Conrad Maldives Arrival Lounge and Trans Maldivian Seaplane

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Conrad Maldives Arrival Lounge and Trans Maldivian Seaplane

After grabbing our bags we left the baggage area and found the arrivals area in which all the resort reps were holding name badges.  I saw the representative holding the Conrad sign and we walked over to let them know we arrived.  They confirmed our names and grabbed our bags for us.  We were then walked over the the Trans Maldivian checkin area.  We gave them our passports and they weighed our bags.  Our larger checked bag was 57lbs but it wasn’t a problem as our overall baggage fell under the limits.

We were given our boarding passes and walked outside where our Conrad branded Toyota minivan awaited.  The driver loaded our bags and we took a comfortable 5 minute ride to the building which housed the Conrad arrivals lounge.

Our ride to the Conrad

Once in the lounge our rep offered us a seat and some juice along with a fresh, cold towel.  They went over some details of our stay and advised our flight should be leaving within the hour as they were waiting for some other guests/passengers to show.

Conrad Maldives Arrival Lounge at Male Airport

My wife and I selected seats by the window so we could see the planes come in.

My wife and baby getting comfortable in the Conrad Maldives Lounge

There was a small spread of food and beverages. Some hot items and some cold. We enjoyed the egg rolls the most.

Small buffet options at the Conrad Maldives Lounge

More complimentary food options at the Conrad Maldives Lounge

The restrooms also had a shower but it wasn’t the most luxurious looking place to take a shower but a nice option nonetheless.

Our snacks

After about an hour and a few more guests showed up we were taken down to the first floor of the building (the Conrad Lounge is on the 2nd floor).  There they sort of hand you off to a boarding area of sorts where the airline double-checks your boarding passes. They also have a safety video playing while you wait.

The docks where we boarded our seaplane

Then the escorted us out to the plane. I was the last to board.  They put all your luggage on for you.  I even gave them my back back with laptop and camera in it this time as space is limited at your seat.

Once onboard it is damn small inside the airplane!!  I immediately felt some anxiety kick in.  We were seated towards the rear but there was another empty row or two behind us.  I would estimate there were 8-10 people and the plane seated 15 maximum if I recall correctly.

Wife and baby ready to go

In the lounge prior to boarding they gave us a little care package to take on the plane which consisted of a small bottled water and some ear plugs.

My wife put the ear plugs in our baby’s ears and we also put on his headphones we brought with him to dull some sounds.  I used my earplugs.

View of the cabin of our seaplane

There were two pilots up front and one other crew member sat in the very back by himself.  He assisted with the luggage and gets out to tie up the plane to the docs once it lands.

We taxied out to some open water and the pilots fired up the engines and the plane got moving fast.  It was hot as heck in the plane prior to the pilots firing up the engines. After a moment or two I got past my anxiety and started to enjoy the views.

Views of Male, the capital city

There were two other couples staying at a different resort and so we had to make a pitstop about 20 minutes into our flight to drop them off.  Then after unloading them we took back off to our resort for about another 10-15 minutes more in the air.

Passing various small resorts on our way

Very scenic views from the seaplane

Stopping at a resort along the way

It was very exciting and relieving to finally arrive at our final destination!  Our baby fell asleep on the plane ride even though it was somewhat loud onboard the humming of the engines knocked him out.

Overall our flights were smooth and pretty non eventful,  I will just say if your tall or big it will be a tight fit on the plane.  I sat on the left side in an individual seat and my wife and baby sat across the isle in the twin seat.

Once off the plane the planes crew and Conrad Maldives crew rounded up our bags and each guest was greeted by a group of employees and introduced to their sort of personal assistant for their stay.

Finally made it to the Conrad Maldives arrival dock

We were offered a seat inside the arrival dock lounge or outside. We chose outside and were offered a refreshing fruit popsicle while we waited for our bags and our buggy to arrive.

The resort handles booking the TMA flights for the guests. The flights cost $560 per person although our baby was free. Its sort of highway robbery but they pretty much operate a monopoly if you want to get to certain resorts you have to pay up.  The cost was simply billed to our room.




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