Trip Report: Japan 2015 (Part 3) St. Regis Osaka


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St. Regis Osaka

Myself outside the St. Regis Osaka entrance

My wife and I arrived late on Monday night after a long travel day so we were delighted when we finally arrived at the St. Regis Osaka.  We were greeted on the ground level after exiting our taxi by the doormen.  They offered to assist with our bags and welcomed us to the St. Regis.  The actual lobby was up on the 12th floor so we took the elevator just past the bell station and arrived on the lobby level.

St. Regis Osaka exterior and front entrance

Checkin desks at St. Regis Osaka 

Lobby level seating at St. Regis Osaka

Lobby seating at the St. Regis Osaka

St. Regis Osaka lobby seating

We were checked in by a gentleman at the front desk.  He informed us that we would be in a Grand Deluxe room the first night per our confirmed points booking however that the Grand Deluxe rooms were all full for our next two nights so we would need to move to a Deluxe room per our confirmed cash and points booking.  We were offered a paid upgrade to a suite for around 70,000JPY!!! LOL no thanks!  It was late and we were tired and wanted to take showers and get to bed.

I thought the lobby had very high ceilings but was somewhat small but charming overall. Traditional St. Regis furnishings and design touches were evident.  Off the lobby area was the St. Regis Bar which looked very inviting although we never had a chance to stop in for a drink.  I thought the decor and vibe in the bar was very sleek.  There was a beautifully large mural behind the bar that felt very Japanese and thought it a nice piece of artwork.

The St. Regis Osaka Bar

St. Regis Osaka Bar

St. Regis Osaka bar seating and piano

St. Regis Osaka bar

St. Regis Osaka bar seating

St. Regis Osaka bar

St. Regis Osaka bar mural

St. Regis Osaka Grand Deluxe Room

After taking the elevator up to the 21st floor and walking just a bit down the hall we arrived at our Grand Deluxe room.  My wife was nice enough to let me snap a few quick photos before she hurried to take a shower.  The room was a nice size for the two of us and had a nice city view.  The bathroom was luxurious as are most St. Regis bathrooms consisting of dual sinks, lots of lighting, separate tub and shower with nice tile. The water closet contained a Toto branded toilet with a number of water features which is typical in Japan. The water pressure was great and the shower felt like a million dollars (or yen) after a long travel day.  The shower contained an adjustable and detachable shower head and also body jets on the shower wall which was a nice touch that I don’t see in many hotels.    The shower products were Remede branded which is the St. Regis brand standard which are just OK in my mind.

St. Regis Osaka hallway

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka Toto toilet controls

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

Remede bath amenities at St. Regis Osaka

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

Placed on our bed was a St. Regis branded Kimono style robe which I thought was kinda cool and unique.  Towards the foot of the bed and against the large window was a chaise lounge (with some minor stains) which could be dismantled and used as more versatile seating if preferred.    The bed was comfy as heck and the pillows large and fluffy.  We slept like babies!

St. Regis Osaka bedroom

There was a TV builtin to the wall and a work desk area sharing the same wall the TV was on.

St. Regis Osaka bedroom

St. Regis Osaka bedroom

St. Regis Osaka bedroom

The room has a nice command center for lighting and do not disturb buttons built right in to the night stands flanking the bed.   There were also North American power plugs aplenty throughout the room.

St. Regis bed

Views from our room at St. Regis Osaka

St. Regis Osaka kimono style robe

St. Regis Osaka kimono style robe

St. Regis Osaka nightstand with builtin room controls

There was a large armoire tucked in the corner of the room containing the mini bar and a refrigerator and coffee maker.

St. Regis Osaka minibar and pantry area

St. Regis Osaka mini bar and pantry area

In-room snacks and alcohol 

Coffee maker


St. Regis Osaka 21st floor floor map

About 15 minutes after getting settled into our room we were offered welcome drinks.  The doorbell rang and we were delivered a “ginger ale like” drink that was refreshing and some sort of nuts which were also good.  As my Gold member amenity I selected 250 SPG points so I wasn’t expecting the welcome drinks although they were non alcoholic.

St. Regis Osaka welcome drinks and snack

Room keys

St. Regis Osaka complimentary toiletries

View from our room at the St. Regis Osaka

We spent our first night in this room and we enjoyed it. We thought the hard product was nice and service was good as well.  We preferred this room over the Deluxe room which is no surprise as it is slightly larger and carries a price premium over the regular Deluxe rooms.

St. Regis Osaka Deluxe Room

Our next two nights were spent in a St. Regis Osaka Deluxe room which was in fact two beds but they offered to move them together for us.  That created a rather large “super bed” that took up a lot of space but it was comfortable and spacious and we appreciate the effort by the staff.   The bathroom was identical for the most part so there was no major difference there.  The bedroom area was just a bit smaller than our Grand Deluxe room and we were one floor lower and the view didn’t over look any mountains in the distance as our previous room did in the correct sunlight.

St. Regis Osaka 20th floor floor plan

St. Regis Osaka deluxe room double beds pushed together

St. Regis Osaka deluxe room

St. Regis Osaka deluxe room TV and table area

All together the room was nice and to the luxurious standards of the St. Regis brand.  The table in this room did have some marks on it which was unattractive and there was no work desk like our prior room had but acceptable as we weren’t planning on doing any work in our room.

St. Regis Osaka deluxe room

St. Regis Osaka deluxe room

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka bathroom

St. Regis Osaka closet area

Both closets were large and the same size.  A nifty feature of the rooms here is that they contain a butlers pantry just off the closet.  Typically this is where the newspaper will be delivered or if you want your shoes shined you could leave them in there to get picked up by your butler.  Since I was starting to get sick I ordered a lot of peppermint tea early in the morning and didn’t always feel like coming to the door to let our butler in so I would just call down for my order and have them leave the tea pot in the butlers pantry to grab at my leisure.

