Making my minimum spends.


The miles and points world is ever evolving.  It used to be very easy hitting my new credit card spending hurdles. For example, I received my 4th Citi AA Executive card recently and thus wanted to meet the $10,000 spending requirement very quickly (by the first statement).  I had about 15 days from the time I was approved till my first statement closing date.  In this new day and age of “manufacturing spend” some of the easiest go to methods are no longer available.   No more vanilla reloads, no more Vanilla Visa gift cards loading at Walmart. Thus I have been forced to adapt.

Method 1: Visa Metabank giftcard  

I was fortunate that week I received my new card, Office Max was having a Continue reading

Two more apps=Two more approvals and 150,000+ miles!


Citi American Airlines Executive card

In a few of my previous posts I detailed that we have applied for quite a few Citi AA Executive cards, and you can see details here and here.  Well with no new minimum spend goals to hit I decided to apply for another Citi AA Executive card! This will make it my 4th Citi AA Executive card since the end of January and each time prior I have collected 110,000 AA miles!!!  I did have to call in to get approved as I did the past three cards. The Citi rep simply moved some credit around from another Citi card and I was all set!  The card arrived two days later!  Plus my wife was approved for one and got the 110,000 miles as well a few months ago!

I just got the card last week and I am just over half way to meeting the $10,000 spending requirement!  In a future post I will detail how I was able to spend $10,000 so quick.  My goal is to meet the spend by the first statement closing date thus I have the option to cancel the card and receive $200 to boot! All together my spouse and I combined for five of these cards for a total of 550,000 AA miles!!  That is quite the haul!  Thinking perhaps a Maldives or Bora Bora trip maybe in the cards at some point! 🙂

Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card

I also had my wife apply for the Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card on the same day as my Citi AA card application.  I already have an active Barclays card and they can be very picky with approvals.  My wife has no active Barclays cards and slightly less credit inquiries than myself.   She was instantly approved which was great!!!  After I finish the spend on the Citi AA card I will tackle the the Barclays card spend requirement!  This card came with a limited time bonus of 50,000 Miles and More miles.  The first 20,000 miles are earned after first purchase and the next 30,000 miles are earned after spending $5000 within 90 days.  I am thinking we may use some of these miles towards a Lufthansa first class booking from Europe to USA.


Two cards:

  • Citi AA Executive card-100,000 American Airlines miles after $10,000 spent within the first three months.   Annual fee of $450.  Free Admirals Club access. If you I meet the spend requirement of $10,000 within your first billing statement and cancel the card Citi will actually pay me $200.
  • Barclays Lufthansa Miles and More card– 50,000 Miles and More miles after spending $3000 within the first three months.  (The 50,000 mile offer expired yesterday 6/30/14)

150,000+ in our mileage banks for more amazing trips and travel!! I am thinking about taking a several month break applying for new cards after making the spend on these cards as it can get tedious making the spending requirements on some of these larger spending hurdles.