Hotel Review: JW Marriott Cherry Creek


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Hotel Review: JW Marriott Cherry Creek


JW Marriott Cherry Creek

My wife and I stayed three nights at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek. The location in Cherry Creek is convenient for my wife’s work schedule and that is the primary reason we stayed here. This is a solid 4 star property in my eyes and we had an enjoyable stay although the properties guest rooms could use a modest refresh.

DSC03075JW Marriott Cherry Creek entrance

We were dropped off in front of the property and were offered assistance with our bags by the bellman.  We had our baby’s convertible stroller/car seat, one large suitcase and a roll aboard luggage.

I thought the lobby and checkin area was nice, warm and welcoming.  The lobby was decorated with some Christmas decorations.  There is a nice fireplace towards the back of the lobby.  They also had some complimentary seasonal beverages in the lobby area.

JW Marriott Cherry Creek lobby

JW Marriott Cherry Creek lobby area

JW Marriott Cherry Creek lobby entrance

We had to wait just a moment or two for a front desk agent to finish assisting another guest and we were helped courteously and professionally.  We asked for a crib to be brought up to our room as well. After confirming my wife’s Marriott Rewards number was indeed on the reservation we grabbed our room keys and were on our way to our 5th floor  superior room.

Version 2
JW Marriott Cherry Creek front desk

JW Marriott Cherry Creek elevator waiting area

JW Marriott Cherry Creek hallway

While walking down the hallway on the way to our room I noticed how dirty the bottom of some of the doors were.  A fresh coat of paint could certainly help the exterior of some of the doors.  Otherwise the common spaces were nice and clean and welcoming.


We were assigned a deluxe room #507 which was perfectly adequate for the three of us.  The room was bright and airy and fairly spacious. The bathroom was nice and large and perhaps the highlight of the room.  I always appreciate a separate tub and shower in case a bath is needed for the little guy.  There were not dual sink/vanities in our room but that is rarely an issue for us requiring that feature.  Water pressure was good and what could typically be described as a positive the hot water got really hot and fast!  A few times I burned my hands as the water was scalding.

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bathroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bathroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bathroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bathroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bathroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek shower

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bath amenities

The bed was large and comfy but the sheets were just a bit more “rough” than I typically experience in upscale hotels.  However the sheets didn’t prevent me from having a comfortable and restful nights sleep.

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bedroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek room entry

JW Marriott Cherry Creek minibar area

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bedroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bedroom

Our room featured distant views of the rocky mountains and nearer views of surrounding Cherry Creek businesses and apartments.

View from our room

The room was large enough for a good sized baby crib to be set next to the bed.  The TV had plenty of channel options and there was a nice sized desk which welcomed both our Macbook Pro’s and and iPad.  The rooms complimentary wifi was perfectly fine for all of our uses however if you wanted to download a movie or hold a conference call you may want to upgrade to the $9.99 “high speed” version.

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bedroom

JW Marriott Cherry Creek bedroom

Room temperature and controls worked great and there were no maintenance issues or issues otherwise.  My request for two dental kits was the fastest response of any hotel yet and the dental kits were delivered in under 2 minutes! Overall hotel staff interactions were positive and service was good throughout the hotel.

JW Marriott Cherry creek crib

JW Marriott Cherry Creek room keys


A full walk through of our room below:

The morning of checkout I called to request a late checkout as we had a 5pm flight and planed to leave the hotel around 2:30pm.  When I called to request I got some pushback initially saying they could not accommodate that as the hotel was near full and they could do 1pm only.  I advised that we have a later flight and a baby.  Baby was the magic word and he immediately backed down and said 2:30pm is fine.



We spent quite a bit of time at Second Home which is the in-house restaurant at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek.  We enjoyed breakfast there on three mornings and also enjoyed a few cocktails one evening.  We found the brunch menu on the weekends to be very enticing and we enjoyed our breakfast choices.  The normal Monday through Friday menu is more limited with a few options not available during the week.

Second Home bar

Second Home bar

On the weekends you may even need to secure a reservation to get a table as it gets very busy. On Sunday we actually had to eat at the bar area as it was full in the main seating area.  The atmosphere of the main dining area is nice and our servers for each meal did a nice job. The bar area is a nice low key spot to enjoy a beverage. They serve a nice selection of specialty cocktails at the bar.

Second Home seating area

Weekend brunch menu

Each and every meal I ordered I would recommend and love to eat again.  I am a sucker for chicken and waffles and that was a great dish. My wife thought the biscuits in her biscuits and gravy dish were a bit dry but they do have a good gravy at 2nd home.

Chicken and waffles

Frittata and potatoes


DSC03087Biscuits and gravy

Breakfast burrito and chai latte

Breakfast burrito

Waffles with fruit

On our final evening at the JW Marriott five of us hung out for 1-2 hours and enjoyed some cocktails at the lounge seating in the bar.  I enjoyed two “Georgia Peach” cocktails land my wife had some mocktails while others enjoyed some Colorado craft beer.



One morning I decided to get in some cardio and light weights at the properties fitness center.  There were two others using some cardio equipment when I arrived.  The fitness center is a bit sparse but has most things needed to get a decent workout in.  I did not like that there were no complimentary bottled waters in the gym.  Instead there were little cardboard cones that could be filled with water from the water cooler.  What if I wanted water to drink while on a machine??? Stop being cheap and put some bottles of water in the gym.

JW Marriott fitness center

JW Marriott fitness center

JW Marriott fitness center


PointsPinnacle Breakdown

We did not redeem any points for this hotel stay. The hotel was paid by my wife’s employer for two nights and we paid for the first night.  However due to Marriott’s “Mega Bonus” promotion going on during our stay (registration required) we earned over 22,000 Marriott points for this stay!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.59.17 PM
Mega Bonus confirmation

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.00.20 PM
Lot of points earned on this three night stay

If you wanted to redeem points this property requires 40,000 Marriott points per night (at the time of this writing December 2015).

In my eyes this is nice 4-star property in a nice community of Denver which is convenient to business and leisure destinations alike. We would enjoy staying here again base on location and would recommend it.  I would like to try the Ritz-Carlton the next time we find ourselves in Denver as we have tried the Four Seasons on a prior stay.



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