Trip Report: Paris (part 12) Radisson Blu le Metropolitan

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Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan
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Radisson Blu le Metropolitan

Let me just start off by saying this was a great little hotel. I loved it.  However it is not perfect!  If I could buy our hotel room as a cheap Paris condo I would! I loved the location and the fact that it had a balcony!!  The balcony was my favorite feature by far.  Next to our earlier stay at the Park Hyatt this was my favorite property of the four we stayed at in Paris.

We were dropped off right at the front door by our cab and assisted in by the doorman who helped bring our bags in. At checkin we were told we were upgraded to a superior room or something of the sort.  SCORE!   The front desk agent was really nice and walked us around the property and escorted us to the elevator.  It was sort of funny as she was still talking the elevator kept slamming in her face and she kept keeping it open (this must’ve happened 4-5 times).  The property is small. The halls leading to the room are small and tight!! The elevator was only big enough for us and our bags (barely).  When we walked in, the room was small. My wife mentioned, “this is an upgrade?”  Which I had to laugh at and agree.  I looked at the floor plan on the door and realized this room is one of just a few that have a balcony thus the “upgrade” terminology.  However after spending two nights at the property the balcony is really an upgrade!!!! To have usable outdoor space in the heart of Paris was great!!!  I would take a chair out there and sit-down to enjoy the sites and sounds for a while.

The bathroom was a good size which was welcome since the rest of the room wasn’t . The rainfall shower head was nice too!!  The wifi was good just as it was at the previous Radisson Blu Champs Elysees.  There was a welcome amenity in the room which consisted of some small chocolate snacks and a glass bottle of water.  We did not eat at the property although the restaurant looked aesthetically pleasing.  We did not get free breakfast as Gold members at either Paris property which is not required however the Radisson Blu’s in Dublin and Galway were nice enough to comp us free breakfast buffet’s. The window in our room was very large of course because it allowed access to the balcony so the room got a lot of light. Overnight and earlier in the day they automatically bring down the window awnings and in the afternoon and late evening they are brought up to make the balcony much more usable and spacious.

Another positive for this hotel is its location!!! Actually all the hotels we stayed at were really well located near attractions/landmarks.  This property was only about a 10 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower and you could see the Eiffel Tower from the front of the property.  It was pretty much a straight shot to the tower so not much walking. There are also many shops and cafes in the direct area as well as a drug store/pharmacy.

Lets talk about the negative aspect that put a sour taste in our mouths.  On Sunday we had a noon lunch reservation at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.  Around 10:30am I called the front desk for an iron so that we could look halfway presentable for lunch considering most of my clothes were packed in our suitcase for several days by this point.  They told me they will have someone send one up “right away”.  Perfect, I thought and we continued getting ready.  About 15 minutes went by and I decided to call again.  This time she said the same thing that someone will bring it right up.  Ten minutes later we still don’t have our iron.  I called again, this time I was angry.  She (front desk lady) apologized and then admitted that all the irons were being used by other guests!!!! She said that the last available iron was called for about 10 minutes before I called for mine.  She said as soon as one becomes available they will bring it to our room.  I said I have a noon lunch reservation and it was already 11:20am!!!!  I then walked down to the front desk to ask them for other options.  I asked if they can purchase another iron? Could they have another iron delivered from another Radisson property?  Nope!  Just sit tight till the irons are available.  I got pissed and said “EVERY ROOM SHOULD HAVE AN IRON!! HOW MANY IRONS DO YOU HAVE??!!”  She replied, six.      SIX!! The property only has six irons for 48 rooms, seriously.  How much does an iron cost?  Maybe $20??  They need to go out and buy at least 42 more irons so that guests don’t have to go through this inconvenience.  After yelling at them for a bit another gentlemen sitting in the lobby overheard and was nice enough to offer me his portable steamer and mentioned he just went through the same scenario.  I raced upstairs and we used the steamer to get us to semi-presentable status but not our bests for a Michelen star restaurant lunch. We rushed out of the hotel about 10 minutes before our reservation with plans of walking there.  The hotel could have offered to buy us a cab ride to ensure we were not late but nope they dropped the ball again. No recovery at all.

Radisson Blu le Metropolitan exterior

Myself outside the Radisson Blu le Metropolitan

Our room 226

Radisson Blu le Metropolitan floor plan

Room 226 entryway




Balcony view-left

Balcony view-right

Coffee maker

DSC06876 - Version 2
Welcome snack and letter in our room


Sink area





Video walkthrough of our room below:

Restaurant tables

Restaurant setup

Restaurant tables

Lounge/lobby seating

Lounge/lobby seating

View from the sidewalk in front of the Radisson Blu le Metropolitan

Lights of the Eiffel Tower at night from our balcony

This is most definitely a property I would return to and out of the four hotels we stayed at this one I felt was the “best buy” overall.  Meaning it had a good combination of everything and didn’t break our points bank. Considering how easy Club Carlson points are to obtain this is an easy pick for the next time we visit Paris!

PointsPinnacle Breakdown

Let me remind you once again Paris is expensive!!!  Our two night stay would have cost us at least $772 grand total! But luckily we didn’t pay a dime for these two nights! Of course we used our Club Carlson gold points to redeem for one night here and we get the second night for free!!! When I booked this it cost 50,000 points per night.  Since then Club Carlson has devalued some properties and all of the Paris and London properties went up to 75,000 points per night. That is still not bad for two nights in Paris!! Of course you need the Club Carlson Visa credit card if you want the second night free. I have the personal AND business versions of the card and my wife has the personal version of the card equaling lots of points!!! There is an annual fee on the card so if you want to say we paid the $75 annual fee for these two nights that is fair I suppose.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.50.12 AM
Cash rate for our two nights=568Euro ($772USD)!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.51.31 AM
Our confirmation email showing our dates and $0 rate plus 50,000 points

Once again we put our points to work and didn’t pay the cash rate on any of the eight nights in Paris!!!!  Let me know if you have any questions about the property!



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