Trip Report: Toronto (part 3) Niagara Falls


Four Points O’Hare
Niagara Falls
Ritz Carlton Toronto
CN Tower
Center Island
Rogers Cup
Four Points Toronto Airport


Niagara Falls

We landed in Toronto and after a lengthy wait going thru immigration/customs, we met our cousin at the airport and we went directly to Niagara Falls.  There turned out to be more traffic than usual as this was a three day weekend in Canada and many people were heading out on the roads to enjoy the weekend.  There was also a bridge closure due to a major accident the day before.  After about a two hour drive we made it to Niagara Falls!!  Its a very touristy destination and as you get closer to town you can see the area is more built up and swarming with people.  It reminded us of the Wisconsin Dells closer to home.

Everything is fairly pricey there and parking was $5 per hour (we stayed about 3 hours).  We walked over to the Falls to look over the scenery.  I haven’t been to Niagara Falls in 20 years and my this would be my wife’s first visit ever.  It is stunning when you get your first glimpse and the enormity of the waterfalls!  I forgot to charge my camera (of course) so I had to take all our photos here using my iPhone 5.

Our first views of Niagara Falls

My wife getting her first glimpse of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls-Canadian falls on the right, USA falls on the left
My wife and I at Niagara Falls

My cousin and I at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

When then decided to take a boat ride out on the water to get a closer look at the falls.  It was about $66 for three tickets.  The crowd was large and the line was long but moved fast.  We were given our plastic ponchos so our clothes don’t get soaked and we were on our way.

Left side of the bridge is Canadian, right side American

My wife on the boat

On the boat, here we go!

Getting close to the American Falls

Lots of rocks at the bottom!

A line forming to the right

Views from the boat

Niagara Falls from the boat

Starting to get wet now

Getting pretty dang close to Horseshoe Falls

Trying to keep the iPhone dry and take a picture at the same time is tough

My wife is wrapped up tight with her poncho

In front of the falls

Wife and I in front of the falls

Niagara Falls map-Canadian side

All in all we were happy we got to visit Niagara Falls! My wife enjoyed the falls and it was something she wanted to see on our visit. We then drove about another two hours back to Toronto so this excursion took a good chunk of our day but I wanted to get it done early so we can stay in the city and enjoy the city Saturday night and Sunday.  My cousin dropped us off at our hotel so we can shower up and head out to visit the city! Up next will be our review of our stay at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto.



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