Around Seattle

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Around Seattle

Around Seattle

We enjoyed our time in Seattle. One afternoon we visited Kerry Park.  Kerry Park has some amazing views of Seattle!  I wanted to get a few landscape shots of it and just soak it all in.

We only stayed here 15-30 minutes before we summoned an Uber to give us a ride back to our hotel.

I would say for the first time visitor to Seattle that this is a must do on a nice day!

We also had the opportunity to to check out Seattles famous Public Market and Pikes Peak. I went one morning early with my son as all the vendors were setting up and it was very peaceful and neat.

However we went again with my wife later in the day and it was quite busy and hectic.  The line for the original Starbucks store was down the block and the Public Market in general was quite chaotic.

Long line for the first ever Starbucks store (you have to REALLY want a coffee)

They do have tons of seafood options at the market.

I was also impressed how many vendors were selling some very nice floral displays and at very good prices in my opinion.

Near the end of the market there is an area with nice views out to the water.  There were a lot of homeless people in this area!

On an early morning walk with my kid we walked toward the Space Needle but we didn’t end up going inside of it.

Seattle’s Space Needle

One of the oddest “attractions” I have ever seen is Seattle’s “gum wall” in which there is small back alley of sorts that is completely covered in peoples chewing gum. Its quite colorful and unique.  I suppose its a form of art huh?  Anyways be careful and don’t get to close and get gum on your shoe like I did!

We also got to meet up with an old college buddy of mine and his wife while in Seattle which was nice.  We did have a chance to dine at a few decent restaurants while in town which we enjoyed.

Lastly we took a boat ride over to Alki Beach.  We just kinda walked around for a while down near the beach.  Stopped for a drink and enjoyed views of Seattle from across the water.  There were lots of runners, people playing volleyball and some people swimming.

I left Seattle with positive feelings about the city. A very nice, livable city.  It helps that we only had rain the morning we were leaving so we had 2-3 days of really nice weather.  If the chance to visit ever comes up again I will be happy to jump on it!




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