Leeli Lounge Male Airport

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Leeli Lounge Male Airport

After checking for our Emirates business class flight to Dubai in we were invited to visit the Leeli Lounge at Male airport.

Waiting to checkin on Emirates

I bought a few small souvenirs from one of the shops just outside the Leeli Lounge then we decided to enter.  We were greeted warmly as our boarding passes were checked.

Leeli Lounge entrance

We were one of just 4-5 other passengers in the lounge at the time so we had our choice of seats.  We decided to sit all the way in the back corner next to some windows to be more secluded and try not to disturb anyone with our baby.

Leeli Lounge seating 

There were quite a bit of comfy and plush individual chairs.  There was another section of the lounge (not pictured) that was roped off. I believe due to the limited amount of guests expected they didnt want to open that part of the lounge as well.

Leeli Lounge seating

I wasnt really sure if I was going to do a blog installment on this lounge thus the limited pictures I took (forgive me) but the lounge did have a semi-decent food offering.  There were some warm items (eggs, waffles, etc) and some cold items and fruits.  There was a large glass refrigerator with a good selection of chilled drinks.

Leeli Lounge food

My wife and I had a small snack to share of some pastries. As flight time got closer the lounge attendance picked and more and more people poured in although never feeling crowded.  There was available wifi but we didn’t bother for our short visit so I can’t comment on the speed.  There were a few plugs available for charging around our seats.

All in all a basic lounge with some space to unwind while waiting for your flight.  Nothing out of the ordinary but a bit better than waiting at the gate!




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