Turnberry Isle Miami Review

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Turnberry Isle Miami Review
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Turnberry Isle Miami Review


My family had a great five night stay at Turnberry Isle Miami.  We arrived on a Sunday night and were greeted by a member of the valet staff with a “welcome back”. Whoops! The only problem was this was our first time ever being at the property.   The bell staff came over and got everything situated. They grabbed our bags and got our name and escorted us over to the checkin area.

Turnberry Isle driveway entrance

Turnberry Isle front entrance

The entrance way was impressive and falls in line with a high end resort.  Directly across from the front desk was a water feature with plenty of koi fish.  Every morning at 8am they feed the koi and guests are invited for that event however we never made it over during our stay.

Turnberrry Isle pond

Koi fish at Turnberry Isle pond

Once we arrived at the checkin desk we were helped right away by a courteous female front desk agent.  She mentioned we received an “upgrade” but I couldn’t tell based on the room type that we booked into. We confirmed a crib would be arriving shortly after we arrived in our room. She also gave us a resort map and pointed out points of interest and how to get to our room. She explained that our room number, 3433, means we were in the third building #3, on the fourth floor and in room 33. The third building is named the Hibiscus building.

Turnberry IsleTurnberry Isle front desk

Turnberry Isle elevator lobby

We had a long walk from the elevators to our room near the end of the building.

Turnberry Isle Hibiscus hallway

Once inside our room the bathroom is off to the left of the entrance hall.  The bathroom and the room in general was large, a major plus to this resort. The bathroom features double sinks with marble countertops. There is a nice decorative mosaic tile wrapping around the bathroom.

Turnberry Isle bathroom

Turnberry Isle bathroom

Turnberry Isle bathroom

The bathroom has a shower and separate tub which is nice when traveling with a kid. The shower had a rain forest shower head and a wand head if preferred.

Turnberry Isle shower

Turnberry Isle bathtub

Turnberry Isle water closet

Next to the shower was a separate water closet with door for added privacy.

 Bath amenities by Molton Brown

The sink counter and shower featured the Molton Brown bath amenities which I quite like.

Turnberry Isle
Turnberry Isle golf view room

Once in the main area of the room there was a king bed flanked by night stands.  Directly across is a TV and dresser with builtin minibar.  Then there is a seating area with love seat and table.  Then in the opposite corner from the bed is a nice sized desk.

Turnberry Isle golf view room sitting area

Turnberry Isle golf view room couch

Turnberry Isle room

Turnberry Isle room

Turnberry Isle room

Turnberry Isle room

Turnberry Isle room entryway

Turnberry Isle Hibiscus Wing room map

We found the room very comfortable and spacious. The room was in good condition and I had to look very hard to find any signs of wear or tear.

Turnberry Isle room

Turnberry Isle bed

Turnberry Isle bed

Turnberry Isle minibar

We were warned at checkin the items on the minibar are weight sensitive and if an item is removed for more than 20 seconds we would be charged for it. There was also a Keurig coffee maker in the room but we didn’t use it thanks to Turnberry Isle having a Starbucks on property.  My wife and I usually started our day with one of use stopping to grab two Venti Cold Brews.

Turnberry Isle in-room coffee maker

Turnberry Isle room keys and property map

In the morning we checked out the view from our balcony. The views were of one of the other buildings on the right and I could make out a bit of the golf course if I looked through the palm trees immediately in front of our room.  I would say it was more of a palm tree view room LOL. Perhaps the added privacy of the palm trees would be a plus to some guests.

View from our golf course view balcony

View from our golf course view balcony

The balcony featured a table and two chairs. It was nice to sit out there when our baby was napping in the crib in our room.  That way we could converse without waking him up. It was also a nice spot for my wife to do some reading for her work.

Turnberry Isle golf course view room balcony

Turnberry Isle golf course view room balcony

Please note that the love seat inside the room does flip out to a full size bed which is nice. We could have used that for our baby, but the crib was much preferred.  However if our son was much bigger he wouldn’t have fit in the crib provided.

Daytime with complimentary crib





We spent some time of varying length everyday at the pool during our stay. The resort has two pools. The adults only Cascata Pool which is for ages 16 and over only.  On the other hand they also offer the amazingly ginormous Laguna pool.

Since we had the baby with us we didn’t have the chance to actually hang out at the Cascata Pool but we did pass it every time we went to and from the entrance and to our room. The Cascata pool was generally very quiet and peaceful and never very crowded. There appears to be a small portable bar area and a small seating area next to it if you want to sit down and grab a drink.  That area was semi busy depending on the time of the day but never many people in the water.

Adults only Cascata Pool at Turnberry Isle

Adults only Cascata Pool at Turnberry Isle

There was tons of seating around the pool.

