Trip Report: Paris (part 6) Notre Dame and adding our lock to a bridge!

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Hotel du Louvre
The Louvre
Park Hyatt Paris
Notre Dame and adding our “lock of love” to a Parisian bridge
French Open (day 1)
French Open (day 2)
Radisson Blu Champs Elysees
Arc de Triomphe and Siene river cruise
Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan
Le Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer
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Notre Dame 

We walked over to Notre Dame from our hotel.  We arrived around 5pm and the line was long but this was the fastest moving line in Paris! The church is beautiful both inside and out.  We have had the great fortune of seeing some amazing churches and even got to attend mass at many of them.  This one is right up there due to the amazing exterior detail and the beautiful windows.  We were lucky enough that there was a mass beginning as we walked around so we took our seats in the pews to worship.  Another nice thing about visiting Notre Dame is its one of the few free things to do/see in Paris!  I believe if you arrive early enough you have the opportunity to tour the church and go to the top to get some of Paris’ lovely views.

Outside Notre Dame

Look close and you can see people on top of Notre Dame

Notre Dame exterior

Front entrance

Nice detail  above front entry

Notre Dame interior

DSC05762Large stained glass windows

Notre Dame confessional

Beautiful stained glass window

Amazingly high ceilings

Joan of Arch statue

Notre Dame interior

Stunning windows

DSC05770  DSC05772  DSC05774  DSC05776 DSC05777 DSC05778 DSC05779

Very gothic looking art details

Notre Dame and gardens

Notre Dame gardens

Beautiful wife outside a beautiful church

Adding our “lock of love” to the Pont de L’Archeveche bridge

Right after mass we walked around the back side of the church and saw the Pont de L’Archeveche bridge that is one of many filled with locks.  We took a stroll across the bridge looking at many of the unique or more interesting locks.  There was a man trying to sell us locks and markers discretely right there on the bridge but we didn’t take him up on his offer.  I left it up to my wife as to if she wanted to get a lock and she said it didn’t matter however I knew deep down she wanted to put a lock on that bridge! (I know my wife!)  So at the end of the bridge across the street we walked into a souvenir shop that conveniently sold locks!  She picked the lock out and even got to engrave it with the engraving tool (similar to a large pen or dentists drill). She picked one with no key so there is no going back said the shop worker! We went back out and I snapped a picture of her placing on the lock!  One day in the future if we are fortunate enough to go back to Paris it will be fun to see if we can find it again (if they don’t cut them all down first)!  Good thing we have pictures to remember were we locked it!!

Pont de L’Archeveche Bridge

Pont de L’Archeveche Bridge

Locks on top of locks

Pont de L’Archeveche Bridge

Wife and I on the Pont de L’Archeveche Bridge with Notre Dame behind us

Street performer on the bridge

Many locks

How many locks can you fit on a bike lock?

One of many unique locks

My wife engraving our names on our lock

No key for our lock, no turning back 🙂

Click….All done

Posing in front of our lock

Bridge and Notre Dame

River cruise passing Notre Dame and under the Pont de L’Archevehce Bridge



2 thoughts on “Trip Report: Paris (part 6) Notre Dame and adding our lock to a bridge!

  1. Please tell me the name or exact location of the shop where you can engrave your lock. I am in Paris right now and want to do this for a wedding. I am staying on the Left Bank near Notre Dame.
    What a perfect idea!.
    Many thanks for your help.
    Madelyn from San Diego

    • Hi Madelyn! If you take the Pont de L’Archeveche bridge AWAY from Notre Dame at the end of the bridge across the street to the RIGHT you will see a souvenir shop proudly displaying a sign saying “WE SELL LOCKS” or something of that effect. I don’t know the name of the shop but if you follow these instructions I don’t think you will miss it! Please let me know if you find it or need further help! Thanks!

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