Trip Report: Chicago (Introduction) Baby on a Business Trip!


Chicago (Part 1) Introduction- A baby on a business trip!
Chicago (Part 2) Omni Hotel Chicago

My wife is back to work, after only eight weeks at home with the baby her maternity leave has ended, unfortunately.  On her first week back to the office she needed to attend a conference in Chicago for two nights and couldn’t bear the thought of being away from the baby for a few days.  She could have taken the Amtrak train from Milwaukee to Chicago and back to come home after the meetings had ended around 5pm but that would have made for long days. Instead we decided as a family to drive down together and we would all stay with mom for her conference!

I would be Mr. Mom while on this trip! I am now off of work for a few weeks as my paternity leave has started. We packed up two large diaper bags for the baby and had his stroller/car seat combo along with his pack and play seat to sleep in.  My wife and I just shared a carryon bag. It would also be a chance to visit a new hotel for free as my wife’s work was paying the bill for the two night stay. The conference was held at the Omni hotel and I will of course have a full review in the next installment of this report.

I didn’t have a chance to do much for the time in Chicago as I was busy tending to the baby and he did great by the way.  It was windy and cool while we were in the windy city (high 50’s) so I didn’t want to really bundle the baby up and walk around the city without my wife for assistance if needed.  We did have a chance to go out for dinner as a family on Thursday night as we walked a block over to Rosebud’s Italian restaurant.  The big deal was my wife had her first alcoholic beverage in almost a year and we cheers’d over a glass of wine!

Rosebud exterior

My wife’s first drink in almost a year!!!!

Jumbo stuffed mushrooms at Rosebud’s

This will be a super-quick trip report but I wanted to review the hotel and share that the baby’s first state traveled to was Illinois! Stay tuned for my review of the Omni Hotel Chicago in the next installment.




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