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Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle
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Fairmont Olympic Seattle

We arrived to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel to a busy scene.  Quite a few people arriving for checkins or waiting for rides to leave the property.  We were properly greeted by the bellman after pulling up in our Chevy Tahoe. Our driver and bellman grabbed our bags.

Fairmont Seattle
Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance sign

Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance

Once inside there is a ground level seating area but the actually lobby and checkin desk are upstairs one level. We took the escalator up (there are elevators too of course) and the lobby was teaming with activity of people meeting up or checking or talking with the concierge’s.  After a about a five minute wait we were welcomed to the checkin desk.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel entrance placard

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Ground level lobby seating

Second floor checkin desk and floral arrangement in lobby

Farimont Olympic Seattle Grand lobby

The young woman checking us in was courteous and professional. After only a few moments we were on our way to our room, only the front desk agent forgot to put our room number on the key and we forgot what room she told us we were in verbally.  I stoped back to the desk where she apologized and wrote down the room number, 356 which is a Signature Executive Suite.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle floor layout

We found our room on the third floor quickly.  Upon entrance I thought the room to be quite nice and fairly spacious (450 square feet or so according to the hotel website).  Off to the right is a hallway leading to the bathroom which is just past the closet and mini bar area.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle room entry

The bathroom was nice but a separate tub and shower would have been welcomed. We only give our baby a bath in dedicated tubs.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bathroom

Everything was functional in the bathroom and the shower pressure and temperature were fine. High quality LeLabo bath amenities were found on the sink counter and in the shower. 

LE LABO bathroom amenities at Fairmont Olympic Seattle

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that I thought the towels could have been a tad thicker.  I think they should step up there game in that department.


Fairmont Olympic Seattle bathroom shower

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bathroom shower

Just outside the bathroom is the closet which housed the safe and ironing board and iron.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle closet

The main living area of the room was nice and where we spent most of our time in the room when not sleeping.  It consisted of a couch and chair surrounding a coffee table.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Fairmont Olympic Seattle living room

Also a nice flat screen TV was wall mounted opposite the couch.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle living room

The other side of the room had a desk and the room phone.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle room

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Fairmont living room TV and bedroom door entry

Off of the main living rom was the bedroom which was somewhat small but housed a king bed and two night stands.  The flat screen TV was also wall mounted across from the bed.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bed

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bedroom

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bedroom

There was a sliding door for privacy but we decided to bring in our babies crib next to the bed and there was plenty space for that too.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bedroom

Fairmont Olympic Seattle bedroom

I did notice a large unsightly stain on my side of the bed (of course).  I thought about calling house keeping to have them bring in new sheets but decided I would just let it go for the night and sleep away from it.

Nasty stain on the bed sheet

A nice gesture I thought was a nice amenity kit for our baby that was in his crib. Complete with baby shampoo and soaps and a little stuffed animal.  I don’t often see that in hotels and was appreciated (even though we didn’t end up using it).

Children’s amenities


Wifi in the room was good and there were a power plugs/outlets where needed and expected.

Fairmont Olympic Seattle room key



For our few nights in Seattle we found the hotel to be very comfortable.  The location was nice.  I was able to take the baby out in the stroller in the mornings when my wife was busy with work. We didn’t have to walk far to find points of interest.

We didn’t find ourselves eating very much at the property but I did have breakfast one morning pre-conference and I thought they had a nice spread for attendees to select from.


In summary, we had a very nice stay. Overall this property is a nice luxury hotel in the heart of Seattle. Good, comfortable hard product and nice location with friendly service.  We would certainly enjoy a return visit and would recommend the property for future visitors to Seattle.

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

No points were used for used for this stay.  My spouses employer paid for the stay as it was for work purposes.

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