Trip Report: Japan 2015 (Part 11) Japan Airlines First Class Lounge


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Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Narita Airport

Sad to say goodbye to Japan but happy to go home and sleep in my own bed, we made our way to Narita airport which is a long train ride from Tokyo.  It took about 40 minutes to arrive at the terminal.

Japan Airlines First Class Checkin

We found the JAL checkin desks and made our way over to the first class counter where we received our boarding passes. Checkin was very smooth and professional. The counter person asked if we would like an escort to the first class lounge and we hesitated a bit and decided “why not?”.

Japan Airlines First Class checkin counter at Narita Airport

We followed our JAL rep to the JAL fast track security lane where our bags were checked and we went through the the checkpoint super easy.  Our JAL rep asked to take our carryon bags while we waited in the immigration line.  After about 15 minutes in immigration we made it through and our lovely JAL rep was waiting on the other side with our bags. I asked to take my bag back as I feel like a real chump having a lady toting my bag for me but she refused and said “its no problem, its OK”.

Japan Airlines Fast Security Line

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge/Sakura Lounge Narita Airport

So I let her proceed just a short distance to the Japan Airlines Sakura/first class lounge. She was immediately met by another JAL lounge worker and she grabbed the other carryon and told us that the lounge was overly crowded and recommended we go over to the satellite first class lounge just a short distance and up an escalator.

Japan Airlines staffer toting our luggage to the lounge for us

Entering the JAL First Class Lounge

Upon entering we were greeted and left alone and just a short moment later presented with a hot towelette.  We put our bags down and took a seat for a moment.

Warm towelette

I decided to look around and get a feel for the lounge.  The lounge was large and comfortable with a good amount of seating.  Another positive was that the lounge wasn’t too crowded. There were maybe 10 others in the lounge with us but we were all spread out and had our own space.

JAL First Class Lounge seating

JAL First Class lounge seating



There were a few TV’s and a few racks of reading materials throughout the lounge.  There were locker areas and another area for guests that needed to talk on the cell phone in private rooms.

JAL First Class private phone rooms

JAL First Class locker area

There was also quite a bit of food and beverage offerings. The lounge has a separate dining area and there is no food allowed in the normal lounge area. We left our bags at our seats and went over to the dining area to try the food.

DSC01813JAL First Class lounge beverages

JAL First Class lounge beverages

JAL First Class lounge beverages

JAL First Class lounge seating

JAL First Class lounge food options

JAL First Class lounge food options

JAL First Class lounge food options

JAL First Class lounge food offerings

JAL First Class food offerings

JAL First Class lounge food offerings

My wife and I tried some of the food offerings via the buffet they had setup. I didn’t notice any menus so I don’t think there is an A La Carte menu but the buffet options were sufficient and quite good.  We both had some really good soup and enjoyed it!

My plate at the JAL First Class lounge


JAL First Class lounge dining room

JAL First Class lounge seating

Ater our mini-meal in the dining area I walked over to the other side of the lounge where there was a business center with a few PC’s set up. There was also a massage chair or two and tons more seating.

JAL First Class lounge business center

JAL First Class lounge

We had about one hour in the lounge before I decided we better go to our gate for boarding.  Overall a very enjoyable lounge with tons of space and decent food options along with available wifi and and great service make this an enjoyable lounge in our view. The checkin service and escort to the lounge was really great and an extraordinary experience in my flying experience.




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