Adults only Cascata Pool at Turnberry Isle

Adults only Cascata Pool at Turnberry Isle

Adults only Cascata Pool

LOL at rule #3! Is that necessary?

We spent tons of time at the 7500 square foot Laguna Pool!  This is one serious pool.  It has a 35ft waterslide, large waterfall and 1600 ft long lazy river surrounding the pool. It also has a shallow area which was great for our kid to play in.

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

The Laguna Pool had no shortage of seating options!  There were plenty of chairs available and our stay coincided with spring break so I don’t think there will ever be trouble getting a comfortable shaded spot anytime of day. During our stay the cushioned double wide lounge chairs were reserved and could be booked for $100 a day.

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool lounge seating

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool ping pong table

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

Guests can also reserve a cabana for $200/day during the time of our visit. I never saw one cabana in use during our five days there.

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool cabana

The Laguna Pool also has a fairly large hot tub to accompany it.

Turnberry Isle hot tub

Our son got a kick out of the lazy river as his mom and I would take turns floating him around but he was/is scared of waterfalls and thus the two portions of the lazy river in which you go under a waterfall we made sure to steer to the side to avoid it best we could.

Turnberry Isle lazy river

Lil guy and I in the Turnberry Isle lazy river

Turnberry Isle lazy river

The Laguna Pool was not wild, noisy nor crazy with kids everywhere. There was a good mix of guests using the pool and everyone was courteous and respectful. There was never more than 15 people in the pool at once. The pool is SO LARGE that there is plenty of space for everyone to have fun.

Turnberry Isle Laguna Pool

The Laguna Pool also has a tall/large water slide that empties out to a small side pool. I took my kid down the slide (with a one-time exception from the slide attendant, Thank you) one time and my wife recorded us at the bottom. It is a slower moving, safe water slide and we were perfectly fine.


The resort is not on the ocean but located in the Miami Suburb of Aventura thus they do offer beach access through a partnership with the resort “Sole on the Beach”.  Turnberry Isle runs a complimentary shuttle bus from the resort to Sole on the Beach so that guests can have access to the beach/ocean (they also run the same shuttle to the nearby Aventura Mall).

Map from Turnberry Isle to Sole on the Beach

The drive from Turnberry Isle to Sole on the beach is a around 5-10 minutes and only 2.8 miles away. The drivers are friendly and the shuttles run often.

Upon arrival we simply walk past the resort on a small, marked walkway directly to the beach where we told the Sole on the Beach attendant that we were Turnberry Isle guests.  They asked our names and took our room key while at the beach, in return they found us beach chairs and set them up with towels for us. You can order food and drinks at the beach but you will need to bring payment with you and pay Sole on the Beach directly.

My wife was disappointed with the condition on the beach in general (I think she is spoiled after going to the Maldives). There was a lot of seaweed on the sand in the water directly in front of the the resort.

My wife and baby heading for the ocean

After less than an hour we were ready to go back to the Turnberry Isle Pool!

Views from the beach

Views from the beach

I would skip the beach next time.


We ate at all of the Turnberry Isle eating establishments. Most of the meals we had were at the resort’s Laguna Grill. Laguna Grill has a decent selection of food and drink and we ate there most days by the pool.

Turnberry Mule cocktails at Turnberry Isle pool

We found the food reasonably priced and in line with that of other luxury resorts. Many pitchers of alcoholic drinks could be had for $40.   Laguna grill has an actual outside seating area for a more formal sit down meal or like us you can take most of your meals at your poolside lounge chair.

Laguna Grill food menu at Turnberry Isle

Laguna Grill drinks menu at Turnberry Isle

The cocktails were very good. The frozen coconut was my personal favorite.  Here is the thing with the food at Laguna Grill and at the resort in general, there was nothing extraordinary. In fact, my wife was disappointed with some of her selections.

Turnberry Isle nachos at Laguna Grill

Frozen Coconut and ice-t 

Mediterranean Platter at Laguna Grill Turnberry Isle

My favorite meal during the week was the Laguna Bowl so I would recommend that.

Laguna Bowl at Laguna Grill at Turnberry Isle

Fish Sandwich at Laguna Grill at Turnberry Isle 

Chicken Quesadillas at Laguna Grill at Turnberry Isle

Crab cake sandwich at Laguna Grill at Turnberry Isle

Gimmie” Mai Tai cocktail at Laguna Grill at Turnberry Isle 

Overall, Laguna Grill is perfect for a poolside snack and cocktails but don’t expect to have a memorable meal.

Corsair Kitchen & Bar

We ate breakfast at Corsair on three mornings.  They offer a breakfast buffet and of course plenty of a la carte options. Corsair also offers indoor and outdoor seating for patrons. We missed it but on weekends they offer a pretty impressive looking brunch spread from promotional materials.

Corsair entrance sign at Turnberry Isle 

We were generally seated right away most mornings. We ate outside on two mornings and inside on our last breakfast with just me and baby (mom slept in).

