Miami 2017 Introduction: Spring Break in the MIA

Miami 2017 Introduction: Spring Break in the MIA
Turnberry Isle Miami Review
Miami Open

Miami 2017 Introduction: Spring Break in the MIA

I had a Category 8 Marriott Travel Package voucher good for a five night stay that we didn’t use in 2016. I called at the end of last year to extend it and Marriott was willing to extend the certificate for another year (Thanks Marriott! To see how we obtained this certificate read this post).  I told my wife to look at some of the Category 8 Marriott properties and we narrowed it down to 2-3 properties.  In the end it was between Phoenix and Miami (we ruled out Hawaii due to lap child flight time) due to the shorter flight times but the under three hour flight to Miami won out. And so, we decided a week at Turnberry Isle in Miami would be a perfect fit for us to escape the never ending Wisconsin winter.

In-flight air show displaying our routing to Fort Lauderdale’s airport

I designated my wife as my companion for my Southwest Companion Pass and booked our airfare.  My Milwaukee to Fort Lauderdale flight cost me 32,364 Rapid Rewards points and $11.20.  My wife’s ticket cost an additional $11.20 and our 1yr old baby is free to sit on our lap.

I decided to book Sunday night flight outbound and Friday night flight inbound so that we could enjoy our weekends at home and get some stuff done before having to go right back to work.  Our flights were 100% full both ways and they were actually oversold and looking for volunteers to be bumped.

Flight confirmation

Points redeemed confirmation

I checked the cash price for our flights and they were going for $485/per person round trip! So in this instance 32,364 Rapid Rewards points/$485 = $0.015 per point. However getting my wife’s ticket for just an additional $11.20 is a life saver. Our airfare would have cost us almost $1000 for two tickets.

Cash price for our flights

In between booking the flight and actually flying my wife was randomly sent four drink coupons good through the end of 2017 so I was happy to put those to good use too!

Complimentary Southwest drink coupons

Once we landed in Fort Lauderdale we picked up our rental car at Hertz and the five night total with all taxes and fees was $163. After about a 15 minute drive we arrived at our resort.

Turnberry Isle is a 4.5 star luxury resort located in the Miami suburb of Aventura and we had a great time here! A very family friendly resort with good golf and tennis facilities.  I will of course have a full, in-depth review in the next segment of this trip report.

Our room at Turnberry Isle Miami

We spent many hours at the pool or on our patio deck relaxing while our son took a nap.

One of the pools at Turnberry Isle Miami

We had PERFECT weather for our five days in Miami! Right around 80 degrees everyday and we had no rain for the full week!

Perfect weather during our stay

Another reason for picking Miami for our vacation is that the Miami Open tennis tournament was happening during our visit. As the big tennis fan that I am I was excited to get tickets while I was in town and attend the event.  One of my friends was in town during my visit so we attended the tennis on Monday evening. I will do a quick review of the event later in the trip report. Overall it was a good night of tennis watching.

Yours truly at the 2017 Miami Open

I should hopefully have the next installments of the trip report up over the next coming days.  Thank you for following along.



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