Baby has arrived and First Trip is Booked!!!


First of all let me apologize for my long absence on the blog.  It has been over a month since my last blog post BUT for good reason!  My wife and I had a wonderful baby boy recently so as you can imagine the pointspinnacle household has been busy!

I have still been keeping up to date in the miles and points world and accumulating miles along the way but the baby has us busy.  I have been wondering what might be a good time to take baby’s first trip.  I initially thought we would stop all travel through 2015 to let the baby get bigger and stronger.  Our last trip was back in April when we went to Japan! Its been 4 months now since our last vacation and while I recently took some time off to spend with baby we were indeed homebound for that time off.

Turns out my wife has a business trip in October and she can bring me along as a guest.  She is not ready to take the trip without bringing baby so it looks like all of us are going with her on her business trip in October.  This will be a good “practice run” for traveling with baby PointsP as its a domestic trip, direct flight and only a 2 hour flight.  We will need to rent a car and bring our car seat for baby and of course pack a bag for baby but this is only a 4 night trip so it shouldn’t get too long for us or baby.  The trip/conference is at a luxury hotel in the “South” so maybe we will have some time to get pampered.  I will of course put up a trip report when the trip is completed.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out and I am starting to get antsy to take another trip and explore.  I hope our baby has the “travel spirit” like his mom and I.  I have tentatively booked some rooms for 2016 but no flights booked yet, in my mind I am dreaming of London and Maldives!  We will need to have some baby sitters lined up if we make it to the Maldives as I would like at least 7 days there! We shall see how things shake out and if any of our travel budget gets swallowed up by pricey daycare options!!!