Las Vegas 2017: Bringing Baby to Vegas


Las Vegas 2017 Introduction: Bringing Baby to Vegas
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Las Vegas 2017 Introduction: Bringing Baby to Vegas

My wife had another business trip to attend. This time in Las Vegas! She would be gone three days and two nights.  I admit that I immediately became nervous about how I was going to be able to handle lil guy on my own!?! I could handle the day but the nighttime, what if he got up at (2AM) as he sometimes does and wanted his momma and I couldn’t console him?! I pictured my self up all night frustrated and going into work looking like a zombie. Well we quickly solved that dilemma by tagging along with mom for her trip!!! Whew!! Crisis averted  🙂

Two free nights at the Bellagio and my wife’s airfare paid by her employer I just had to worry about getting me and baby to Vegas and back.  That was easy as she booked her flights on Southwest which has nonstop service to Las Vegas from MKE.  I simply booked my plane ticket (on her flights) using my Southwest Rapid Reward points.

25,501 Rapid Rewards points and $11.20 later my ticket was booked

Our itinerary

I then called Southwest’s customer service phone number to change my companion from my wife to our son.  We could have just ticketed him as a lap child but I decided that for an almost four hour flight it would be best for him to have his own seat at this age and size (for our own sanity). The call took less than five minutes, he was changed to my companion (we received a new companion pass in the mail a few days later), they added him to my reservation for $11.20 (9/11 security fee) and set him up with his own Rapid Reward account.

We took the smaller of our two car seats (both FAA certified) and bought a bag so that I could tote it around a bit easier.  The flight was uneventful, but we are seeing that the baby is miniature version of me (his dad) in that he gets a bit nervous in the plane already!! He is required to have a window seat if sitting in a car seat and was a bit scared when the plane banked upon the climb out.  Mom and I got a little chuckle as he looked away squimishly!

Lil guy in his car seat with his child headphones and favorite bunny at the gate

Lil guy taking a cautious look out the window which a few seconds later turned to fear

After an hour or so in the air it was his nap time and he dozed off for most of the flight. Mom and I occupied ourselves with Southwest’s free live TV on our iDevices.

About halfway there

Folks, let me tell you that hauling a car seat on your back will get you lots of stares. Especially in the case of bringing the damn thing on the plane!! LOL I think people thought I was going to try to put it in the overhead?! LOL.  One guy told my wife, “nice sherpa you have there!”  We checked our carryon’s to have less to deal with but once we grabbed our bags on arrival this is what I looked like……..

Going to Vegas or climbing Everest? You tell me.

We hopped a cab to the Bellagio, where the we enjoyed two nights. This was our first time staying there. In the past we have typically stayed at either the Wynn or Encore (Encore Beach club FTW!).  I will of course have a full review in the next installment so stay tuned for that.

Bellagio exterior

Lil guy and I had lots of time together since mom was busy attending a conference most of the daytime. We did a lot of walking down the strip or through the malls. I had very little time to gamble this trip though I am not a big gambler to begin with. I did have time to put down $120 on the Green Bay Packers to win the 2018 Super Bowl which at 12-1 odds pays out $1440 (or $1560 w/ initial investment)!

Lil guy on the strip


I found two more funny things that my lil guy was scared of and I will touch on those in the future installments.

After two nights our trip was over (2-3 nights is enough Vegas for me) and we headed back home. Overall it was a decent trip although we didn’t see my wife much do to work obligations but me and lil guy had lots of dad/son time.  Next time I think I will take my chances and stay home with lil guy as its quite the production traveling with baby. He is  bigger, more active with a much bigger attitude than our last flight’s to Seattle and the Maldives last September! I give him credit though he is a very good traveler and have yet to have a melt down yet. Everyone always compliments about how good/well behaved he is!




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