment and later that day enjoyed the wine and snacks!

Sparkling wine welcome amenity

Welcome amenity at Hotel Lungarno

My wife mentioned it was quite nice that even when we were back in our room to rest or during our baby’s nap time if never felt like we were quite removed from the action.  We could just open the door or window and be right on the river and in the heart of the action.

View from our room at night

On our last night we were given a his and hers Salvatore Ferragamo branded cologne and perfume.  This was completely unexpected but very a very nice gesture and we gladly accepted and took the scents home with us!

His and hers departure gift from Hotel Lungarno

Full Room Walkthrough Below:



Food and Beverage

Booking through our Virtuoso Travel Advisor entitled us to complimentary American Breakfast during our stay.  So every morning we went down to the hotel’s restaurant, Picteau.  The breakfast service also has a buffet area in which we could eat from in addition to our American Breakfast.

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Lungarno

There was a nice selection of cheeses, meats, breads, pastries, and cereals.  There was also some muffins, yogurt and other offerings.

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Lungarno

There was a section of four fresh fruit juices along with still and sparkly water.  Also on offer was a bottle of sparkling wine if you wanted mimosa’s.

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Lungarno

Generally we would have a light bite from the buffet while waiting for our made to order American Breakfasts.  I found it quite odd on our last morning that if I wanted Eggs Florentine they wanted to charge me 14 euro’s for that? After a slight pushback they happily gave me an order of Eggs Florentine.  A carton of 12 eggs is less than 5 euro!

Meats, cheese and bread

Bacon and eggs at Hotel Lungarno

American breakfast at Hotel Lungarno

Generally the main seating area for breakfast is also the main dining room for Hotel Lungarno’s Michelin star rated restaurant, Borgo San Jacopo. We didn’t eat dinner here quite simply there are so many fabulous places to eat in Florence but I am sure it would be quite a great meal.

Main interior breakfast area at Hotel Lungarno

The food was good, well prepared and satisfying.  The cappucino’s were out of this world good to me.  I am not a big coffee drinker but most mornings we would take a cappuccino to go after already having one with breakfast.

There is a nice intimate outdoor seating area right on the Arno River.  There are only four tables out there on this terrace but they have amazing views while eating breakfast!

Amazing outside seating views at Hotel Lungarno

Poached eggs, bacon and tomato at Hotel Lungarno

Florentine eggs at Hotel Lungarno

Picteau Lounge breakfast menu

Picteau Lounge breakfast menu

Picteau Lounge breakfast menu


On two evenings we tried some drinks at the hotel.  One we enjoyed on Picteau’s outdoor terrace near the hotel’s entrance. The other we had a few Aperol Spritz’s in our room. What a refreshing drink to beat the Italian heat.

Cocktail at Hotel Lungarno

Aperol Spritz and Arno river views from our room at Hotel Lungarno


PointsPinnacle Breakdown

We redeemed no hotel points for this stay although Hotel Lungarno is part of the Lungarno Collection, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) and Small Luxury Hotels (SLH).  You can find the hotels rates at their website.  We booked through our Virtuoso affiliated travel advisors.

Overall we agreed this was a fabulous hotel in the heart of Florence.  I was so very happy to select this hotel. Everything turned out better than we could have hoped for.  The hotel staff is great.  The property and rooms are in great condition and designed very nicely. The views are to die for and the location is unbeatable. I think Florence is my favorite city in the world and this hotel helped in forming that opinion.

Please let me know if you have any question or comments about Hotel Lungarno or our stay.




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