Trip Report: Paris (part 14) Lunch at Le Jules Verne inside the Eiffel Tower & other dining options around Paris

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Lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower and other Dining options around Paris
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Lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower

I made reservations for Le Jules Verne about six weeks prior to our vacation.  During the time that we would be in Paris there were not a lot of slots available, in fact I don’t think there were any dinner reservations available at all. I decided to take the Sunday noon lunch reservation that was available.  That was the earliest and only reservation time of the day.  I wanted to have at least one special/fancy meal while in Paris so why not have a meal in the Eiffel Tower at a Michelen starred establishment!!!

We arrived at there special entrance exactly at noon and there were several other couples ahead of us that also obviously had noon reservations. We were checked in and had to wait about 10 minutes as the elevator is only big enough for six other people and the elevator operator. Meaning we had to wait until the other couples that arrived ahead of us were shuttled up the elevator first.

Separate and private entrance to LeJules Verne

We were seated promptly once we arrived to the second floor entrance of the restaurant.  I noticed many tables but at around noon it was very empty compared to the amount of tables available.  There were many other prime seating locations and when we were seated I asked if possible to move closer to the window however the hostess informed us that the better seats are obtained by making your reservations early. So if you are certain you want a window seat you must make your reservation the moment your day is available to reserve! We were just lucky to get a reservation so we got a non prime seat.

My wife at our LeJules Verne table

As you can see in the photo below the three tables next to us and the one closest to the window would be ideal but it was not to be.  We were given menu’s and asked the option of what type of water we prefer. We were also given a separate drink menu which is either by the glass or a menu by the bottle.

View from our table to my left, my wife’s right

Other prime location tables in LeJules Verne

The menu

On Sundays the only option is the tasting menu. This consists of either a five or six course meal.  I knew going in this would be an expensive meal but truthfully the prices were borderline obscene. We both went with the five course tasting menu meaning we would forgo the pan seared turbot on the menu.  The price was 185euro’s per person! Yes that is not a typo!  That is without any wine or beverages.  We also had two glasses of champagne each.  We tried the 2007 vintage Louis Roederer for 29euro’s which is over $35 a glass making it the most expensive drink I have ever had.

LeJules Verne tasting menu-wow, that’s a lot of money

Champagne-by the glass selection

We were also offered three choices of bread throughout the meal and all were good.  I preferred the rye bread the most and my wife agreed.  I will say the first few courses were good but not amazing.  It wasn’t until I got the the tomato dish that I had my first amazing dish!  That was the highlight of the entire meal in my opinion as nothing after could top that.  I shared a bite of the tomato with my wife since she substituted out the tomato for another dish.


Warm white asparagus, citrus mousseline

Chaud-froid of blue lobster, romaine lettuce and girolle mushrooms

Tender tomato stuffed with tomato, cooking jus

Off the menu offering that my wife chose-we do not remember what it was

Veal and Anna potatoes

Veal and Anna potatoes

When I initially made this reservation online there was a box for comments or requests.  I had commented that it was our anniversary and please accommodate as best as possible due to this special occasion.  Frankly that was a flat out lie and I am sure others have tried that trick as well.  It didn’t get us a better seat but the restaurant did dribble some chocolate sauce to read “happy anniversary” on our dessert plates.

Vanilla millefeuille, fresh raspberry

Chocolate on top of chocolate

Macaroons and ice cream

Ice cream

We enjoyed our desserts and my wife capped of the lunch with a cappuccino. We compared this meal to one of our few other Michelen starred meals which was at Daniel in NYC in 2012.  We both agreed our dinner at Daniel was much better and had some amazing flavors and food combinations that were a gastronomical delight!!  LeJules Verne was simply a very good meal but the taste to value wasn’t worth it to us personally.  You can get a very good meal in Paris for less than half the price!
Macaroons, other small dessert items offered as the finale of our lunch at LeJules Verne

