Trip Report: Paris (part 15) LOT Polish Airlines economy class Warsaw to Chicago

LOT Business Class Chicago to Warsaw
Hotel du Louvre
The Louvre
Park Hyatt Paris
Notre Dame and adding our “lock of love” to a Parisian bridge
French Open (day 1)
French Open (day 2)
Radisson Blu Champs Elysees
Arc de Triomphe and Siene river cruise
Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan
Le Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer
Lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower and other Dining options around Paris
LOT Polish Airlines Economy Class WAW-ORD

LOT Polish Airlines Economy Class Warsaw to Chicago

We took a cab from our hotel to Charles De Gaulle airport this time and I think it was around 40 euros.  There was a bit of a line to checkin but it was smooth and we didn’t have to wait long.  There was no line in business class and I got a little jealous considering we came here in business class.  I did in fact check business class availability on our flight home a few times while we were in Paris and nothing ended up opening for us. The flight according to Kayak only had 3 business class seats left for sale.

Our connecting flight to Paris was uneventful and we landed at Fredric Chopin airport in Warsaw on time.  We had a few hours to kill so we decided to get a real meal at a restaurant in the airport.  We stopped at Sami Swoi which is a buffet where you select your food.  The food was absolutely great! It was absolutely expensive too! We dropped over $60 on our meal and a beer and wine for a slide thru buffet style meal.   Im not complaining it was only surprising to me!  I would actually gladly eat here again as I fell in love with Polish kraut!

Sami Swoi restaurant

Pork Chop, cauliflower and mashed potatoes

Chicken, mashed potatoes and the amazing kraut

Tapper of Polish beer

We waited for boarding and since our seats were towards the back they boarded our rows first for economy customers.  They boarded passengers from back to front.

Our gates

Our bird home

LOT Polish Airlines Premium Economy

Economy cabin

Economy seating

Exit row seating directly next to us

Forward economy cabin

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.32.05 PM
Economy seat map for LOT’s Dreamliner

We ended up with bulkhead seats! I was happy about that as I didn’t check our seats prior to checkin to see where we were seated.  The bulkhead gave us a little more space however my wife took one for the team and sat in the middle seat next to another woman who was already seated when we arrived.  The flight was not 100% full but there were only a few empty seats.  We were in seats 20E and 20F.  Although we had bulkhead seats that meant we were near the bathrooms!  I must’ve heard/seen the bathroom doors close over 300 times in our 9.5 hour flight!!!!   I don’t know if bulkhead was a blessing or a curse in that sense!

Our view of the bulkhead

The bulkhead safety video screen

Our view to the right-the emergency exit and FA jump seat

We ended up watching a few movies on the flight home.  I watched Gravity (which was awesome!) and tried to watch a few others that weren’t as good.  My wife watched The Lego Movie and some others.  Unfortunatley because we were in the bulkhead seats my TV was the flip out kind and not directly embedded in the headrest ahead of me.  The problem was the damn IFE screen kept falling down!!!  I had to either hold it with my hand or prop it with my knee!!  I could also just let if fall to its “natural” position but the angle was then bad for viewing.  I notified the flight attendant to see if they were aware and if there were any solutions.  She tried to take a piece of paper and jam it in between the joint in the IFE arm which worked short term but not really. She apologized for the inconvenience. I kidded my wife that I was going to leave her in economy and push to get my seat upgraded to business class due to my IFE not positioning correctly!  I didn’t push the issue and let it go.

Watching Gravity with my knee holding up my IFE

Without my knee supporting the screen this happened

Our lunch is served

We were served a decent meal for economy class.  I am not the best food critic because I have yet to have a meal that was nasty.  A cold box meal that consisted of cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables. There was another warm box with chicken, potatoes and cauliflower with carrots along with a dinner roll.

About one hour before landing we were served a salmon sandwich with fruit and chocolate bar which I thought was tasty. My wife didn’t want the sandwich so I had hers too!



Main course of lunch

LOT Polish Airlines air show-we’re over Iceland!

Just over half way home

Flight stats

Salmon sandwich snack shortly before landing

I am actually glad we gave international economy class a try!  I was curious to see how we would hold up for a 9+ hour economy class flight and if we would be turned off to it moving forward.  I will say if I have the miles and first or business class seats are available I will book those cabins everytime BUT I won’t have a problem booking a 10 hour or less economy class flight if it comes down to it because the destination is way more important than the flight to us!!!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

I redeemed 60,000 United miles from my United account for our two tickets home.  It is actually 30,000 miles one way per person from Europe to the US.  There are some additional fees as well, in our case $84.30 in taxes and fees per person or $168.60. I had to call in to book this itinerary as LOT Polish Airlines is not searchable or bookable on  There is a telephone booking fee (which is a total cash grab by the airlines) of $25.00 per ticket. Individual total of 30,000 United miles and $109.60 per ticket.  If you add it all up it totals $218.60 and 60,000 miles for our two economy class tickets home!  Not bad! I forgot to take a screenshot of the actual cash price but I would guess this would’ve cost around $500-600 per person for this flight home in economy.

Chase Ultimate Rewards are a partner of United thus it is very easy to transfer points earned from Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, and Ink cards to our United account!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.42.08 PM
Our eTicket itinerary and receipt confirmation

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this flight or any other aspect of our Paris trip please let me know!



5 thoughts on “Trip Report: Paris (part 15) LOT Polish Airlines economy class Warsaw to Chicago

  1. Thanks for a great trip report of your trip to Paris. I’m a fellow FLYERTALK member in Chicago..

    Your in depth description of your flights,hotel experience and meals is astounding !

    Our first trip to Patis we stayed in the Montparnasse area and found a “bistro” about 2 blocks from our hotel the Le’Meridian and enjoyed the food so much that we ate there every night with the exception of one night when we splurged and ate at Jules Verne as well…honestly the food was better at the little place close to our hotel.
    I am looking forward to hearing a report of your next trip !
    Best wishes from
    south of the “cheddar curtain”

    • @Steve, Thank you very much for the kind words!!! I am glad you enjoyed the trip report!! What was the name of the place you ate at? Maybe I can give it a try when/if we return. Funny we both found LeJules Verne overrated too. I will have a few more trip reports this year for you to look forward to. In fact we might visit Chicago for the “taste of Chicago” in a few weeks, so we will be in your neck of the woods! Thanks for reading and safe travels Steve!

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