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Polynesian Cultural Center’s- Ha: Breath of Life Show

Polynesian Cultural Center’s- Ha: Breath of Life Show

My wife and I wanted to book tickets for a Luau while on O’ahu.  We asked our the concierge at our hotel what they recommend.  They gave a few options and we selected the luau at the Polynesian Cultural center.  We did get a call from another concierge at our hotel to tell us about the best ones on the island but those were over $150 per person for “VIP tickets” with ocean views in the background.  Our tickets costed about $80 per person.

We had a decent ride back up towards the North Shore side of the island.  We finally arrived after about an hour.  The parking lot was fairly full but we were lucky enough to find a spot up front. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a place where you could spend a few hours learning about the Polynesian Islands prior to the luau but we were tired and procrastinated and left just enough time to eat and see the show.

Polynesian Cultural Center entrance
Polynesian Cultural Center

After getting our tickets through the will call line we walked through the center taking in some of the exhibits from the main walkway.  We watched some elementary school kids perform a concert before it started raining a bit.  We decided to try and find were we should actually go to eat and get our seats.  Interestingly and surprisingly to us- we ate in an entirely separate dining hall prior to the luau.  We were a bit puzzled and expected to eat and see the performance in the same spot.  We actually made it just in time as the dining hall was closing in 15 minutes!!  My wife grabbed a plate from the buffet for us to split.

Polneysian Cultural Center dining hall

Polynesian Cultural Center dining hall

Some fish, chicken, beef, potatoes and a dessert

After scarfing down our meal we then walked over to the main theatre.  We had the cheapest seats you could get in the back section on the side of the theatre.  Personally, I wouldn’t pay the premiums for closer seats. The view was fine from our seats.  Please note they prefer you leave your stroller and car seats unattended out in the hall way prior to entering the interior of the theatre.  Since there were many empty seats we ended up bringing in our car seat in case our baby wanted to sleep.

View from our seats

Prior to the show they make announcements in English and Japanese. One of the announcements is “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”.  And they are serious. Once the show started if the ushers noticed any light or cellphone on they would run over to the person and tell them to turn off their cell phones.

This is NOT a traditional Hawaiian luau but more like a Broadway musical or play. Which isn’t bad but we were not prepared for it.  The sound system is loud. We initially thought it might be too loud for our baby but he ended up loving it. The performance was pretty entertaining and lasted about 2.5 hours with an intermission in the middle.

Nearing the very end of the show

Overall we enjoyed the show although not the traditional Hawaiian Luau.




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