Emirates Business Class Male (MLE) to Dubai (DXB) B777

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Emirates Business Class Male (MLE) to Dubai B777

While sad to have left the Maldives we were excited to see Dubai.  We only had about 36 hours or so in Dubai to explore.  We boarded through the forward most door on the left and walked past first class to get to our business class seats.

Version 2
My Emirates boarding pass

Boarding our Emirates aircraft

This was our first time ever flying Emirates!

Emirates business class seating on B777

I found it quite interesting that they still have 3 across seating in business class in the middle seats!  I guess thats fine for a family of three but I would hate to be a stranger stuck in the middle seat.

Emirates business class seating on B777

I also found it interesting how empty the business class cabin was.  It was definitely less than 50% full for our flight. 

Our Emirates business class seats

We had the bulkhead row, row 8  which was nice as it allowed a bit more room it appeared. My wife had the window seat and I had the isle and baby was on moms lap as per our standard seating arrangement on airplanes it seems.

Emirates business class cabin

The cabin was nice overall with the light maple wood and gold adorning the cabin.  The flight attendants were dressed nice and were very accommodating to us and the baby although they were not quite as polished and friendly as our Etihad crews in our opinion.

Emirates business class cabin

Emirates business class three across middle seating

Our little guy in my seat

We got settled in and there was plenty of overhead space for our bags. The seat was nice for business class but not anything special these days.  It did have a nice large tablet-like remote control at your disposal to not only control the IFE TV but to display content on the controller if preferred.

Emirates business class seat

Shortly after getting settled in we were offered a beverage, the options being orange juice, apple juice or water.

Welcome pre departure beverages of OJ and apple juice

Our IFE screens on Emirates business class bulkhead seats

IFE screens for the middle seats on Emirates business class

Our Emirates flight stats

Our Emirates flight stats on the air show

Mom nursed baby right as we lined up for takeoff and he took a little nap while I played with the IFE and the flight map at my seat.

One of the remote controls for the business class seats on Emirates

Last views of the Maldives upon climb out of Male on Emirates

We could never get tired of the beautiful Maldivian landscape below from our window views!!  Sadly this was our last look at the Maldives for a while.

Goodbye Maldives

Noise cancelling headphones were passed out along with menu’s for our flight.

Complimentary noise cancelling headphones for the flight

Lets have a peek at the Emirates business class menu

Beverage list

Cocktail menu

Spirits menu

Words from the chef

Breakfast menu on Emirates business class

Both of the remotes available on Emirates business class

Our orders were taken not long after take off and not much longer after that our food was presented.  We again took turns eating while mom pretty much held baby so I fed mom too.

My breakfast-Sri Lankan style fish (I cannot quite recall)

My wife’s breakfast-the spinach and egg white omelette

The food was actually fairly good. Tasted better than it looked. We requested some fruit for the baby to eat and it was delivered after me and mom ate (baby was napping for a while)

Our little guy taking a nap on mom

Little guys meal that we asked for on Emirates business class

A quick visit to the restroom revealed your average run of the mill airplane bathroom although accented with nice BVLGARI amenities.

Restroom on Emirates business class B777

Emirates restroom amenities by BVLGARI

Only after a movie and half way through an Allen Iverson documentary did I realize we were over the desert and getting close to landing!

Views as we get closer to Dubai

For landing I decided to sit on the opposite side of the plane to have a window seat and so I we both got to enjoy nice views of Dubai upon landing!

Views as we turn over Dubai to land

This was a very nice and comfortable flight! Its especially nice to fly a Boeing 777 for a sub four hour flight.  We would both have no problem flying Emirates again from the Maldives and enjoyed our flight overall.

Let me know if any questions or comments! Thanks!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

I will have the breakdown of how we paid for this flight in the last installment of this trip report as it was only the first segment for our upcoming First Class Emirates flight.






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