Bellagio Luxury Resort and Casino


Las Vegas 2017 Introduction: Bringing Baby to Vegas
Bellagio Luxury Resort and Casino
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Bellagio Luxury Resort and Casino

We arrived to the Bellagio via taxi.  There was quite a bit of traffic at the resort entrance.  We were met by a bellman immediately and offered assistance for our bags. We decided we could handle our bags and waived off any further assistance.

Bellagio entrance signage and mural

Once inside we werent sure we could check in right away as we arrived midday and checkin is 3pm. Having walked through the Bellagio on past Vegas trips I knew what to expect when walking in.

Sparkling horse display at the Bellagio lobby

We were greeted by long lines and what has to be the longest checkin counter in the world?  There must have been 10 checkin agents assisting people and a line of 20-25 waiting to checkin.

Bellagio lobby and checkin

Luckily the line moves semi-fast and after about 20 minutes we were in front of a nice agent that was able to immediately check us in and offered a complimentary refrigerator since we had the baby with us.

The lobby is very large and they had an interesting sparkling silver horse on display.  Many of the resorts including the Bellagio had Chinese New Years displays up to celebrate the event.

After getting our room keys we were on our way up to the room. I hauled all the gear through the casino to get to the elevators and my wife pushed baby in the stroller.

Bellagio elevator areas

Bellagio hallways

We were assigned room 6023 a Resort King room with a view of the Bellagio pools.

Entrance to our room

Walking in the room it was a tad funny that they haven’t changed in the past 4 years as some family stayed here in 2013 and the room was identical. It was exactly the same. I suppose I shouldn’t expect a resort of this size and many rooms to constantly refresh. The room still stands up well and is generally quite nice by Las Vegas standards

Bellagio Resort King room

Bellagio Resort King room

The room is quite colorful due to the wall mural of greens, whites and purples. The bedroom area had a king bed with two chairs off to the side with a table in the middle. There was also a desk in the corner of the room near the window.

Bellagio Resort King room

Bellagio Resort King room

Bellagio floor map

Checking out the bathroom it was quite decent and standard Vegas luxury.  It was also holding up fairly well. The shower the only area with some minor wear. No double sinks but the available counter space counteracts that loss.

Bellagio bathroom

Bellagio shower

There was a tub but we didn’t use it.  The shower had good water pressure and worked as it should. The hotel uses Lanovera bath amenities which were nice but nothing extraordinary.

Bellagio bathroom

Bellagio tub

Bellagio bathroom amenities
Bellagio Resort King entry hallway

The bed was comfy, so much so that our little guy liked to climb up on the ledge of the bed and try to lay with us or play around on the bed.

Bellagio bed detail

Bellagio nightstand

Bellagio room key (we stayed in 6023)

Bellagio room key and resort map

Opposite the bed was the dresser complex with TV and charging station all customer built together.  Our refrigerator was placed next to the dresser.

Refrigerator next to the dresser

Bellagio dresser and TV area

Not long after our complimentary crib was brought up for lil guy. It also came with complimentary Johnson & Johnson branded baby products which I thought was a nice touch.

Bellagio crib

Baby amenities

Crib placement in our room at the Bellagio

There were window controls that opened and closed the drapes and sheers with a touch of a button.

Bellagio window controls

On the other side of those windows was a nice view of the Las Vegas mountains  and the Bellagio pools.

View from our room

Hot air ballon over the mountains in the distance

As normal I did a quick video walk through….




We briefly checked out the pool in passing when looking for a food venue.  The poolside cafe was closed for “low season” which I thought odd.  There appears to be three pools. One was closed on the first day for cleaning.  The largest pool however stayed open for the entirety of our three day stay.

Bellagio pool (closed for cleaning)

Bellagio sun lounging area

On a sunny Thursday there were quite a bit of sun bathers but not many people in the pool.  The temperatures were in the upper 60’s to low 70’s during our visit.  We had anticipated taking baby for a swim but due to weather and schedule we never got around to it.

