Trip Report: Thailand (part 22) American Airlines First Class Hong Kong (HKG) to Dallas (DFW)

United Airlines 747 First Class Chicago (ORD) to Frankfurt (FRA)
Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt (FRA)
Thai Airways A380 First Class Frankfurt (FRA) to Bangkok (BKK)
Thai Airways 737 Business Class Bangkok (BKK) to Koh Samui (USM)
Conrad Koh Samui
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Chatuchak Weekend Market and Wat Pho Temple
Cathay Pacific Business Class Bangkok (BKK) to Hong Kong (HKG)
American Airlines First Class Hong Kong (HKG) to Dallas (DFW)

American Airlines First Class Hong Kong (HKG) to Dallas (DFW)

Well I will start off saying this wasn’t our original intended flight.  Our original routing was BKK-NRT-ORD all on JAL F!!!  About 3 weeks before our trip I got an email from AA with an itinerary change!! I looked at it said “WTF!”  It was now BKK-NRT-DFW-ORD! One extra connection, 12 hour later arrival and on AA vs JAL!!!!  Grrrrr….. I called AA the day I got the email with alternate routings but the number one thing is that I wanted to maintain my JAL trans Pacific F flight no matter what.  Well guess what?!??!!?  They were GONE and there wasn’t shit I could do about it!  OUR FIRST CLASS FLIGHTS ON JAL WERE GONE. Now the reason for the itinerary change wasn’t AA’s fault as JAL had changed our connecting BKK-NRT flight times in so that we would miss our connection.  The problem I have with this is that they just take it upon themselves to do what they please.  They should instead propose a routing hold the itinerary for 5 days and if you don’t like it you can call in to suggest alternatives but to just change your entire itinerary is crazy!!! I was on the phone for over an hour with AA while we were on vacation in Toronto dealing with this shit. In the end the best they could do was route through Hong Kong ensuring I get on AA’s new first class but I would still be arriving 12 hours later in ORD and having to make an extra stop in Dallas.  Not happy to say the least!

After deplaning from our BKK-HKG Cathay Pacific flight we saw a AA agent holding a sign with our names on it. I never realized how tight of a connection we had!  We met the AA agent and we waited for the 4 other coach passengers to deplane.  She advised they are boarding our AA flight to DFW and we needed to hurry!  I have never seen a lady walk so fast in high heels!!  If it was this tight she should’ve had a buggy or cart to transport us down the LONG terminal.  We then had to clear our carryon luggage through security again before another long walk to our gate!!!

DSC09187 - Version 2 
AA agent holding a sign with our names

Our gate

Long line to check our bags AGAIN before getting on the plane. Why again?

AA 777 waiting for us

DSC09184 - Version 2
My first class boarding pass

We were the last people in first class to board the plane and were seated in row 1 seats D and G which are the middle seats.  I thought the seat was actually really nice.  Very big and well thought out.  Much better than our United seats to start our trip. I was actually surprised how much I liked the seat.  There was a lot compartments for storage however my carryon was too big so it was stored upfront in the closet with the flight attendants bags.

AA 777 first class cabin

On our seat were the blankets and bedding for sleeping. There was the noise canceling Bose headphones, a generic amenity kit and PJ’s as well.  I slipped in to the PJ’s before take off and found them comfortable.

American Airlines first class seats

Our AA first class IFE’s

My wife in AA first class all smiles for now

In my American Airlines first class seat

American Airlines first class PJ’s

First class blankets

AA first class seat

American Airlines first class seats

American Airlines first class seats

AA first class seat

AA first class amenity kit bag

AA first class Bose headphones

AA 777 first class seat controls

It took a bit of fiddling around for me to figure out the seat controls but after a moment I was able to get the hang of it.  The seat is unique in that it has a “locked” position for take off and landing but after that its unlocked and can be somewhat swiveled.

AA first class seat compartments

We were offered our choice of drinks (I choose da champers) and menu’s were handed out.

AA first class wine menu

Rocking the PJ’s with my first glass of champagne

Wine and beverage menu (sorry for the blurry shot)

AA first class wine and beverage menu

AA first class beverage menu

AA first class menu

American Airlines first class menu

American Airlines  first class menu

AA first class menu

Before take off they also handed out warmed mixed nuts and water.