A quick after lunch photo and my wife’s view during lunch

The employees in the kitchen

One last Effiel Tower view after lunch

Quick photo after our lunch at LeJules Verne

My wife posing in front of the Le Jules Verne logo

Us in the elevator ride down after our lunch in the Eiffel Tower

On our way down in the separate elevator for LeJules Verne

Elevator ride down from Le Jules Verne

Before we left they presented us with a souvenir menu showing the tasting menu options for the month of June 2014 (without the prices).  Overall the service, ambience and food were very good BUT if we had to do it again I would simply save a few hundred dollars and do a cheaper meal at a different restaurant and just visit the Eiffel Tower separately.  This was our 2nd time in the Eiffel Tower and so that lost a bit of its luster as the first time was better as it was at night.  I will say it was a meal that we will always remember but more so because it was in the Eiffel Tower and it was so expensive (and they served the best tomato I ever tasted).  But that is why we take vacations to make some great memories!

Prince De Galles bar-Les Heures

Our first evening in Paris we had a nightcap at Les Heures located in the Prince De Galles hotel. Our drinks were well made and came with a price to match! Around $30 for their signature drinks!!  I drink too fast to pay $30 a drink so we kept it to one drink and called it a night.   I would really like to stay at the Prince De Galles for a future visit to Paris as the design was impeccable and I enjoyed the aesthetics of the property.

Outside the Prince de Galles hotel

24 euro’s for a drink!!

My wife had the “Parisian Smash” Image is from the Les Heures website

Les Heures bar, image is from the Les Heures website

They gave us candy to compliment our beverages

My wife’s cocktail came in a flask

Cafe St Regis

After mass at Notre Dame we walked over the Island and wandered around for a bit. We were hungry and just decided lets stop at this cafe.  With a name like St. Regis is has to be good (I love St. Regis hotels and resorts) so why not give it a shot!  This was typical french cafe/bistro and we enjoyed our meal here.  It was not amazing but solid and a good value for Paris.  Its nice to spend under $100 for a sit down dinner in Paris.  We both had a few drinks and our entrees and split the crepes for dessert!

Mushroom pasta

Croque Monsieur with salad

Crepes with chocolate

Chez Clement

There are three Chez Clement establishments in Paris.  I would say this is the French Applebee’s perhaps!  Its cheap and they have combo dinners!  The food is somewhat disappointing though.  We would skip Chez Clement on our next visit.  I thought the seafood platter that I ordered would have at least a variety of seafood but that didn’t happen. Instead I received a salad with some salmon on it and two pieces of shrimp that I had to dig for.  My wife wasn’t thrilled with her choices either!

The Seafood Platter

Carpaccio only saved by the pesto

Some sort of wonderful Brioche dessert

Sad looking dessert… pretty much vanilla yogurt with some strawberry sauce


Chez Andre

We had an enjoyable meal here one evening and it was a close walk from our hotel (Radisson Blu Champs Elysees).  The hotel concierge called ahead for us so we didn’t have to wait but it was very crowed.  There were many Parisians and vacationers alike here.  My wife and I enjoyed our meals and made friends with a mother-daughter combo from New York at the table next to us.  The tables are PACKED IN here and for my wife to get in and out they had to slide the table all the way out. You have no choice but to hear your table mates conversations here. The house red wine was very good and cheap!  We finished off the bottle and had another glass or two after. My wife was semi disappointed the sole had bones in it but otherwise liked her meal.  My meal was delicious and the strawberry dessert was super!

Chez Andre exterior

Asparagus appetizer and a botte of the house red wine

Pork Loin with noodles

Fine French Sole

Strawberry Crumble


Schwartz’s Deli

Schwartz’s Deli was conveniently located in between the Radisson Blu le Metropolitan and the Eiffel Tower.  The first time we walked past it was PACKED!  We decided to try it the next day. We had to wait at the bar (a small bar) for about 30+minutes!  We finally got a table (the tables are squished in here too) and promptly ordered a burger and fries!  The drinks and food were awesome. This is a NYC deli themed diner and is popular.  Its nice to have a cheaper meal and have good food at the same time in Paris.  We ended up eating here twice and I would bet my wife would rather eat at Schwartz’s than LeJules Verne!!!

My wife posing in front of her favorite parisian restaurant-Schwartz’s

The Yankee Burger

The Yankee Burger and fries

These were just a few of the places that we had sit-down meals in Paris and I had my camera on me as well. I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions.





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