Making my minimum spends.


The miles and points world is ever evolving.  It used to be very easy hitting my new credit card spending hurdles. For example, I received my 4th Citi AA Executive card recently and thus wanted to meet the $10,000 spending requirement very quickly (by the first statement).  I had about 15 days from the time I was approved till my first statement closing date.  In this new day and age of “manufacturing spend” some of the easiest go to methods are no longer available.   No more vanilla reloads, no more Vanilla Visa gift cards loading at Walmart. Thus I have been forced to adapt.

Method 1: Visa Metabank giftcard  

I was fortunate that week I received my new card, Office Max was having a promo on Metabank Visa gift cards!! The promo consisted of $15 off a $300 or higher Visa gift card purchase!!! What that means is that the $15 promo would negate any fees associated with these gift cards. You see, the $200 Metabank gift cards carry a $6.95 fee per card!  If I bought two $200 gift cards Office Max would pay me $1.10 per transaction during this promo.  I loaded up on this deal for the week! Over the course of three or four days I ended up buying $5300 worth of gift cards.  Score!  I was now more than half way to my $10,000 spending hurdle.  Everyday I loaded my Bluebird card with my newly bought gift cards and then used Bluebird bill pay to pay off the $5300 I just racked up! I made about $15 from this deal to boot!

Metabank Visa Giftcards

Method 2: AMEX for Target

The other method I employed to help me reach my goal was the good old AMEX for Target card!  I got my AMEX for Target card about a year ago and it was rarely used but now it was time for a quick dust-off as I was going to be needing it! I have two of these cards in my family.  I went to Target daily and loaded up $1000 on my AMEX for Target using my Citi AA Executive card to load it of course.  I ended up loading a total of $3800 over two days!  I was then able to withdraw those funds via ATM and deposit in my bank account and pay my credit card bill with those monies.  It costs $3 to load the AMEX for Target card so my four loads cost $12.  It also costs $3 per ATM withdraw (max $400 per day) so  about four ATM withdraws costs another $12 times two cards is $24 (first ATM withdraw of the month is free).  So a total of around $36 in fees to spend up to $4000. I was able to withdraw at a fee free ATM not far from my home.

Method 3: Amazon Payments

Lastly, I used the old tried and true Amazon payments to send $1000 to my spouse, of course using my Citi AA Exec card!
Thats it! Easy Peasy! $10,000 spent in less than a week with a total out of pocket expense of around $21.




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