Ideas for burning 100,000 Starwood points!?

Earning my Starwood points

I am approaching a 100,000 Starwood point balance in my SPG account finally.  I love to earn and burn Starwood points above all.  They are very flexible and usable.  They are valuable for both high end hotel stays and can be transferred to airline programs for high end premium cabins.

Earlier this year my wife and I both signed up again for the SPG AMEX card (business version).  This is the 2nd time that we have held the card.  The sign up bonus earlier this year netted us 25,000 SPG points each plus 5,000 more points each per the spending hurdle. I also earned 5,000 more Starwood points for referring a friend the card.  In total we had obtained about 65,000 Starwood points from the sign up bonuses and the referral.

I also earn many points from spending with the card.  Normal spend mixed with my Redbird spend quickly adds another 5,000-10,000 points a month if not more depending on my schedule.

Lastly we earned several thousand points by actually paying to stay in Starwood hotels. We have paid for stays in the past at hotels like the St. Regis Bangkok in 2014 and The Naka Island in 2014. So as we approach 100,000 points I ask my self, “how do I want to spend these points?”

Spending my Starwood points

The fun part is actually spending the points!  In the past we have spent our Starwood points on great hotel stays, such as: Continue reading

Receiving our Club Carlson Free night certificates from US Bank


I heard through the interwebs that US Bank was handing out free night E-certificates for SOME of its Club Carlson US Bank credit card holders.  I waited and waited and my wife and I were both left out in the cold for this offer! We both have the credit card and in fact I have both the business and personal versions of the credit card.   I read this MilestoMemories post about how he sent US Bank a secure message online.  I decided to follow in his footsepteps and send my own message. One for my account and one for my wife’s account!

My email read as follows:

“Hello many of my family and friends that have the US Bank Club Carlson credit card were offered a Club Carlson free night certificates recently. I wanted to know why I didn’t receive that same benefit?? I would love to have the same same offer since I have the same identical card product. Can you assist me in getting the Club Carlson free night certificate please? Thank you so very much!”

I then received a reply from us bank:

“Thank you for contacting U.S. Bancorp Service Center, Inc. via our Website.

We have referred your inquiry to the Office of the President to ensure that we answer your concerns appropriately. An Office of the President Specialist will send a response in writing within fifteen calendar days of the date of your email correspondence.

Please contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Have a nice day. ”

I then totally forgot about this issue but about two weeks later my wife and I received letters in the mail from US Bank notifying us that we indeed do qualify for the Club Carlson free night certificates! Yipee!

The letter read as follows:

Letter from US Bank

So we will be getting our free night E-certificate in 6-8 weeks!! Nice!  Only 10 minutes of effort could save us $500 or more if we end up using these to their full benefit.  If you have the US Bank Club Carlson credit card and haven’t been notified that you will receive a free night certificate to be used at any property world wide you may want to get on it!



I Re-qualified for SPG Gold again!


I received an email from Starwood Preferred Guest recently notifying me that I had re-qualified for SPG Gold status again.  I didnt’ have enough hotel stays and nights this year with Starwood so I know it wasn’t via staying at SPG properties. I did however re-qualifiy because I spent $30,000 on my Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 3.07.14 PM
My Gold SPG member renewal email from Starwood

What does Gold status get me you may ask?

  • Earn three Starpoints for every US dollar spent on eligible stays-a 50% bonus over a normal member
  • 4 PM late checkout subject to availability
  • An upgrade to an enhanced room at check-in
  • Choice of welcome gift upon arrival-I can choose from bonus Starpoints, complimentary premium in-room internet or a beverage on Starwood

Some people may frown on only being a Starwood Gold member but it’s certainly better than no status and for people that don’t travel for work its very hard to accumulate enough stays or nights for their highest tier Platinum status.

I was primarily able to spend $30,000 due to generating spend through my Target RedCard!  In fact one month earlier this year I spent $15,000 with my RedCard(s) fee free when I didn’t have any minimum spends to complete on new cards. I love generating Starwood points and staying in high end Starwood properties!