Trip Report: Thailand (part 8) Bangkok Airways Economy Class Koh Samui to Phuket

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Bangkok Airways Economy Class Koh Samui (USM) to Phuket (HKT)

After a lovely week in Samui it was time to head off to Phuket.  I booked two economy class tickets to Phuket via Kayak about a month or so before our departure.

Samui Airport

We enjoy Samui Airport due to its open and airy feel.  There is lots of greenery and lovely landscaping throughout the terminal. There is also none of the normal hustle and bustle you find in many airpots and it appears no one is in a hurry here.

Samui Airport

When we arrived at our gate we noticed a nice little kids area off to the side which I thought was a nice touch.  There were only a few other people waiting in the boarding area when we arrived and plenty of seating.

Samui Airport kids lounge

What a quiet and peaceful gate/boarding area

Boarded from gate 2

I stopped in the mens room and was surprised there was a huge fish tank right as you walk in which was a neat feature!

Fish tank in the mens bathroom

There was also a Blue Ribbon Lounge just adjacent to our gate however it looked empty. It didn’t appear to even be staffed and looked quite dark. I did take a peek inside but didn’t bother actually going in as I wasn’t even sure I had access.

Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge

When it came time to board we were first gathered to a trolley/train and driven over to our plane.  The plane was a turboprop ATR-72. This would be the first time for my wife or I flying in a turboprop!  We boarded through the back of the plane which was another first!

Our turboprop to Phuket on Bangkok Airways

Time to board

We are boarding from the back!

View of the cabin from our seats

After settling into our seats I realized the plane was less than half full.  We were handed a wet nap by our flight attendant prior to departure. The flight attendants went through the saftey demo and not long after we were “wheels up”.  When we reached 10,000 feet the two person flight attendant crew started a meal service.  A meal service?  On a 45 minute domestic economy class flight! I was really surprised they could provide that type of service on a turbo prop too.  Why can’t they do this on domestic flights in the US but they can do it in Thailand?

Wet-nap was handed out prior to takeoff

They handed out box lunches which consisted of chicken cold cuts with pasta salad and bread and a cake for dessert. It also came with a water and orange kool-aid type drink! The meal was actually very decent for what it was and I had no complaints.

Bangkok Airways lunch box

Our lunch on Bangkok Airways in economy class

Views on descent to Phuket

Views on descent to Phuket

Views on descent to Phuket

Overall I thought this flight exceeded all my expectations!! I thought the flight attendants were nice and efficient ( I even liked their uniforms).  I liked the fact that they can serve a meal on this short of a flight on a 45 minute economy class flight!  I was expecting to be flying on some crop-duster holding on for dear life for 45 minutes but it was quite the opposite as the seating and cabin was quite comfortable!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

We booked our two economy tickets via for just over $100 per person.  The only real points option for this flight would be to use Barclay Arrival Plus card points. You redeem those points for any travel related expense in increments of $25 or greater.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.26.11 PM
Email confirmation showing flight info and pricing





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