Trip Report: Japan 2015 (Part 9) Fujigoko Sakura Viewing


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Fujigoko Sakura viewing

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I woke up early one morning and for the first time in 3-4 days I felt good! I could breathe decent and had some energy. I checked the sakura forecasts and saw that the Fujigoko area was in full bloom.  I really wanted to check this area out prior to our trip and wasn’t sure if it was going to happen.  I plotted the trip on Google Maps on my phone and did a bunch of screen captures so we wouldn’t get lost.  I woke my wife up around 4am and told her that I wanted to catch the first train out to see the cherry blossoms around Mt. Fuji.  The forecasted journey  was to be about 2 hours and 45 minutes via subway and train. We caught the fist train from Shinagawa Station and it was scheduled to leave at  5:33am and the subway system was amazingly empty!!!! Couldn’t imagine it being so empty in Tokyo but it was for the first hour or so then it quickly started to get crowded as normal. Our end destination was Shimoyashida Station and the Arakurayama Sengen Park was a 10 minute walk from there.  I wanted to get here as early as possible as I heard recently they were shooting a TV show a few days prior and that Sakura bus tours were now stopping here. I wanted to try to beat as much of the crowd as possible.

DSC01560 DSC01561

It turned out to be a glorious Saturday morning in Japan!  Beautiful weather and some nice scenery on the train ride out made the journey enjoyable.  There are signs from the train station directing visitors the the park.  It was also easy just to follow the rest of the people as that was were most people were headed and most people had big DSLR cameras too.

DSC01562 DSC01563
Entrance to the park

There are over 400 steps to reach the top of the park although there are many resting areas in between.  If you have bad knees or are out of shape this could be quite the chore!

DSC01564 DSC01565 DSC01566 DSC01567 DSC01569 DSC01578
Views of Mt. Fuji from the steps

DSC01579 DSC01580 DSC01584 DSC01586
Many more steps await



Beautiful scenery all around 🙂


Lovely full bloom cherry blossoms

Many photographers out and about early

The Pagoda

DSC01617 DSC01619 DSC01626
Many photographers on this ledge which is where you get the perfect photo

DSC01627 DSC01629


Views of the town below from the park

The shot so many photographers come to get!

Once we got up toward the top on the ledge there were many photographers but everyone was friendly and got there photos and got out of the way or at least moved positions as to not hog the views.  This is a great spot for photos as it blends in prototypical Japanese elements all in one shot: Mt. Fuji, Cherry blossoms, and a Pagoda/Shrine.


DSC01640 DSC01641 DSC01643

There were a couple older Japanese men that were happy to take our photos and actually did a decent job!! They would monkey with the settings or move around to try to get a decent shot which we appreciated. So often you go on vacation and ask for someone to take a photo and it turns out horrible but not this time.


DSC01661 DSC01668 DSC01684 DSC01693
The dog posing for pictures! LOL

DSC01695 DSC01697 DSC01704
Mt. Fuji through the cherry blossoms

Panoramica of the valley and Mt. Fuji

DSC01717 DSC01737
Wife holding baby

DSC01741 DSC01749 DSC01750
Views from down near the train station in Shimoyoshida

We then stopped for quick bit to eat at a small cafe next to the train station after our visit to the park.


I was glad I felt good enough to go out and see the lovely cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji!  This turned out to be one of the highlights of our entire trip!



6 thoughts on “Trip Report: Japan 2015 (Part 9) Fujigoko Sakura Viewing

    • @ Curious George, thanks so much for the compliment. I am trying to take better photos so I am glad you liked them. I use the original Sony RX100 from 2012. They since released two upgraded version of that camera and I believe another update is due soon this year.

  1. That’s a great camera. I have the second generation RX100 and love it. Bought it just before our baby moon to Phuket and BKK in February.

    We flew ORD-HGK in CX F on the outbound (ended up missing the connection due to the blizzard in ORD so CX put us on TG J from HKG to Phuket) and were booked on EK J for the return but do to a flight delay, they put us on EY J all the way back to ORD (so we earned Alaskan Miles for a reward ticket!)

    • @ Curious George Yup, the camera has served us well most of the time! Sounds like you had an awesome trip and earned miles to boot! Lol nice!

    • @Hannah, thank you! They were taken mid April I think the actual day was April 16th or so. If your going late March that is prime time for Tokyo and many other regions full cherry blossom season.

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