Warm nuts, water and first class menu on AA

Once in the air the flight attendants got to work by preparing our food.  We were being served by the head flight attendant which had about 17 years of experience with AA when I asked.  I thought the food was good, not memorable but solid/good and enjoyable.

Peking duck spring roll amuse bouche on AA 777 first class

Peking duck spring roll amuse bouche on AA 777 first class

Wok fried prawns on AA first class

Parma ham on AA first class

Pumpkin bisque


Sichuan chicken

Sichuan chicken

My wife enjoying her meal on American Airlines first class

Me sitting down for 14 hours eating!!! Easy way to get fat!

My wife and I on AA first class

Carmel ice cream sundae for dessert

My wife relaxing on AA first class with her wine (sorry for the blurry pic-turbulence)

At one point during our flight there was some very decent turbulence which I hate.  My water spilled over the top of my glass.  I was able to wipe some of it up but thought it strange the flight attendants didnt come around to see if everyone was ok.  I actually needed to get up and ask for assistance in the galley (since I don’t like to push the call button).  It was only water so no big deal and I also realized at this point in the flight the flight crew had a “shift change” and the normal first class flight attendants were resting.

My AA first class seat

Wife and watching a movie

The seat was plenty comfortable for lounging and watching movies.  I found it also pretty comfortable for sleeping.  I was slightly cold while trying to sleep which prevented me from getting good rest. But I don’t sleep that well on planes anyway without taking a Xanax.  I also found it dumb that they didnt add curtains for privacy.  The cabin is wide open to the galley inviting unneeded light and noise.  In fact during a portion of the flight I could watch as the flight attendant ate her meal and did some work while sitting in the jump seat.  It would be so simple to add some curtains and avoid that.

AA first class airshow

Over the middle of the pacific ocean

My view, wheres the curtains!?!?!


Snacks and breakfast service

Seasonal greens, and fruit on American Airlines First Class

Getting close to DFW finally!!

Back in good ole US airspace

Dim sum for breakfast on American Airlines 777 first class

Our American Airlines Boeing 777 that took us to Dallas

I will admit it was a comfortable way to travel and the hard product was actually pretty good.  The food was pretty good.  Nothing was mind blowing but I would have no problem flying AA F again if needed and it made sense. Of course I would have rather tried my original routing on JAL F but this wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

After our flight we found our way to the Admirals Club and I used one of the shower rooms to freshen up before our last flight to Chicago (not reviewing that flight).  The shower room was nice and a good size. The negative is that the room got hot and steamy and I was sweating shortly after taking my shower.

Admirals club DFW shower room

DFW Admirals club shower room
DFW Admirals club shower room


PointsPinnacle Breakdown

We ended up using 67,500 AA miles per person along with $57.40 taxes and AA’s cash grab telephone booking fee of $25.00.  We actually booked these separately out of our individual AA accounts.  If you have been following this blog at all you know all the AA miles we have accumulated this year alone!!  There are various Citi cards that earn AA miles.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.14.59 PM
Original itinerary $84.40 per ticket!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.13.59 PM
Our actual Itinerary-same price of course

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.44.54 PM
Email confirmation of 67,500 AA miles redemption for the award flight

This concludes our amazing two week Thailand trip!!!! We had a BLAST and would love to return to Thailand at some point.  If you have any questions at all about any segments of our trip or if there is something I didnt cover feel free to leave a message as I am happy to reply and help out!  Thanks for reading!!!



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  1. Fantastic trip report.
    Just a heads up you did not remove your last name in the last picture like you have done throughout the report. 🙂

  2. I prefer JA as well. I am already booked on JA but it would be nice to arrive home direct to DFW. Is this the new F product? shows there’s only 2 rows in F, is this what you saw?

  3. Hello. Nice trip report. Please if you have your transfer at Hong Kong folder without prívate details. Could you scan and send me the picture scanned. I like collecting all things about the airlines without private details. Thanks and apologize. Please answer by prívate message

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