Around Las Vegas


Las Vegas 2017 Introduction: Bringing Baby to Vegas
Bellagio Luxury Resort and Casino
Around Las Vegas


Around Las Vegas

Little guy and I did a lot of walking the strip over our two day visit!  Best time for us was early morning when others are hung over, we were up to walk a fairly empty strip.

Lil guy on the strip

It was nice to stretch the legs and get a bit of morning exercise in.  Our son was/is so nosy and fascinated with everything so he liked looking around at the new environment.

Year of the rooster display on the Venetian/Palazzo

We ended up walking inside through part of the strip but mostly outside.  There were plenty of elevators so I could go over the pedestrian walkways with him in his stroller or I could manage fine on the escalator too. I made sure too have a bag full of snacks and water and extra diaper or two just in case.

Lil guy liked the Treasure Island boat

Our son really liked the floral displays at the Wynn where we stopped for Breakfast one morning.  I love their chicken and waffles there so I had to stop in for breakfast before we left. I do prefer the Wynn and Encore to the Bellagio although the Bellagio is more centrally located.  I would like to try the Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons on our next Las Vegas stays.

Part of the Wynn’s Chinese New Year display

Part of the Venetian’s Chinese New Year display

Many of the stores were not even open yet on our morning walks.

Venetian and Palazzo

I made sure to take him to see the fish at Cesar’s aquarium. I know there is a bigger aquarium at Mandalay Bay but that was at the very far south end of the strip and I don’t really like it much down there and its quite the walk. Next time we will check it out though!

Cesar’s Palace aquarium

He liked the fish at the Cesar’s aquarium.  They had a decent variety of sea life for him to gaze at. Afterwards we checked out the first daily showing at Cesar’s Palace “Atlantis display”.  I have seen this before-where life like robots act out a scene involving fire and water.  The thing that really amused me is the my son was pretty scared of at the end! So he turned away and held on to me tight.  I assured him it was OK and started to walk away from the show! He did like the beginning few minutes though.

Cesar’s Palace display

Once back at the hotel in the afternoons I wanted to stop and show him the Bellagio fountains.  He saw a similar water show in Dubai last year outside the Dubai Mall and was fine/amused with it.  This time he did not like it LOL!  He was scared of the water shooting up and wanted no part of the show!! I think the music was perhaps a bit loud too. Not sure but we didn’t stick around more than a minute!

Lil guy in front of the Bellagio

I think the favorite part of Las Vegas for my son was taking him up and down the escalator in his stroller!  He would squeal with delight each time we went on the escalator! He must of thought it a baby amusement park ride. Other people on the escalator got a kick out of him.  He also liked to say “beep beep” when walking behind people on the strip  haha!

All in all we had a good time and got to spend some good father/son time without mom due to her work meetings.



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