Butlers pantry


As usual you can find a video walk through of our deluxe room below:

Food and Beverage

Two mornings we enjoyed breakfast service at the St. Regis Osaka.  One morning we ordered room service. My wife ordered an omelet with some sausage and hash browns and fruit  and I ordered the Japanese set menu.  The breakfast also came with a bread basket containing some pastries and bread.  They also brought a pot of coffee and tea.  We both enjoyed our breakfast and thought it was tasty.  The breakfast was filling and a great way to start our day.

St. Regis Osaka room service breakfast

St. Regis Osaka Japanese set breakfast

St. Regis Osaka room service breakfast

Pastries and bread

On our 2nd morning for breakfast we decided to eat at the lobby level restaurant “La Veduta”.   There guests can order a la carte off the menu or the brunch option.  If you order the buffet you can also order hot egg items of the menu as well which is what we did.  Breakfast is only served to 10am which is earlier than I like to see but we are early birds for the most part so we had plenty of time to enjoy our breakfast.

La Veduta 

Breakfast at La Veduta

There were plenty of choices for breakfast and good variety.  I will say that surprisingly I had the absolute best bacon of my life here at the buffet! Wow its was marbled and moist and thick but prepared perfect.  I had several pieces of the bacon!

St. Regis Osaka breakfast buffet

St. Regis breakfast buffet

St. Regis Osaka buffet

Sampling breakfast at St. Regis Osaka

St. Regis ham and egg burrito

Amazingly good bacon, quiche and pastry

We also had some room service meals in our room that were not breakfast.  One night we wanted something a bit smaller so my wife and I had a pizza and dessert.  Pizza was good however the apple crumble I had was a bit dry and needed some ice cream.

St. Regis Osaka room service

Margarita  pizza

Apple crumble

Chocolate brownie

Before checking out our last morning we had room service “breakfast” but wanted some Udon noodles.  We figured Osaka is famous for its Udon noodles and it was too early for the noodle shops to be open and we were taking the train to Tokyo later in the day so we asked if they could prepare some udon noodles for us.  Although it wasn’t on the breakfast menu they were indeed able to satisfy our request.  My wife got the curry udon noodles and I had plain udon noodles.  The noodles came with all the accompaniments  which included some wonderfully flavorful meat to add to the noodles. Notice the OJ as we were fighting off some wicked cold viruses at this time.

Udon noodles

Udon noodles

Udon noodles

Overall the food and beverage was good and we were satisfied although the bacon will be the only truly memorable item that was extraordinary.   La Veduta serves Italian cuisine throughout the day for lunch and dinner and the St. Regis also offers Rue d’Or which offers French cuisine however we didn’t have a chance to visit.

Fitness Center

The St. Regis also comes equipped with a modest sized exercise room.  My wife and I didn’t have a chance to use it due to being under the weather.  The room did have 6-7 pieces of cardio equipment and a rack of free weight dumbbells for resistance.

Exercise room St. Regis Osaka

Exercise room St. Regis Osaka

Exercise room St. Regis Osaka

The St. Regis also has a well regarded spa named Iridium on the 14th floor which offers a variety of treatment options but we were busy sight seeing most days and did not end up booking anything there.

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

For my first night I booked our Grand Deluxe room using 17,750 Starwood points. There were no standard awards available so I had to call SPG to get access to this room.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.13.37 PM
Free award night confirmation email

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.12.26 PM
Free night confirmation detail

For our 2nd and 3rd nights I redeemed cash and points which was 6,000 Starwood points per night and $110.00 per night.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.10.42 PM
Cash and points redemption email

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.11.48 PM
Cash and points reservation detail

The cash rate for our first night was $719 or $877 with taxes! So our 17,750 saved us $877 which is a great redemption.

Stregis Osaka2
Our Grand Deluxe room at the St. Regis Osaka was $877/night through 

Our 2nd and 3rd nights were $695 a night or $849 a night with taxes. Thus our 12,000 SPG points saved us about $1400 over two nights!!!! ($849*2 nights=$1698 minus our cash outlay of $268.49=$1429.51)

StRegis Osaka1
Our Deluxe room at the St. Regis Osaka was $849/night through

Stregis Osaka grand total
Grand total per shows a total of 308,395 Japanese Yen for our three nights

Lets just assume we stayed in the cheaper Deluxe room for all three nights.  In that case our cash outlay would have been $2591.58!  We redeemed 29,750 Starwood points and paid $268.49 instead for our room rate for all three nights!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.30.12 PM
308,395 Japanese Yen (JPY) is roughly almost $2600USD!!!

This property is a great deal on points in my mind during high season in Osaka as its a category five property.  This is one of the few category five St. Regis properties in the Starwood portfolio. Category five properties only require 12,000-16,000 SPG points for a standard room depending on the time of year!!

In summary this property was great and really fit our needs.  The property is right next to the subway line and has easy access to a variety of transportation options from there.  Its only about a 20 minute Shinkansen ride to Kyoto and its also less than an hour or so to Nara station.  St. Regis Osaka is now our 4th St. Regis property we have stayed at globally and we have yet to be disappointed!  Service was generally very good aside from a minor mishap with them forgetting to provide honey with our tea on a few occasions we have no complaints and would love to stay here again.  I initially wanted to try the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto but due to high season and my procrastination it was full or astronomically expensive but I am happy to stay at the St. Regis and if in Osaka can recommend the property without hesitation!



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