Pools from our room


The large Bellagio conservatory just off the lobby was decked out in full Chinese New Year decor!  It was quite the site.  They do a good job here in rotating interesting displays throughout the year. The floral designs are great viewing.

2017 is the year of the rooster thus a rooster was on display.

There was also a display board running video of Bellagio Shanghai?  I guess they’re opening a property there?

The conservatory is nice little spot to walk around and is family friendly. Our son enjoyed looking around as much as we did.



The biggest area of disappointment to me in regards to staying at the Bellagio was the food that I had. Now granted we did not try the more fine dining establishments so maybe thats where all the quality is hiding?

Cafe Bellagio

We had lunch here on our first day.  Its quite funny that they make you wait for a table.  They try to make it look like there is a line!  Kind of like a night club to make it look more desirable.  There were plenty of open tables so it was quite silly to make us wait about five minutes but the hostess enjoyed playing with our kid in the meantime.

Our server was a friendly gentleman.  I had the angus burger and onion rings with a Blue Moon beer.  Meh.

Angus burger at Cafe Bellagio

My wife had the egg white omelette.  We got a chicken quesadilla for our son.  Just average food here. Will skip this next time. Fine for a drink and appetizer but too many other choices to eat here again.

Egg white omelette

Cafe Bellagio seating

Todd English’s Olives

Our last meal of the trip was at Olives. Olives is much better atmosphere-wise compared to Cafe Bellagio and our table was nice with a good view of the Bellagio fountains.

Cocktails and olive spread appetizer

Nice view from our table

Our drinks were good and the complimentary olives and olive dip tastes fresh.

My wife’s iced coffee drink and my Woodford Reserve cocktail

My wife’s iced coffee beverage

I had the Chicken Cuban sandwich-just meh.

Chicken cuban sandwich at Olives in the Bellagio

My wife had the burger which was a better choice than mine but still….. ehhh.

Hamburger at Olives in the Bellagio



On the way to my wife’s conference rooms in the resort there is a small cafe/coffee shop of sorts. I am not sure of the official name however we stopped there for a quick breakfast. Note to skip the Irish Coffee here next time.  An Irish Coffee, bowl of mixed berries and yogurt parfait came to over $30!

The Bellagio does have a number of high end establishments with good reputation and I think it may be better to open your wallet a bit and try some of those.  My wife did have dinner at FIX with some colleagues one evening.  However she didn’t mention the food so I have to wonder how good it was.

Lastly I did take the baby to the buffet for lunch one day. He was free (as he should be) and my price was $22-25 range. I couldn’t get the baby to eat much so read that as you like.  The food was perfectly fine but incredibly average.  I guess from a buffet I shouldnt expect too much.  I did leave full after about a plate an a half and a small dessert.  Its actually a much better deal then eating at Cafe Bellagio in my opinion.  I didn’t take pictures of the buffet as I had my hands full with my son (note to self, don’t take a baby to a buffet when your by yourself as every time you get up you have to take him with you) and it was quite crowded.


I did not gamble at all during my trip so I cannot speak much about that experience.  Since I had our son with me most of the time it was almost impossible.  I stopped in the casino next to a garbage can to finish my coffee for about 1-2 minutes so I could throw away my cup when I was done but Bellagio security reminded me to keep it moving with baby in stroller. I also mistakenly thought I could place a quick bet at the sports book with him in the stroller…. WRONG!  They kick me out so fast! HAH. Anyhow, later on when by myself I was able to place a bet on the Packers to win the Super Bowl at 12-1 odds so Im hoping for a big payday next year!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

No points were used for this stay as this was an employer paid business trip.  Rates seemed to start in the $150-$175 range depending on the time of year and can go up substantially depending on view and room type.

Overall the Bellagio is fine option while in Vegas with a good location right smack dap in the middle of the strip convienent to both ends of the strip and the the famous fountain for entertainment in the afternoon/evening.  Tons of eating options in the resort or nearby and all the standard gaming and luxury options one would expect from a “high-end” resort in Vegas.  We would have no problem staying here again on a future trip to Las Vegas.




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