Trip Report: Denver 2015 Introduction


Denver 2015 Introduction
Hotel Review: JW Marriott Cherry Creek


Denver 2015 Introduction

The Cherry Creek Mall Christmas Tree

My wife had yet another business trip to attend and I still had plenty of vacation days to burn so the baby and I decided to accompany her to Denver.  While business meetings were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday we decided to fly in a few days early on the Saturday before to see some family that lives in Denver and southern Colorado.

My wife booked her flight on Southwest through her employer’s travel department (employer paid flight) and I matched her itinerary by booking my flight on Southwest using some (11,448) rapid rewards points.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.59.18 PM
Flight itinerary

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.59.35 PM
Southwest points redemption email

We now have the domestic travel routine down with our infant baby and travel through Milwaukee’s Mitchell International airport was a breeze for our early morning departure. Baby slept through most of the flight and while our plane was not wifi equipped my wife and I managed to busy ourselves for the 2 hour flight to Denver.  The flight was about 70% full so we blockaded the middle seat and used that for baby to sleep between us.

We Uber’d from DIA (Denver International Airport) to our hotel in Cherry Creek.  The car absolutely reeked of the drivers halitosis. The car was an older Chevy Impala and was a bit tight for the three of us considering the baby was in his carseat.  We made due and $38 later arrived at our hotel (review to follow in my next post).

My wife and I (sometimes just I) got to eat at quite a few Cherry Creek area eateries during our three night stay. Some of the restaurants that we checked off the list included:

Harman’s Eat and Drink

We had a late brunch at Harman’s on a Sunday afternoon during the Bronco’s game and while not many TV’s to watch the game we were all glad we came here!  Really good high quality menu here and there were 5 adults at our table and we all loved our meals! Everyone was impressed and we had a nice leisurely lunch at Harman’s.

Turkey Confit at Harmans

I went with the turkey confit which was an off menu special that week and my wife went with the roasted root veggie hash. We found our waitress to be very friendly and she did a great job with our table providing a nice level of service.

Roasted root veggie hash

My wife and I also decided to split the pumpkin bread pudding for dessert!  Scrumptious!

Pumpkin bread pudding at Harmans

Harmans exterior


Hapa Sushi Grill

On a Monday afternoon walk with my infant son I decided to stop in for sushi at Hapa which was recommended by a family member.  I was told I should have the multiple orgasm roll so I did.  The establishment was practically empty when I arrived and I had a nice quiet corner table for me and the baby.  I found my meal to be good but be warned its a “heavy” version of sushi as its tempura battered and quite thick.

Multiple orgasm roll

Multiple orgasm roll


Duffys Cherry Cricket

My wife and I stopped in for burgers at Cherry Cricket one evening. My wife had eaten there in the past on a prior visit and said the burgers were good.  She had the cricket burger and I had the burger of the week which was a nacho burger I believe. The burgers were good and the atmosphere lively as we visited on a Saturday with lots of important college football games being shown on the TV’s there.

Cherry Cricket exterior

Nacho burger

Nacho burger


Marg’s World Taco Bistro

Lastly I decided to sneak out one last time while my wife was attending a work dinner and I tried Marg’s World Taco Bistro.  I was in a hurry this time as my son was wide awake and I knew would be getting fussy sitting in his stroller not moving after a while. I told the server to provide my bill right after I ordered so I could have it settled in case I needed to leave immediately.

I had a two taco combination order and a house margarita.  The taco’s were on the small side but flavorful.  I had the Korean beef and Japanese tacos and they were good.  The beans, rice and margarita though I thought were mediocre.  I would not eat here again next time in Cherry Creek because there are better options in my opinion.

Taco’s at Marg’s


Denver Biscuit Company

On the morning of our departure I decided I would take the baby for a walk.  A 37 minute walk to the nearest Denver Biscuit Company!  I plotted the course on the Google maps app on my iPhone and we were off.  The baby slept the entire walk and I got to see some interesting areas and neighborhoods of Cherry Creek.

As soon as we got there my son woke up (great!) but we were seated right away by the nice hostess who took a liking to my little guy.  I wanted to try this place as it was rated #10 on Tripadvisor for restaurants in Denver and it was on the food network too!

I asked my waitress whats the most popular or what she could recommend. She said “The Sherman” and “The Franklin” are what most people go for.   I went with the Franklin. I found the sandwich really good! It consisted of fried chicken, bacon, cheese, gravy and capped by there signature biscuits.  While I enjoyed the sandwich I thought it was hard to really taste the biscuit. Actually I think Popeyes has better biscuits LOL!   I would definitely return here to try some of there other dishes.   I did however grab a sweet roll to go so that my wife could have something sweet when she got back to the room from her her work meetings.

The Franklin

Sweet roll 

All of our other meals and cocktails were had at our hotel which will be detailed in the next installment!  Overall we had a nice time in Denver. We got to see some family, my wife was able to be productive at work and the baby and I got to see a lot of Cherry Creek North! My wife even got a new winter coat at the Cherry Creek Mall Macy’s!  Stay tuned for the JW Marriott Cherry Creek review.




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