Corsair entrance at Turnberry Isle

Corsair dining room at Turnberry Isle

The staff was very nice and generally attentive to our needs. Some of the staff loved playing with our baby.

Corsair outside seating

The outdoor seating is nice peaceful space to enjoy breakfast with nice views of the golf course. Many tables are either shaded by a screened in awning or by large deck umbrellas which is nice.

Corsair outside seating area

After having the breakfast buffet on our first morning I avoided it on future visits.  This was primarily due to hard and cold waffles and staff taking down the food while we were still eating.

Corsair breakfast 

The al a carte options were much better. Much fresher than the buffet although you could order freshly made eggs as an option with the buffet.

Corsair breakfast sandwich

Egg-white frittata at Corsair

The standout item at Corsair to us (including our baby) was the Corsair oatmeal!  I could have this every morning, in fact we have tried to re-create it at home since our stay ended.

Steel cut oatmeal at Corsair

Corsair oatmeal (excellent) 


One evening we decided to try Turnberry Isle’s steakhouse, BOURBON STEAK by chef Michael Mina.  Reservations are encouraged but we ate mid week and right when they opened for the evening (6pm) thus we didn’t need a reservation and we were able to be seated right away.



The decor and aesthetics of the restaurant are very nice.


The restaurant specializes in all natural, hormone free cuts of beef.  Prior to ordering they provided three different variety of fries with different sauces to accompany them which was nice.

BOURBON STEAK complimentary fries


We started with a few cocktails which were great. My wife really wanted another old fashion but baby had other plans.


I had the American Wagyu ribeye and my wife went with the grass fed filet mignon. I tried a bite of my wife’s steak but preferred mine.   We went with some asparagus and truffle mac and cheese and both were good as well.

American Wagyu ribeye at BOURBON STEAK

Asparagus at BOURBON STEAK

Truffle mac and cheese at BOURBON STEAK


Final bill at BOURBON STEAK

Service charge of 18% is automatically applied to all food and beverage at Turnberry Isle and BOURBON STEAK was no different.  I found the meal to be slightly overpriced for what it was but overall BOURBON STEAK is a fine place for a meal.  I think if we stopped back for a return visit I would prefer to just to have a few of the cocktails at the bar.


Turnberry Isle offers a top-notch tennis academy for guests, The Canas Tennis Center.  The head pro is former professional player Guillermo Canas. The resort has four lighted Har-Tru green clay courts.

Tennis Court rules

They offer clinics, drills, camps and instructional coaching along with simply reserving court time.  There is also a pro shop where you can use a demo racket in case you left yours at home or your new to the sport.

One of the green clay courts at Turnberry Isle

Myself having a go

I decided to book an hour court time with a teaching pro which ran $80/hr.  My coach was from South America and worked at Turnberry Isle for the past four years.  He was very friendly and was happy to give me some pointers along the way.  I got to hit a ton of balls and wow I was tired by the end of the session!

Putting in some work on the backhand

My wife and kid came down to watch me the last 20 minutes or so. It was a fun hour of tennis and I am glad I got to get some exercise in too! This aspect of the resort is a major plus and draw to me.  I actually wished I scheduled an hour session each morning prior to breakfast to get my day started.

My son getting in on the tennis too

I would highly recommend any tennis fans to try the facilities at Canas Tennis Center at Turnberry Isle.


No review of Turnberry Isle would be complete without at least touching upon the world class golfing on offer.  The resort has two 18 hole courses, the Soffer and Miller courses. I am not much of a golfer but it was obvious the course was very well maintained and looked fun.

Turnberry Isle golf course

The resort offers golf memberships for those more serious golfers.
Turnberry Isle snack cart

The resort also has a bouche ball setup and not far away from that a large chess set that can be played on the lawn.

Bouche ball setup at Turnberry Isle

There is a large grassy area in between the Laguna Pool and tennis courts that was perfect for our 1 yr old to run around and play on.

My kid having fun on the grass

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

As I mentioned in the introduction of this trip report we used a five night Marriott category eight certificate to pay for the room rate of this stay (see this post on how we obtained the certificate). Cash prices for our five nights were running $322/per night on Marriott.com. That breaks down to a weekly price of $1660.

Cash price for our five night stay had we paid cash

This property charges a $27/per night resort fee and $35/per night for valet (there is no self park option).  Those prices were clearly displayed when booking and I was OK with them.  I do think that resort fees should be illegal and simply just put them in the room rate but that’s another story.  It feels like a “cash grab” in my mind.  So although we were saving $322/night using our certificate we still were on the hook for $62/night in valet and resort fees.

Summary of charges for our stay

Room details

We were really happy to stay here while saving over $1600 in room rate charges!  We really like the Marriott Travel Packages and this was a fun redemption for us.




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