Trip Report: Australia (part 17) Sydney Opera House Tour


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Australia Open Day One (2nd round of tourney)
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Sydney Opera House Tour
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Sydney Opera House Tour


I debated doing a post on the Sydney Opera House because as it turns out they don’t want you taking pictures of anything of interest.  You can take pictures of the hallways and such but once inside one of the many rooms, photography was strictly forbidden.  Meaning the actual Opera and Orchestra and play venues cannot be captured via photography…. bummer.   I really didnt take many pictures inside as to me, those were the most interesting things about the Sydney Opera house’s interior.

The tour was just over an hour and cost around $30 per person.  Our perky female tour guide was good. Happy to answer questions and generally enthusiastic.  We were given headphones to wear so that the rather large group (30 or so people) could hear our guide. We were shown into various different rooms of the Opera House and learned about the general history and building of the structure.  I am not going to cover any of that here and its easy enough to google or wiki the Opera House for the fine details.

View of the Sydney Opera House from inside

Views of the Sydney Opera House from the inside

Interior hallway of the Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is impressive up close as it is from a distance. Its interesting to see the detail in the white shell roof exterior.   The roof is self cleaning so when it rains the Opera House stays shiny and white.

Profile view of the Sydney Opera House from the inside

Interior architecture of the Opera House

Also remember that this is the most visited attraction in Sydney so be prepared for crowds and large groups of guided tours walking around.  There are also plenty of eating establishments that are quite popular and busy so if your thinking this tour is going to be a nice peaceful tour-it’s not.  Its quite busy and hectic while waiting for your tour to begin. There is also a souvenir shop to pic up souvenirs or knick-knacks.  The day of our visit was also to be opening night at the Sydney Opera House for the classic “Madame Butterfly”.  Once my wife heard that she wanted to attend the show but there weren’t many decent seats left and it was expensive to the tune of around $150 per person if I recall so we passed.

Sydney Opera House

My wife outside the Sydney Opera House

Myself outside the Sydney Opera House

Myself outside the Sydney Opera House

My wife outside the Sydney Opera House

View from of the Sydney Opera House from under the Harbour Bridge

View of the Opera House from The Rocks area of Sydney

During our tour it actually stopped raining for about one hour and we had literally about 15 minutes after the tour ended to snap some photos without our umbrellas.  However after that dry 15 minute period the rain came back and poured in buckets like it did most of our three days in Sydney.




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