Goodbye Target REDcard

The end has come for my beloved prepaid Target REDcard AKA REDbird.  Target has stopped excepting credit and debit cards altogether for loading the REDcard. You now can only reload the card with cash. For the past 12 months I used this card to earn thousands of frequent flyer miles and points.  Anyone that reads this blog is aware of my REDbird usage.  I wrote about it originally here and more recently here.  I was never sure how long the REDbird would last in the mileage earning form we knew and loved.  I thought it might run a little longer after they no longer accepted direct credit card loads and it did indeed run another five months from that point.  I didnt even mind paying the $4.95 fees to buy some gift cards and meet my minimum spends or run up my Starwood balance.

All good things come to an end is what I I said when I was first heartbroken with Vanilla reloads and pronounced its death in 2014.  Well it rings true with the REDbird card.  I will miss it for a while and the next thing will come along to grab my attention.  I know many are going back to AMEX Serve and AMEX Bluebird but I’m not sure I have it in me to visit the ghetto Walmarts closest to my home and work anymore. On a side note-  I am not happy about it but we are now on the hook for a monthly daycare that costs over $1300 a month.  One of the positives is that I can pay my child’s “tuition” with a credit card for a very small fee.  That will certainly help with making any minimum spends.  If I can find some $500 metabank gift cards easily enough I think I will be in good shape and would try screwing around with a new Serve card as a fall back.

We have a fair share of miles built up at this point.  Enough to take several vacations with either cheap airfare or cheap hotel stays or both.  There are a few mileage balance accounts that I would like to top up for certain aspiration redemptions but that’s about it.

It was fun while it lasted.  I will miss all the nice Target employees who bonded with me at the customer service counter! Thanks for servicing all my reloads!

What are your plans now that REDcard has “kicked the bucket”?




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