Trip Report: Chicago (Part 2) Omni Hotel Chicago


Chicago (Part 1) Introduction- A baby on a business trip!
Chicago (Part 2) Omni Hotel Chicago

Omni Hotel Chicago

We stayed two nights at the Omni Hotel Chicago.  The Omni participates in the GHA (Global Hotel Alliance) loyalty program. The property is a “luxury” property right in the middle of downtown Chicago on the Miracle Mile of Michigan Ave.

Omni Hotel exterior

We were welcomed by the valet/bellman on arrival and although we had a decent amount of luggage (because of baby) I declined assistance.  We were given our valet slip and escorted to the elevators on the ground level and told on the second level is the reception desk.

Omni Hotel lobby area

We were checked in by a nice front desk agent who was quick and efficient.  We were given our room keys and on our way to the elevators to our room on the 10th floor.

Our room key

Our room was only two rooms away from the elevators but we never experienced any noise from the elevator or other guests.


Our room, a deluxe suite was around 400 square feet and was plenty spacious.  There was a queen bed in the bedroom and a separate living area. Both had flat screen tv’s mounted on the walls.  The living room area consisted of a medium size couch which appeared to be a “pull out” sleeper sofa, a desk for working and a wet bar.  Our bed was comfortable and the room was clean throughout.

Omni Hotel room entryway

Omni Hotel living room


Omni Hotel Chicago living room

Omni Hotel Chicago living room

Omni Hotel Chicago bar area

Omni Hotel Chicago floor plan

Omni Hotel Chicago minibar snacks

The bathroom was in good condition and totally functional. It consisted of a shower/tub combo and was flanked by the toilet.  The sink and vanity area where just a few steps away.  The bathroom is connected by both the living and bedroom areas.  Thus a guest will need to close two doors if wanting to use the bathroom in total privacy.  I would prefer to see a separate water closet area for the toilet but this works as well.  The water pressure was decent but I was wishing for harder pressure. We called for a toothbrush and toothpaste and it was delivered very quickly! Perhaps the quickest delivery at a hotel in recent memory.

Omni Hotel Chicago bathroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bathroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bathroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bathroom

Omni Hotel Chicago

Omni Hotel Chicago bathroom

The bedroom continued the navy blue theme with splashes of orange. I though the room was decorated nicely.  My wife and I agreed the closet was strange as the clothes bar was set to low to hang a dress or my pants unless you don’t mind your clothes dragging on the ground of the closet.  There were several drawers below the flat screen tv which was plenty of storage for a longer trip.

Omni Hotel Chicago bedroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bedroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bedroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bedroom

Omni Hotel Chicago bedroom closet


Walk through video of our room below:

The morning our our departure I did ask for a late checkout as the standard check out is 12pm noon (checkin is 3pm) and I initially requested a 2pm checkout and the front desk agent immideatly replied “No we can’t do that”.  Okay……. no counteroffer or no effort to meet in the middle??? I then asked “what can you give me 30 minutes or an hour or what?”  He said he could do a 1pm checkout.  Okay then just offer that in the beginning don’t make me fish for the acceptable time to checkout.  My wife’s work meetings went to 12:30pm so we had time to pack up and feed the baby before heading down to pick up our car.  One tip and its mentioned on the valet slip, make sure to call ahead for your car about 20 minutes before you need it!  It takes a long time to bring your car around so be warned.

I did request concierge assistance for dinner on Thursday evening.  I asked him for a recommendation that was within a 10 minute walk from the Omni and had decent food.  We did not care what type of food. He gave us three options but we went with Rosebud’s on Rush as it was only a block away and he was able to call up and get us a reservation for 6pm.

Checkout went well and my wife got her folio for reimbursement and we were on our way down to the ground level. The valet and bellman helped load up our car and after a quick $5 handoff/tip we were in our car and on our way back to Wisconsin.


The property does offer an indoor pool and rooftop sundeck but I didn’t get the chance to check them out due to the cool weather and attending to the baby.  There is also a fitness center open 5:30am to 10:30pm but its only 700 square feet which is a bit on the small size, again I didn’t personally view the fitness center.

Food and Beverage

Since I was a sort of hostage in the room looking after baby and my wife had her breakfast provided for her I was on my own for breakfast.  I decided on both mornings to order room service around 10am.  Breakfast is served 6:30am-11am everyday.  On my first morning I couldn’t decide between the banana bread pancakes or the the eggs so I decided to have both 🙂    The breakfast was promised to be delivered within 30 minutes and they succeeded on there promised arrival time both mornings.

The breakfast was excellent.  I enjoyed the pancakes and the bacon was deliciously made, crisp on the edges and perfect in the middle. The breakfast was on the pricey side but that is to be expected at most luxury properties in a major metropolitan area, all in this ran around $40 with tax and gratuity included.

Banana bread pancakes

Scrambled eggs and bacon

Breakfast setting

Banana bread pancakes

Eggs and bacon

Small sample of the breakfast menu

The next morning I went with the strip steak and eggs. The meal was excellent and I recommend it!! Really well made piece of meat for breakfast and perfectly made scrambled eggs. I also had some rye bread toast and Indian spiced tea to wash it all down.  This breakfast was around $35 all in.

Breakfast setting

Breakfast setting

Strip steak and eggs

My wife did bring up some box lunches from her work event before we we checked out. Which consisted of either a sandwich or a wrap and chips, water and a small chocolate and raspberry desert.

Event box lunch

Event box lunch


PointsPinnacle Breakdown

No points were redeemed for this two night stay. Since this was a business trip for my wife the room was paid by her employer.  We could have earned some stay credit for the GHA program but its just not worth it. The program allows you to redeem for “local experiences”  which sounds good in theory but the top level Black status gets you best bet a $100 dinner at most and usually less. I didn’t bother opening a GHA account for her although I have one.

Overall this property is in a great location and has an excellent amount of space for the standard room.  All rooms are suites and the additional space comes in handy when there are three people in the room. We would have no issues staying here again and we enjoyed our stay ultimately.  It is not my favorite hotel while in Chicago but it is certainly a worthy property and should be considered if the price is competitive. I think this is a great option for families! Our base level deluxe suite, corner suite, premium suite, or executive suite are all going to provide proper and adequate space for an enjoyable stay.

Please let me know if there are any questions on things I may have not covered or if you have stayed at the Omni Chicago what were your thoughts?





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