Etihad Regional Business Class Abu Dhabi to Male

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Etihad Regional Business Class Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Male (MLE)


My wife and I arrived at the airpot bright and early for our 9am Etihad flight to the Maldives.  Service was very impressive even pulling up to the arrivals area.  We were dropped off at the Business Class section of arrivals and an Etihad rep met us at our cab and confirmed we were business class passengers. He grabbed our bags and escorted us inside to the business class checkin area.

We were checked in with no problems and then given instructions to the business class lounge. Shortly after getting through security I noticed the Etihad First Class Lounge and asked the checkin agent if we could use the First Class Lounge as we were connecting from a first class ticket.  She was having difficulty on her computer and advised I could give her our boarding passes from yesterday’s first class flight.  She admitted that would be helpful and shortly after we were admitted.


Etihad Airways First Class Lounge floral arrangement

Once inside we decided to grab some breakfast.  They have a formal eating area where they have some great waitstaff to assist passengers.  Our server was wonderful.  A pleasant gentleman that was very helpful and also loved relating to our baby as he had a little girl at home.

Etihad Airways First Class table setting

We had some views of the tarmac from our seat. We didn’t ask for a high chair and decided to have the baby eat in his travel stroller.

Etihad Airways First Class lounge

Etihad Airways First Class menu

Etihad Airways First Class Lounge menu

I thought it kinda cool that Etihad had a partnership with Emirates Palace for the dinner dining options.

Etihad Airways First Class Lounge menu

We thought it a good idea to change baby’s diaper before breakfast and getting on the plane.  I was tabbed with that duty so I asked which way for the babies changing room.  Amazingly the door was built into the wall and blended right in.  I pushed in the wall and there was the room.

Etihad First Class lounge family bathroom

A very trendy nice looking room to change baby!

Etihad First Class lounge family bathroom

Etihad First Class lounge family bathroom

When baby and I arrived back to our table, our food was ready.  Our server was worried my omelet was going to be cold while I was away and was telling my wife he wanted to make me a fresh one. Once I arrived he offered to bring me another dish but I refused. I ordered the Arabic Omlete, which looked a bit odd but tasted great.

Arabic Omlete

Arabic Omlete

I decided to take a quick stroll around the lounge before we left.  The lounge was smaller than I was anticipating but very nice overall.  The lounge was a bit crowded in some areas and a bit empty in others.

Etihad Lounge seating

I thought it cool the lounge had a spa where you could have a shave or haircut.

dsc05821Etihad Lounge beverage and snacks

After about 45 minutes in the lounge we decided to head to the gate.  The gate agent was calling for anymore passengers for the flight to Male.  We made ourselves known to the rep and we were escorted to the the gate and handed over our boarding passes then were directed onto ……a bus.  blah!  I don’t like getting shuttled to planes.  Luckily this bus ride wasn’t crowded as most passengers must have went on the earlier bus(s).

Shuttle bus to our plane

The cool part is being dropped off on the tarmac and being so close to the planes. We boarded through door 1L via stairs and found our seats. We were pretty much the last passengers to board.

Boarding our Etihad Airbus jet

We were seated in row four, which is the last row in business class. The two seats next to us across the aisle were the only empty seats in business class. So we used those seat to store our pillows when we weren’t using them.

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

The seats were large and spacious for regional business class. The seats were a bit old looking and not state of the art by any means but for a four hour flight it was perfectly comfortable.

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

Our flight attendants came around to introduce themselves and let us know if we need any assistance with the baby.  My wife and I got a kick out of how dolled up the flight attendants were, like they were going to a formal event.

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

Our little bud was full of energy and had much less space then our flights in the Etihad Apartment. So he wanted to look out of the window and play with everything he could get his hands on.

Etihad Airways Regional Business Class

Menu’s and noise cancelling headphones were handed out.

Etihad Airways noise cancelling headphones

The little guy playing with the headphones

Shortly after that and after finishing our welcome beverages (champagne for wife and champagne and water for me) it was time for take off.

Etihad Regional Business Class cabin

I decided to peek through the IFE which was hidden in the arm rest and folded out.  My wife really tried to get me to watch the movie Zootopia.  I tried to ignore her and watch what I wanted but I relented and decided to try it.  Wow! It was a great movie for kids but adults could enjoy it too. Full of funny moments.  I recommend it!

Etihad Regional Business Class IFE

Once above 10,000 ft and before cruising altitude our meals were served.

Etihad Airways Business Class menu

Etihad Airways Business Class menu

Etihad Business Class Menu

I went with the pancakes and my wife the eggs.   Since we had baby on our laps we decided to take turns eating.  I ate first and my wife held the baby.  I gave them a few bites of my food too. The baby also had some fruit if I recall.

Cinnamon Pancakes on Etihad Business Class

It turned out the baby wanted to stay on mom’s lap so I had mom’s meal placed in front of me and I fed mom and baby from my seat.   Both meals were OK.  The eggs were better then the pancakes on this flight.

Eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and has brown


About half way to Male, Maldives

After eating and watching the movie we were nearing the Maldives.  We soon got our first glimpse of Maldivian Islands!!! WOW, amazing views of the Maldives from our plane!

Our first glimpse of the Maldives

Getting excited to land as we see these amazing sandbars

We had a smooth landing into Male and had a bit of a wait for our bags to reach the carousel for some reason but overall a nice way to get to the Maldives!!  Etihad became one of our favorite if not our favorite overall airline.


Let me know if any questions or comments!  Thanks.



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