Trip Report: Thailand (part 10) James Bond Island and Little Island Boat Trip

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James Bond Island and Little Island Boat trip
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James Bond Island and Little Island Boat Trip

While on Phuket we booked our excursions through hotelbeds Thailand (no real website).  There was a company representative working at our resort (The Naka Island) that I was in communication with prior to arriving.  I considered another company-Laguna Phuket but figured this would be easier since it is through the resort and the price was similar.  We made the reservations and then needed to pay for the excursions when we arrived at our resort.  The James Bond Island and Little Island itinerary looked like this:

  • 9:30am pick up at The Naka Island pier
  • canoeing along Hong Island, Panak Island, Talu Island, and diamond cave
  • visit world famous James Bond Island
  • exploring the mangrove swamp
  • Thai set lunch at floating muslim village
  • leisure time for relaxing on the beach of island near Phung Nga Bay
  •  4:30pm arrive back at The Naka Island pier

The price for the excursion with speedboat was 3300THB (around $100usd) per adult or 1650THB (around $50usd) per child.


Hong Island

We were picked up on our pier from our hotel and were the last guests to board our speed boat.  We rode for about 30 minutes or so to our first stop which I believe was Hong Island (lots of islands here so hard to keep them all straight!) we hopped off the boat and were given hard hats and flashlights to creep through a small opening in the island.  We were told that we have to do this stop first because later in the afternoon the tide gets too high and we would not be able to make it through the hole and in fact couldn’t stay too long in fear of the tide coming in.

Island formations on our boat trip

Interesting rock formations on our boat trip

Time to enter the crevice in the island

Making our way

Dark without the flashlights

Needed to crouch through in some parts

Interior crevice of the island

Finally to day light!

Once on the inside of the island we got to walk around and take some photos.

My wife and I on the interior of the island

Interior of the island

Interior of the island

Look close for the two fish in the mud facing each other (click on any image to make it bigger)

Interior of island

Mangroves on the interior of the island

We ran into a monkey just hanging out. Our guide advised to give the monkeys space because they are not all friendly.

Can you spot the monkey?

My wife in the mangroves

Close up of the monkey

Our group distracting the monkey

A man taking a picture of the hole we have to enter to get back out

Back on the outside of the island and water up to our knees

After we returned to the shore we were given plastic poncho’s to put on to protect us from the rain!  It really started coming down for a while.  We got back on the boat and thankfully after about 5-10 minutes we shook the rain and it stayed behind us the rest of the day.

And the hardest rain we experienced during our 2 weeks in Thailand

About another 15-20 minutes on the water we arrived at James Bond Island!

James Bond Island

We were given about 45 minutes on James Bond Island which is plenty.  Everyone was free to explore on their own and the guides would round us all up when it was time to go.  There were a fair amount of visitors on the island when we were there….. maybe around 200 people total. There is also a bazaar of shops set up for souvenirs.

The island is named James Bond Island because a part of The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed there in 1974 which is a James Bond film.
My wife on James Bond Island with Little Island in the background

My wife and I on James Bond Island

View of Little Island from James Bond Island

My wife and I in front of Little Island

With the direction of one of our guides you get this beauty! lol


The shopping area on James Bond Island

A group of tourists 

Khao Phing-Kan sign on James Bond Island

Obligatory holding the wall up photo

Leaning stone wall

Profile shot of the leaning stone wall on James Bond Island

Creeping around James Bond Island

Some shots from James Bond Island

More cave shots of James Bond Island

Myself in the caves of James Bond Island
My wife on James Bond Island

My wife on James Bond Island

My wife cheesing in front of Little Island

My turn

One last shot from a different angle

After leaving James Bond Island we were off to do some canoeing.  We traveled another 10 minutes or so by boat to a floating pier in which the boats docked and we got off.  We were then lined up and assigned a canoe in which there was actually someone doing all the paddling for us.  We had a very nice guy paddling for us and we tipped him a few hundred THB.

On our canoe trip

Scenes from our canoe trip

My wife with the GoPro on during our canoe trip

My wife and I on the canoe

My wife testing out the GoPro on the canoe trip

Scenes from our canoe trip

Scenes from our canoe trip

Canoeing through the mangroves

Creeping through the caves in our canoe

Light coming through some of the islands

Going into another dark cave in the canoe



After the canoe trip it was time for lunch. We stopped at a floating city that people actually live on full time.  A lot of the fisherman chose to live here with their families which I found amazing.  They use rain water for bathing and showers on this island.

Approaching the floating island

The floating island

Approaching the floating island

The floating island

Arriving for lunch

The interior of the restaurant

The buffet which was restocked as needed

View from our table at lunch


After lunch we had time to walk around the city. I found it so fascinating that people just lived there lives out there on this huge floating market with houses.

People just hanging out watching TV at one of the restruants

Some of the food for sale on the floating city

People hanging out at another restaurant

My wife having a look at the shops on the floating city

More knickknacks and do-dads for sale on the floating city


More souvenirs 

Walking the isles on the island

Everyones done with lunch now

My wife posing before we get back on the boat


The Naka Island Beach

When we were done with lunch we had about a 45 minute cruise back to the Island where our resort was.  The tour guide asked us if we would like to go back to the hotel early or come with the rest of the group and see the beach.  We decided it would be a good time to see the beach. I had no idea the beach would have this many other people.  There were several other speedboats docked there.  There was a small fee if you wanted a beach chair and there were several vendors selling beverages and food.  There were some also selling jet ski rentals too.  We laid out with our towels for about an hour or so and waded in the water for a bit too.  The beach was really nice and clear!!  We were advised it would be about an hour walk back to our hotel so they recommended to come back on the boat and they would drop us off back at the pier.

Naka Island beach

Naka Island beach

Naka Island beach

Naka Island beach

Views from the beach

Views from the beach

Views from the beach

After our leisure time on the beach everyone got packed up and they dropped us off at our pier on the other side of the island which was great! We had a great time on our trip and thought it a good value considering it was all day and included lunch.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the tour! Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Trip Report: Thailand (part 10) James Bond Island and Little Island Boat Trip

  1. Great TR, we are enjoying reading this as we plan our trip next May. We just wondered if you saw any children on this tour, or if you think its appropriate to take children? Thanks

    • Hi Matt! There were no kids on our boat and I didnt notice kids now that I come to think about it. I think it would be fine to have kids come along but not too young. Maybe 10 or older would be fine. Any younger it could be tricky IMO but it should be fine and fun otherwise! Enjoy your trip and I hope u have a blast!!

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