Trip Report: Australia (part 8) Around Kuala Lumpur


British Airways First Class Lounge O’Hare
Cathay Pacific First Class ORD-HKG
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui
Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge HKG
Cathay Pacific Regional Business Class HKG-KUL
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
Around Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge KUL
Malaysia Airlines Business Class KUL-MEL
Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne
Australia Open Day One (2nd round of tourney)
Around Melbourne
Great Ocean Road Excursion
Australian Open Day Two (4th round of tourney)
Park Hyatt Sydney
Sydney Opera House Tour
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Around Kuala Lumpur

We didn’t venture out much while in Kuala Lumpur but I did manager to coax my wife out for a few hours one evening.  I asked my concierge for a dinner recommendation.  I mentioned I would like to have some local or authentic Malay food.  He thought Songket would be a good option for us due to them offering a local dance performance at 8pm.

We took a cab to Songket which was 5-10 minutes at most.   We arrived and entered the bar in which there was only one table.  All the other tables are in the main dining area which was packed at what mostly appeared communal tables or very large parties 10 people or more.  There was a worker sitting at the table in the bar and they kicked her out and picked up the table to provide a view of the soon to start dance performance.  They asked if we minded sitting out in the bar area (we didn’t) and then sat down.  

Songket menu

Live Satay menu at Songket

We ordered the Live Satay off the menu which is slightly more than just ordering satay as they bring out a mini barbecue grill and turn the satay over and marinate a few pieces for you to get you started.  The satay was very good!! My wife didnt have much appetite so she did her best to finish a few pieces.  We also ordered and appetizer and a chicken curry type dish which was also tasty.

My wife helping herself to the satay

Satay on the grill at our table

Notice our table is the only table in the bar area

The dance performance started around 8pm and there were several dancers that performed several dances with costume changes in between.  We didnt have the best view of the performance however we were seated right next to where they changed outfits so we got to see the costumes up close before they went to actually dance.

Malaysian dance performance during dinner

More of the dance performance

Chicken curry dish

More dance

The performers entered directly in front of us

Last dance

After the show people were welcome to take pictures of the performers

After the performance the owner/manager of the restaurant who was serving our table had the dancers come over for a photo.  He grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos for us at our table.  After the photos they all got changed back into their street clothes and hit the road.

The dancers visited our table afterwards

The dancers visiting after the show

Amazingly enough after our meal at Songket my wife wanted some “American food” so as we walked over to the Petronas towers we walked into the attached mall at the ground level.   As we walked through she noticed Burger King and KFC amongst other fast food joints.  She wanted KFC about 20 minutes before closing time.  She ordered the Colonel Burger which they had to make more of for her and we waited about 10 minutes for them to make that one item.  She finally took a bite of it and said it was gross! Serves her right for not eating all the tasty food earlier. 🙂

The Malaysian KFC

Multiple choices my wife is comfortable with 🙂

KFC in Kuala Lumpur

She had to have Colonel Burger!! Ugh!

Petronas Towers

We did not go to the observation deck or really see the inside of the Petronas Towers (aside from the KFC) however we walked all the way around the towers to take in all the vantage points.  The towers were the tallest building in the world for 6 years from 1998-2004 and remained the tallest twin towers in the world until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004.

There is a long courtyard behind the towers about 150 feet long with a good vantage point for photos with direct head on views.  The other side of the tower had a park, KLCC Park with a pond and fountain with a light show and grass area for visitors to sit and relax.  The Petronas Towers are the iconic building(s) in KL and one of the most iconic buildings in all of Asia and the world so it was cool to have a chance to see it up close.  It is a very interesting building to me architecturally and its amazing what human engineering continues to come up with.

Our hotel concierge mentioned if we wanted to visit the observation bridge area of the buildings to let him know the day before as it can be semi difficult to get tickets the day of unless you want to wake up very early and queue for tickets.  We decided we didnt need to go in the building though.

(I am not captioning the photos below. Simply pictures of the Twin Towers with my wife and I in a few of the shots.)













Thanks for reading.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Have you been to the Petronas Towers and if so what did you think?



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