Trip Report: Thailand (part 20) Chatuchak Weekend Market and Wat Pho Temple

United Airlines 747 First Class Chicago (ORD) to Frankfurt (FRA)
Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt (FRA)
Thai Airways A380 First Class Frankfurt (FRA) to Bangkok (BKK)
Thai Airways 737 Business Class Bangkok (BKK) to Koh Samui (USM)
Conrad Koh Samui
Mae Koh National Park Boat trip and Chaweng Beach
Bangkok Airways Economy Class Koh Samui (USM) to Phuket (HKT)
Naka Island a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa
James Bond Island and Little Island Boat trip
Phi Phi Island Boat trip
Patong Beach and Bangla Road
Air Asia Economy Class Phuket (HKT) to Chiang Mai (CNX)
Four Seasons Chiang Mai
ELE (Elephant Life Experience) Elephant Camp
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple
Bangkok Airways Economy Class Chiang Mai (CNX) to Bangkok (BKK)
St. Regis Bangkok
Dinner at Vertigo at Banyan Tree Rooftop
Chatuchak Weekend Market and Wat Pho Temple
Cathay Pacific Business Class Bangkok (BKK) to Hong Kong (HKG)
American Airlines First Class Hong Kong (HKG) to Dallas (DFW)

Chatuchak Weekend Market

On our first day after checking into the St. Regis my wife wanted to check out the Chatuchak weekend market since we arrived on a Sunday.  We took the train right there from our hotel and the journey was maybe 20 minutes.  This is the biggest market we have ever been to!  There are so many people and shops/vendors!!! It would be very hard to get through it in one day so we just decided to get a map and wander in certain sections of the market.  There is such a variety of things for sale here its amazing!  It is very hot and muggy and the smells will stick with us for a while!!!

My watch battery stopped working while on this trip and one of the first shops we saw was a watch shop that does repairs and battery replacement so I decided to have them change my battery for about $4!! The watch worked perfectly after the battery change so that was nice as my wife wasn’t sure I should trust them with my watch.

There were tons of different foods on offer at many of the stalls and I really wanted to try some but I was scared I would get sick. My wife had no desire to even try any of it as she had the same fears.  We did end up picking up a picture frame for around $5 at one of the vendors as every trip we go on I try to pick up a picture frame to display one of our vacation photos.

We spent about 3 hours wandering around here and got a good workout walking in the heat and through all the other people!

DSC08921 DSC08922 DSC08923


DSC08924 DSC08925 DSC08926 DSC08927 DSC08928 DSC08929
Getting my battery changed on my watch

DSC08930 DSC08931 DSC08932 DSC08933


Wat Pho Temple

On our one full day in Bangkok we decided to take a river cruise up to Wat Pho Temple.  My wife was smart enough to bring an extra sarong for me because I didn’t want to wear pants all day and you cannot wear shorts to the temple.  Before entering I put on my sarong however the fashion police working the entrance gate told both of us that we are not dressed appropriately! That guys cannot wear a sarong and my wifes top wasnt good enough for them and needed longer sleeves.  So we were directed to a long line of people that had to rent clothes!! You had to deposit like $20 and when you give the clothes back you get your money back!  I was given prison pants and my wife was given a large button down shirt to wear.

We wandered around the palace/temple grounds for a few hours on own leisure.  There were plenty of tour guides on offer to show us around but we declined. There is actually a free English speaking guide around 11pm or so but because we had to wait in the clothes line we missed it!  We got to see the reclining Buddha as well. Which is the largest laying Buddha in the world. The weather was prefect and it was a great day to be outside.  The temples are decorated and covered in gold.  Many of the temples require you to take your shoes off before entering.

DSC09020 DSC09021 DSC09022 DSC09023 DSC09024 DSC09025 DSC09026 DSC09027 DSC09028 DSC09029 DSC09031 DSC09034 DSC09035 DSC09036 DSC09037 DSC09039 DSC09041 DSC09042 DSC09047 DSC09051 DSC09052
We saw wayyyyyy to much of this during our trip to Thailand!!!! 

DSC09053 DSC09054 DSC09055 DSC09056 DSC09057 DSC09058 DSC09062 DSC09064 DSC09073 DSC09078 DSC09081 DSC09083 DSC09086 DSC09087 DSC09088 DSC09096 DSC09097 DSC09103 DSC09104 DSC09107 DSC09109 DSC09116 DSC09121 DSC09124 DSC09126

We had a fun day in Bangkok and visiting the temples allowed us to see some of Bangkok’s biggest attractions and the heart of their culture.



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